Can Jio Sim Work In Dubai?

International Roaming is a feature provided by Jio that allows customers to use their Jio SIM while travelling outside India.

With this service, you can enjoy seamless voice, data, and SMS services while travelling to 169 countries worldwide.

This service enables you to stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues while travelling, and it is an excellent solution for anyone who frequently travels internationally.

When you travel to another country, your Jio SIM will automatically switch to a local network, providing you with the necessary coverage to stay connected.

With this service, you can use your Jio SIM just like you would in India, and you will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and use data services.

The service is designed to provide a hassle-free experience for customers travelling abroad to focus on enjoying their trip without worrying about connectivity issues.

About Jio Network

Jio is one of the most popular telecom companies in India and offers 4G and 5G services across several cities and countries in the world.

Jio launched back in 2015 and quickly gained a lot of popularity, almost winning over all its competitors in India and making a name for itself.

Jio also offers other services like Jio Fiber, which is used for broadband connection and internet services at home.

Jio at the moment owns nearly 850 and 1,800 MHz bands in India across 22 circles nationwide, this makes it one of the largest Telcom companies in Asia as well.

The spectrum of Jio is run on a shared basis with Reliance Communications. With Reliance’s already-established networks, Jio did not have to do much of the work in spreading its network

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Soon after its launch, Jio also came up with the idea of a smart, compact, and efficient phone that could be available at a nominal price to customers.

Reportedly, Jio is also working on rolling out 6G services soon and is working on the technology-related aspects of it.

Is It Possible for A Jio Sim to Function in Dubai?

Reliance Jio made history by becoming the first Indian telecommunications company to provide free roaming services to its customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This move was a significant step towards establishing Jio’s position as a global telecom player.

The decision to offer free roaming services in the UAE was a strategic move by Jio to cater to the needs of its ever-increasing customer base, who frequently travel to these countries.

With this service, Jio customers can enjoy seamless connectivity and access to all their Jio services, including voice, data, and messaging, without additional charges.

The company’s move to provide free roaming services was also seen as a major challenge to its competitors who had not yet ventured into international roaming services.

By providing free roaming services, Jio aimed to capture a significant market share of international travellers and establish itself as a formidable player in the global telecommunications arena.

In addition to offering free roaming services, Jio also provides its customers with attractive international roaming packs for other countries.

These packs offer affordable rates for voice, data, and messaging services, making international travel more accessible and affordable for Jio customers.

Would It Be Feasible to Use a Jio Prepaid SIM Card in Dubai?

This service allows Jio subscribers to use their SIM cards while travelling to 169+ countries across the globe.

With International Roaming on Jio SIM, subscribers can enjoy efficient voice, data, and SMS services while travelling abroad.

This means that Jio subscribers can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and use mobile data services.

Jio subscribers can also use their Jio SIM to check emails, access the internet, stream video content and browse social media while travelling abroad.

The International Roaming service on Jio SIM ensures subscribers can stay connected with their loved ones and access important information while travelling abroad.

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What Is the Best Sim Card to Use in Dubai?

Dubai has a relatively small number of telecom service providers compared to other major cities worldwide.

The two major telecom service providers in Dubai are Du and Etisalat, both widely used by residents and visitors.

Despite having only two telecom service providers, Dubai’s extensive and reliable network infrastructure provides coverage, excellent signal strength, and speed.

Most tourists who stay in or near Dubai report no noticeable differences in the quality of service between the two networks.

Both Du and Etisalat offer a range of post-paid and prepaid plans with varying voice, data, and messaging packages to meet the needs of different customers.

Is It Possible to Use Whatsapp in Dubai?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging and voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) app used by millions worldwide.

However, in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, WhatsApp is one of the many free VoIP and messaging services blocked.

It can be challenging for individuals to stay in touch with their loved ones back home unless they are willing to pay for a government-approved service like C’Me or BOTIM.

C’Me and BOTIM are two VoIP services approved by the UAE government. These services allow users to make voice and video calls, send messages and share files with others.

Is It Possible for Tourists to Purchase A SIM Card in Dubai?

It is very easy to get a SIM card in Dubai. The easiest way to obtain a SIM card is to get a Tourism SIM card from du, one of the two main telecom operators in Dubai.

This service is available for tourists above the age of 18. The Tourism SIM card includes data, free minutes, texts, and discounts on certain tourist attractions and services.

You can find the stores and authorized dealers in most malls and shopping centres in Dubai, as well as in some supermarkets, convenience stores, and kiosks.

What Are the Ways to Access the Internet in Dubai?

When visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE), visitors can purchase local SIM cards to use during their stay.

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Two major telecom providers in the UAE, Etisalat and du have shops at airports throughout the country where visitors can purchase local SIM cards.

Visitors must provide a copy of their passport and UAE visa to obtain a local SIM card.

This is a standard requirement for obtaining a SIM card in the UAE and is intended to help prevent fraud and misuse of the SIM card.

Once the necessary documentation has been provided, visitors can choose from various prepaid plans that offer local and international calling, texting, and data usage.

Is The Cost of Wi-Fi High in Dubai?

The basic residential internet subscription cost in Dubai can be quite high, with prices reaching up to AED 300 per month.

This type of package may offer a lower speed of internet connectivity, which may be suitable for some users but may not be sufficient for those who require high-speed internet for work, entertainment or other purposes.

A premium subscription package may be necessary for users who require faster download speeds.

These packages can offer much higher internet connection speeds, such as 500 Mbps download speeds, but come with a higher cost.

In Dubai, a premium subscription package with 500 Mbps downloads speeds can cost upwards of AED 1,000 per month.


Reliance Jio’s decision to offer free roaming services in the UAE marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to expand its footprint in the global telecommunications market.

By providing its customers with seamless connectivity and hassle-free roaming services in two major international destinations, Jio has not only improved the overall customer experience but has also demonstrated its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Jio’s move to offer international roaming services is particularly noteworthy given the highly competitive nature of the Indian telecom market.

With numerous players vying for a market share, Jio must differentiate itself from its competitors and offer unique value propositions that resonate with consumers.

By providing free roaming services in the UAE, Jio has effectively set itself apart from its rivals and established a new standard for customer service and convenience.


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