How to Renew Etisalat Sim Card Online?

If you reside in UAE, you are likely to own an Etisalat SIM card. After all, the list of great telecom companies can’t be complete if its name is missing.

People have reasons to choose the brand, from great services to amazing deals. Who wouldn’t like a great network that makes communication seamless?

It provides its customers with prepaid or postpaid services. So, it is up to you to choose what suits you best.

However, these great features and services only last when SIM card registration is valid. That’s why you should always ensure that’s the case for your number.

You must renew the number to continue enjoying the services if the number expires. This article guides you on how to go about it. It also sheds light on the matter as much as possible.

The Importance of Renewing Your Etisalat Sim Card

As long as you are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you must renew your sim card, and the Etisalat one is no exception. It ensures that it complies with the rules the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (RDRA) laid down.

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The rules require you to keep your sim card details updated. Consequently, you have to renew your Etisalat sim card.

Failure to renew your registration jeopardizes your connection since your sim card is disconnected. Therefore, it becomes impossible to use telecom services.

Etisalat won’t spare your sim card if you refuse to renew it. Upon disconnecting it, the company removes the number from its database, thus becoming null and void.

The renewal is mandatory regardless of whether you own a postpaid or a postpaid mobile number. Fortunately, the renewal process is simple.

Various Platforms for Renewing Your Etisalat Sim Card Online

Etisalat has done a commendable job of ensuring that its customers have an easy time complying with the renewal laws. It has provided several platforms to facilitate this process.

So, if you are one of its customers, you have choices. They include the following;

  • Etisalat UAE app
  • Etisalat website (ensure that it is the official one)
  • An outlet or payment machine

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Renew Etisalat Sim Card Online

Since it is mandatory to renew the registration of your mobile accounts, it is high time you learn how to go about it. Regardless of the platform you use, the process is as follows.

  1. Visit either of the three platforms mentioned above
  2. Gain access to your account using the respective login credentials
  3. Go to My Links -> Renew My Line for the registration renewal
  4. Navigate to the profile page
  5. Specify the various SIM cards or mobile numbers you wish to renew under your name. For instance, one can have multiple numbers, and that’s okay since you can renew their Etisalat SIM registration seamlessly
  6. Update the various numbers to continue using them
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Here are some facts about this process;

  • If you fail to renew a mobile number, what follows is its disconnection hence can’t work and removal from one’s profile
  • For the registered mobile numbers to be active, the ID they are associated with must be valid
  • Therefore, as soon as the associated ID expires, you will have to repeat the Etisalat sim card renewal using the new one
  • Similarly, if one renews the ID but fails to renew the phone numbers, the latter is deactivated and suspended until you do the necessary

Required Documents When Renewing Etisalat Sim Card

The document you submit depends on the category you fall under. Here’s a summary of the various categories and their respective required documents.

Government or Business Entity

Submit the following documents if you fall under this category;

  • Authorized contact’s Emirates ID (Valid)
  • Letter of Authorization or Power of Attorney (Original)
  • Trade License (Valid)
  • Establishment Card (Original, stamped, and valid)

People of Determination

Submit the following documents if you fall under this category;

  • People of determination card
  • Emirates ID (Original and Valid)

UAE Resident

Submit the following documents if you fall under this category;

  • Emirates ID (Original and Valid)

GCC National

Submit either of the following documents if you fall under this category;

  • Emirates ID (Original and Valid)
  • GCC ID (Original and Valid)
  • GCC Passport (Original and Valid)

UAE National

Submit the following documents if you fall under this category;

  • Emirates ID (Original and Valid)

How to Check the Status of Your Etisalat Sim Card After Renewal

Upon following the procedure above and submitting the necessary documents, confirm that the renewal was successful. That’s easy from the Etisalat official webpage, thanks to the tracking registration renewal status feature.

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The process is as simple as visiting the respective page, entering your Emirates ID number, and clicking the Submit button. Once the page refreshes, one can see the status of the renewal.

Alternatively, you can call 125 or dial *101#. If the renewal fails, there are possible causes, including the following;

  • The information, including the personal details and Emirates ID photos, may have been entered incorrectly
  • It may be correct, but unclear
  • Some of the shared information might have been hard to read

Under such circumstances, don’t expect the Sim card registration renewal to go through. You will have a grace period of up to 2 months to fix the issues and reapply.

Another thing that affects the success of the renewal is the account you use. It is important to use your Etisalat account during this process.

Once the 2-month grace period lapses before you renew your line, don’t expect another chance. Etisalat will disconnect and remove your SIM card for good.

How Will You Know that You Need to Renew Your Etisalat Sim Card?

Fair enough, you will receive an SMS notifying you to renew your SIM card.

Do You Need an Etisalat Account for Each Phone Number?

Fortunately, that won’t be necessary, which makes the renewal process easy. You can use a single account as long as the numbers are associated with the same ID.

How Long Will the Etisalat Sim Card Renewal Take?

Customers are reaping the benefits that come with digital processes. That’s why the renewal will be approved in less than 2 hours.

In most instances, the process only takes a few minutes.


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