Tips To Pass RTA Road Test In Dubai [Ultimate Checklist]

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) manages the city’s transportation system.

One of the primary responsibilities of the RTA is conducting road tests for drivers to guarantee that they possess sufficient skill and knowledge to drive safely on Dubai’s roads.

The RTA Road test is important to obtaining a driver’s license in Dubai. All aspiring drivers must pass this road test before being permitted on the city’s roads.

The assessment tests knowledge of traffic rules, skills in driving, and ability to manage different road situations.

On average, each candidate undergoes a road test that lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. During a 50-minute time slot, three candidates are evaluated using the same test vehicle.

Based on the statistics provided by the RTA, 85% of applicants seek a light vehicle license, and 58% prefer an automatic transmission.

The largest portion of applicants falls within the 27 to 31 age range, with Indians comprising the majority of applicants at 30% due to their status as the largest expatriate community in the country.

Pakistanis at 20% and Egyptians at 7% follow closely behind.

Passing the RTA road test is a significant achievement for any driver, as it demonstrates their ability to drive safely on the roads of Dubai.

It is a rigorous process, but it ensures that all city road drivers are skilled and knowledgeable enough to drive safely and responsibly.

Listed Below Are The Tips To Pass RTA Road Test In Dubai 

Remain Composed And At Ease

The Dubai Road test examiner can fail you due to low confidence, as nervous and insecure drivers tend to make more mistakes.

Stay calm, be confident, and do your best. If you confidently approach the test and give it your all, the examiner is likelier to pass you.

It’s important to remember that you will be taking the test with two to three other drivers.

Take a moment to fasten your seatbelt and let the other passengers settle in their seats before starting the test when the examiner instructs you.

Maintain A Consistent Speed During The Road Theory Test

It is important to know the speed limit to ensure safe driving.

Paying attention to the inner voice reminding you to drive at a moderate and controlled speed within the speed limit is helpful.

By doing so, you will feel confident and relaxed while driving.

During driving tests in the UAE, examiners tend to favour drivers who maintain a reasonable speed rather than driving too slowly.

When entering a main road, it’s advisable to gradually increase your speed to match the speed limit.

Exercise Caution When Switching Lanes

Changing lanes is one of the most challenging aspects of driving in the UAE. Examiners scrutinize lane changes during the RTA test.

Failing to execute a proper lane change can result in a test failure.

Therefore, exercise caution when changing lanes by checking both side and rear-view mirrors to ensure the lane is free of obstacles.

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Check your blind spot by turning your head before signalling with your indicator and proceeding with the lane change.

When transitioning from a slow to a fast lane, accelerate your vehicle within the speed limit.

Apply The Brakes Gradually

When driving on the road, it’s important to maintain control of your vehicle and follow safe driving practices.

One of these practices is to avoid applying hard brakes, which can cause discomfort to the examiner and the cars behind you.

This is particularly true in situations where sudden stops are unnecessary or unexpected.

Hard braking can also indicate a lack of control over your vehicle and confusion, which can concern other drivers on the road.

Instead, try to maintain a safe speed and follow the flow of traffic to prevent sudden stops.

Command Of The Vehicle

The examiner assesses the level of control you have over your vehicle during the test.

The examiner uses various methods to evaluate this, such as observing how you apply the brake and grip the steering wheel.

Frequently slamming on the brakes or activating your hazard lights in response to traffic signs or other vehicles ahead indicates a lack of confidence.

Achieving control over a vehicle starts with smoothly slowing down. Adopting the 9 and 3 o’clock hand placement technique on the steering wheel can also aid in maintaining control.

How Difficult Is It To Pass The Driving Test In Dubai?

The Dubai driving test is known to be one of the most difficult driving tests globally, which is why many applicants attempt it multiple times.

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It is not uncommon for candidates to fail the test multiple times before finally passing, which can lead to frustration and suspicion of foul play.

What Is The Optimal Time To Take A Driving Test?

Taking a driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience, and it’s important to consider the timing carefully to avoid additional stress.

One of the best times to take a driving test is typically between 9 am and 11 am.

This window falls outside the peak morning rush hour, so there should be less traffic and fewer distractions.

Additionally, avoiding the increased traffic that typically occurs before lunchtime reduces the chances of encountering unexpected delays or complications on the road.

Scheduling your driving test during this time can help you feel more confident and focused, giving you the best chance of success.


Passing the RTA Road Test in Dubai may seem intimidating for some aspiring drivers, but with proper preparation and a positive mindset it can be achieved with ease.

By following the tips and recommendations, aspiring drivers can improve their chances of passing the RTA Road Test on their first try.

It is essential to remember that driving in Dubai necessitates a great deal of responsibility and awareness.

The road test is intended to verify drivers possess the necessary abilities and knowledge to safely maneuver through New York’s bustling streets.

Passing the RTA Road Test necessitates patience, commitment and practice.

With the right attitude and approach, drivers can successfully obtain their driver’s license and begin exploring all Dubai on wheels.


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