How To Check DU Postpaid Balance?

DU is the leading telecom service provider in the UAE, that offers a variety of mobile, internet, and TV solutions to residential and business customers alike.

Since its founding in 2006, DU has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality communication solutions at competitive prices.

One of DU’s most sought-after services is its postpaid plan, allowing customers to select from various flexible and affordable mobile plans tailored to their needs.

DU postpaid plans include unlimited calls and texts, generous data allowances, and the option to roll over unused data into the next month.

DU’s postpaid plans allow customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans at any time, as well as add international roaming and other premium services as needed.

DU’s commitment to customer satisfaction, reliable network coverage, and affordable prices make DU’s postpaid service an ideal option for anyone searching for a comprehensive yet flexible mobile plan in the UAE.

Listed Below Are The Methods To Check DU’s Postpaid Balance

Using DU app

If you are a DU customer and want to check your remaining data and voice minutes balance quickly, the most convenient method is using the mobile application.

Logging in through the mobile app gives you all of the information about your plan and usage without calling customer service or visiting a physical store.

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Online account management enables tracking usage in real-time and paying bills online – all without ever leaving home!

Checking your DU balance online offers convenience and efficiency when managing telecom services.

Logging On To DU Web Portal

The DU web portal is an accessible alternative to the DU mobile app.

By logging into this platform, users can view their remaining data balance details – perfect for managing mobile usage.

It features a straightforward and user-friendly interface that gives quick access to crucial account info about mobile users.

Other features like bill payments, recharge options, and service requests can also be accessed.

The DU web portal is an invaluable method for those wanting to stay up-to-date with their mobile accounts through various means, such as bill payments, recharge options, or service requests.


If you are a DU mobile network user and want to check your data balance free of charge, simply send an SMS with the keyword “Rewards” to 1233.

This step allows for inquisition about package usage anytime without incurring additional costs.

How To Verify The SIM Number Of A DU Network?

If you forget your DU SIM number, there are several methods to check it.

The first method involves checking the box where it was purchased – where the number and name will be printed.

Alternatively, if you didn’t check them beforehand or have forgotten them completely, other methods may work too.

One way is to give a missed call or text your contacts, which will display your number. Another alternative is dialing *116#, displaying your SIM number onscreen.

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You can check your number using the DU official app, which allows you to log into your account or enter the SIM number when creating one.

Alternatively, call the DU helpline at 0097143905555.

Finally, SMS “getmymsisdn” can be sent free throughout UAE with this code; simply keep the SIM card box or write the number somewhere safe for future reference.

What Is The Code To Verify A DU Number?

The DU SIM number check code is incredibly useful for users worldwide, enabling them to easily retrieve information about any UAE telecom SIM without needing a balance.

This code is accessible by dialing *135# and can be used to check the status of a DU or any other UAE telecom SIM.

It eliminates the need for additional resources or complicated procedures, making it a quick and convenient option for users.

The DU SIM number check code is a powerful and user-friendly resource that simplifies everyday tasks and makes life more convenient for millions worldwide.

What Are The Ways To Obtain Internet Access For Free On DU?

DU offers a complimentary WiFi data bundle allowance on selected DU consumer mobile postpaid and prepaid plans, allowing users to stay connected and enjoy uninterrupted internet access while on the go.

This is an excellent chance for customers to stay productive while staying connected!

To take advantage of this offer, eligible customers must connect to the “@WiFi UAE from DU” network available in various public areas throughout the UAE and enter their mobile numbers.

This will automatically activate their WiFi data bundle allowance, enabling them to browse the internet, stream videos, and stay connected with family and friends.

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This initiative reflects DU’s dedication to offering customers the best services and experience possible.

By offering a complimentary WiFi data bundle, DU is helping its customers save on data costs and remain connected to the internet even when they’re away from their homes or offices.

This great initiative by DU will benefit thousands of customers throughout the UAE, making it simpler for them to stay connected and reap the rewards of living in today’s digital world.


DU’s tagline “add life to life” reflects its commitment to connecting people.

DU offers the best-paid plans and internet services, enabling you to communicate with your loved ones through messages, calls, and various social media platforms.

DU’s postpaid service offers customers a selection of plans with various benefits and features tailored to their requirements.

DU has something for everyone, whether it’s unlimited data, international calling, or flexible payment options.

DU’s dedication to providing a hassle-free user experience is evident in its user-friendly app and website, making it effortless for customers to manage their accounts and stay on top of usage.

Furthermore, DU’s 24/7 customer support team guarantees that customers always have access to assistance when needed.

DU’s postpaid service stands out with its competitive prices and attractive promotional offers, making it an ideal option for customers seeking maximum value.


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