Dubai SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Navigating the bustling city of Dubai requires staying connected, but relying on your home mobile provider can lead to unexpectedly high roaming charges and potential service disruptions.

This is a common predicament for travelers, who often find themselves lost in translation amidst Dubai’s attractions, only to be met with a sudden loss of coverage and a hefty bill awaiting back home.

To avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to be aware of money-saving tips and reliable connectivity options in Dubai.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant cityscapes or finding your way through the desert, understanding how to stay connected affordably and efficiently is crucial for a hassle-free Dubai experience.

Things to Consider When Buying a SIM Card for Dubai

  1. Price: Dubai is known for its higher costs, and this extends to prepaid SIM cards due to limited competition between only two local providers, Du and Etisalat. Balancing your budget for other travel expenses like dining and sightseeing is key.
  2. Data Usage: Estimate your usual data consumption and add a bit extra for your vacation needs. Keep in mind that in Dubai, especially with Etisalat, data and voice packages might only be valid for 7 days, unlike the monthly packages offered by providers in other countries.
  3. Coverage: Etisalat generally has better network coverage in Dubai. If your plans include exploring remote areas or the desert, Etisalat might be the more reliable choice. However, for general city touring, either provider should suffice.
  4. Bureaucracy: Acquiring a prepaid SIM in Dubai is straightforward. Remember to carry your passport for registration.
  5. Expiration: Most travel SIM cards in Dubai have a 28-day validity, and extensions beyond this period are typically not available. This is crucial if your stay in Dubai exceeds this timeframe.

Where to Buy a SIM Card in Dubai?

  1. At the Airport: Upon arrival in Dubai, you can obtain a free SIM card at the airport, which comes with limited data and talk time, necessitating an almost immediate top-up. The airport offers a wide range of package options tailored for tourists, and prices are comparable to those found in the city.
  2. In Retail Stores: You can also buy SIM cards at retail stores in most malls throughout Dubai. While the prices are similar to those at the airport, the variety of plans might be more limited, as these stores cater less to tourist-specific needs.
  3. Online: Before your trip, consider exploring options on online platforms like Amazon. Online retailers provide various tourist SIM packages for Dubai from international providers, allowing you to research and choose at your leisure. Remember to allow sufficient time for delivery before your travel date.

Best SIM card Providers in Dubai


In Dubai, the telecom market has traditionally been dominated by two main providers, Du and Etisalat.

This lack of competition historically kept prices relatively high.

However, the entry of Virgin Mobile into the Dubai market has introduced a new competitive dynamic, prompting Du and Etisalat to adjust their pricing to remain competitive.

For travelers who frequently visit multiple countries, including Dubai, OneSim offers an appealing option.

Based in Boston, OneSim specializes in international SIM packages suitable for travelers.

While they don’t provide a Dubai-specific SIM card, they offer a range of International SIM Cards that work in many countries, including Dubai.

  • OneSimCard eSIM World: Ideal for those with e-SIM compatible phones, this package offers coverage in over 150 countries with free incoming calls received on an EU number in most locations. Data and SIM packages start at $13.00 and there is no expiration date for the SIM.
  • OneSim Universal: For those without e-SIM compatible phones, the Europe & More Package, which includes Dubai, is a viable option. This package offers coverage in Greece and other European countries, with SIM and data packages starting from $29.99 and no expiration date.

These options from OneSim provide flexibility and convenience for frequent travelers, allowing seamless connectivity across multiple destinations, including Dubai.


Du is a prominent telecom provider in Dubai, particularly recommended for those staying within the city limits due to its excellent network coverage and value for money for tourists. They offer a free SIM card with three different package options to suit various needs:

  1. The smallest package, priced at $14, includes 2GB of data and 30 minutes of both national and international prepaid calls.
  2. This package is designed to meet the typical requirements of tourists, balancing internet usage and calling needs.
  3. It has a validity period of 28 days, catering well to short-term visitors or those on vacation in Dubai.



Etisalat is a notable choice for those traveling outside the central areas of Dubai, offering a slightly broader network coverage compared to Du.

Here are key aspects of their service:

  1. Etisalat is particularly suitable for visitors exploring regions beyond the typical tourist spots in Dubai, thanks to its expansive network.
  2. They offer data and voice packages with a unique validity period of only seven days, requiring users to be mindful of their package expiration to avoid unused services.
  3. Pricing starts at around $15 excluding VAT, but they often run promotions offering free packages.
  4. Their most affordable package, priced at $7, includes 750MB of data and 40 minutes of call time, valid for a week.
  5. Etisalat SIM cards have a ‘lifetime validity’, which means the SIM remains active as long as it’s recharged periodically, or it will remain valid for up to 12 months without a recharge.

Etisalat FAQ

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile in Dubai, utilizing Du’s network, presents a compelling choice for tourists needing high data volume packages. Key aspects of their service include:

  1. Targeting tourists with a requirement for substantial data usage, Virgin Mobile’s offerings are tailored for heavy internet users.
  2. Their package, priced at $41, includes a generous 21GB of data along with 30 local minutes and an additional 20 international minutes.
  3. This package is valid for a duration of 7 days, providing ample data for a short-term stay.
  4. The SIM card itself has an expiration period of 28 days from activation.

International Roaming Card for Dubai

  • Jio SIM can work in Dubai with international roaming activated.
  • Vodafone will work in Dubai if international roaming is enabled on your plan.
  • Airtel SIMs function in Dubai, provided international roaming is active.
  • BSNL SIMs can operate in Dubai with international roaming services activated.