How to Stop BOTIM Subscription in Du?

Whereas you may be miles away from your family and loved ones for whatever reason, keeping in touch with them can make a huge difference.

Fortunately, there are various ways of doing so thanks to the advancing technology.

However, some methods are better than others. For instance, if everything else is constant, one will choose the cheaper option over the other for obvious reasons.

Most people go for the likes of Viber and Whatsapp. However, that’s not an option for the residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

That’s because of the cyber crime and security issues these unlicensed platforms pose to their users. They have other options, and one notable service is BOTIM.

This piece discusses the BOTIM internet calling app and how to subscribe in Du. Check it out!


The list of the best internet calling apps available in UAE can’t be complete without the name BOTIM. It allows you to make voice and video calls to anyone regardless of their location.

Its HD feature ensures that the quality is exemplary great. Besides calls, the subscribers also get messaging features.

Consequently, one can send a video, voice message, or photo to anyone worldwide. Its group chat allows you to chat as a group of people; the maximum limit is 500 individuals.

It is also a cross-platform internet service. Its wide compatibility allows you to use it on various platforms, including PCs, smartphones, and laptops.

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About the DU Internet Calling Plan

Once you get the du internet calling plan, you can access voice and video calling features on BOTIM and other similar apps. Some are designed for use at home, whereas others are compatible with your phone.

Its features include the following;

  • HD voice calls
  • HD video calls
  • Voice note sharing
  • Chatting
  • Sharing videos
  • Sharing photos

Here are the various du internet calling plan packages

Du Daily Pack

  • It is only available to prepaid customers
  • The daily price is AED 5.25, which includes a VAT of up to 5%
  • Its validity period is 24 hours
  • The plan doesn’t renew automatically
  • To subscribe to this plan, dial *135*35#
  • Another subscription method is sending an SMS containing “DICP” to 1012

Du Monthly Pack

  • Unlike its daily counterpart, this plan is available to both postpaid and prepaid customers
  • Its price is AED 52.5, which also includes a VAT of up to 5%
  • Its validity period is 30 days
  • The plan will renew itself automatically once the duration elapses
  • If you want to subscribe, send an SMS containing “ICP” to 1012

Du Monthly Pack for Home Only

  • As its name suggests, it is only available for use while at home
  • Its monthly price is AED 105, which includes a VAT of up to 5%
  • Its validity period is also 30 days
  • This plan renews itself automatically
  • If you want to subscribe to the plan, dial *101# or SMS the word “ICP” to 1012

How Can I Cancel my BOTIM subscription in Du?

How you proceed when stopping a BOTIM subscription in Du depends on the various packages. For instance, there is a difference between subscribing to a prepaid and a postpaid plan.

The same applies to the home-only subscription. Regardless of the plan, rest assured that the process is simple and won’t take much of your time.

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There are various reasons why one would want to cancel a BOTIM subscription. Whereas some want to try a BOTIM alternative, others want to stop it from auto-renewing.

Remember, you don’t have to unsubscribe from your current plan to activate another one. That’s a whole new thing, but our focus is on subscriptions.

Here’s how to go about it;

Postpaid Plan

If you have a postpaid plan, you will send an SMS to 1355 that reads “Stop Netcall”. It is as simple as that when stopping your BOTIM subscription in Du.

Prepaid Plan

Interestingly, one can use the same method as the postpaid plan to unsubscribe. You can send an SMS stating “Stop Netcall” to 1355 to unsubscribe.

Therefore, that’s a method that cuts across both plans. However, that’s not the only option for prepaid subscribers.

On the contrary, one can also dial *135*35#. Despite the two methods being different, they have the same result.

Home Only Plan

If this is your plan, you must log in to your account to unsubscribe. This link will help you stop your BOTIM subscription in Du.

Regardless of the plan and how you unsubscribe, the results are the same to a greater extent. However, there is something worth mentioning about what to expect.

If you use the home-only or prepaid plan, the BOTIM subscription stops immediately. However, the prepaid plan will see the customer have the subscription until the last day of its validity period of 30 days.

DU Deactivation

What if you plan to leave UAE? Under these circumstances, the best option is to deactivate your DU sim card permanently.

The same applies upon changing your operator or not wanting your subscription plan anymore. Fortunately, it is also easy to activate it whenever a need arises.

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If you have a prepaid sim, call 800 155 or 155 using a UAE phone. If you have already left the country, call +971 55 5678 155 from whichever location.

Postpaid customers need to visit a physical DU shop for deactivation. Ensure you clear all your dues and go with your original Emirates ID.

If you are a business customer, call + 971 4 3699 188 if you are overseas. You can dial 800 188 using a UAE phone or 188 if you have a business mobile phone.

Can You Use BOTIM Without a Subscription?

As long as you are in UAE, that’s not possible. Emirates requires its residents to have a subscription before using BOTIM’s features.

That’s because one can neither accept nor make a voice or video call without an internet calling plan subscription. One has no other choice but to adhere to local regulations.

Can You Video Call in UAE?

Yes, UAE has no problem with video calls. However, it is quite strict regarding the apps you can use to facilitate these calls.

For instance, you can’t use the call feature on Whatsapp. The same applies to Viber and IMO since these Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are unlicensed and prohibited.

UAE only approves VoIP apps that meet certain requirements and a specific regulatory framework. One of them is the BOTIM app.

Other options include Go Chat, Skype for business, Google Hangouts, ToTok, Yzerchat, Zoom, Voico, HiU Messenger, and C’ME.

Uninstalling the BOTIM app vs. Stopping a Subscription

Often, some people mistake one for the other. Consequently, one will uninstall an app and assume it cancels the subscription.

Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Until to stop your subscription, it will remain active despite uninstalling the BOTIM application.


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