How to Cancel All Subscriptions on Du Prepaid?

Unsubscribing from Du Prepaid services is essential to avoid unnecessary charges and manage expenses more efficiently.

This article will discuss how you can cancel all subscriptions on your du prepaid account.

We’ll cover the steps necessary for canceling voice calls, text messaging, and mobile data services.

So that you can keep track of your subscription plans and ensure no extra costs are incurred.

Identifying Current Subscriptions

To cancel subscriptions on du prepaid, users must first identify what they are subscribed to.

You can view the du website, mobile app, or previous billing statements.

Here are some methods for identifying current subscriptions:

1. Du Website

By logging into their du account on the website, users can access the “My Subscriptions” tab and view a list of all associated subscriptions.

This will show information such as subscription type, start/end dates, and charges for each one.

2. Du Mobile App

You can download Du’s official Android, iOS, and iPhone apps.

By using the DU Mobile App, users can view their current subscriptions.

After installing it, start by registering or logging into your account.

Afterward, check your billing and usage history to ensure any services remain active.

To do so, open the app and navigate to ‘My Subscriptions,’ which will show all active subscriptions linked to that account.

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3. Previous Billing Statements

Users can find out which subscriptions they currently have by checking their past billing statements.

These documents will show all charges on the account, including those for any recurring payments from a subscription service.

By looking at these charges and noting the services’ names, users can identify which subscriptions they are subscribed to.

Identifying your current subscriptions is essential to retain access to a service that is still needed.

After doing so, it’s important to review the subscription details and make sure they are necessary and that no overcharges occur.

Consider combining multiple subscriptions or switching plans for more cost-effective options with the services you need.

Canceling Subscriptions

Subscribing and canceling subscriptions on du prepaid is simple.

You can do it through the du website, mobile app, or customer service, which are easy to use and take little time.

Here’s a list of each method:

1. Du Website

It is easy to cancel subscriptions on the du website.

To do this, users must log in to their account and navigate to “My Subscriptions.”

From there, they can select the subscription they want to end and press the “Cancel Subscription” button.

After that, a confirmation message will be displayed with further instructions for completing the cancellation of the chosen service.

2. Du Mobile App

It’s simple to cancel subscriptions using the du mobile app.

Open the app, select “My Subscriptions,” select the subscription you want to end, and press “Cancel Subscription.”

If necessary, click the “Service” button and follow further steps to deactivate it.

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You’ll receive a confirmation message with instructions for completing your cancellation process.

3. Customer Service

If the du website or mobile app is not working, users can cancel their subscriptions by contacting customer service.

They can call the provided number or visit a nearby du retail store to request cancellation.

A friendly representative will assist them with this process and confirm it.

Canceling a subscription through the website or mobile app is the fastest and easiest way.

Contacting customer service should be your next step if you have any difficulties.

If you need a different method, contact customer service to explain your problem, and they will help you find a solution.

Du offers several ways to contact them through chat or email via their contact page.

So, take advantage of one that best suits your needs!

Otherwise, dial the number:

  • In UAE: 800155 for Consumers or 800188 for Business
  • Overseas: +971 55 5678155
  • Digital IVR:*177# (Interactive voice response)

4. Messaging Service

If you want to deactivate all your Du subscriptions, send “STOPALL” to 9000.

You’ll then receive an email with a list of active services and their respective numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3).

If messaging doesn’t work for you for some reason, most Du services also provide other options.

5. 3rd Party Deactivation Codes

Unfortunately, the Du App does not allow unsubscribing from all services.

To deactivate certain value-added services, locate and send an SMS with the corresponding keyword to 2042.

For example, sending “UNSUB PT” to “2042” will deactivate the Positive Thinking service.

Once users have canceled their subscriptions, they should confirm that the cancellation was successful.

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They can log into their account on du’s website or mobile app to see if the subscription has been removed from their list of active subscriptions.

They should check their next billing statement and ensure no charge for the subscription.

If it still appears on the statement, users may need to contact customer service for further help resolving this issue.

In summary, to make the most of du prepaid plans, it is important to cancel active subscriptions.

This can be done through the website, mobile app, or customer service and should be followed up with a confirmation that cancellation has been successful.

Users can avoid unnecessary charges and manage their expenses more efficiently by taking these steps.


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