Can You Wear A Cross Necklace In Dubai?

Known for its sophisticated architecture and high-end shopping, Dubai also strongly upholds Islamic norms and values.

Visitors to the city may be curious about the local customs and laws regarding public displays of religion.

The subject of whether or not one may freely display a cross necklace in Dubai is a frequent one.

In this post we will acknowledge everything regarding whether can you wear a cross necklace in Dubai.

Can You Wear A Cross Necklace In Dubai?

Yes, you can wear a cross necklace in Dubai.  People from all walks of life go to Dubai because of its international atmosphere.

Due to the many different cultures and religions represented there, it is typical to see people dressed in ways that show their ethnic or religious identity.

But, given that this is a Muslim country, certain dress codes could be in place, especially regarding public displays of religion.

Many foreigners and locals freely display religious symbols such as crosses in Dubai.

Nonetheless, visitors should respect the city’s religious and cultural traditions and refrain from actions that can be interpreted as inappropriate.

Remember the modesty required of both men and women when wearing a cross necklace in Dubai.

There isn’t a hard and fast rule on what tourists must wear.

Public spaces, in particular, tend to encourage a more conservative aesthetic.

This includes avoiding skintight or exposing garments and, if feasible, covering the shoulders and knees.

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In some situations, expressing your faith by wearing a large cross on your chest might be inappropriate.

While religious freedom is guaranteed in the UAE, visitors should be aware that this freedom is not without restrictions and that some kinds of religious expression could be considered insensitive or even insulting.

Certain places, including churches and temples, may be better suited for the necklace than others, like the mall or a public park.

In addition, where the cross necklace is worn is something to consider.

What is the Legal Dress Code In Dubai?

Guests from all walks of life are always welcome in Dubai.

In any case, tourists should be informed that being a Muslim nation, they should observe particular cultural and religious conventions concerning attire.

Dressing conservatively and modestly, especially in public, is a good rule of thumb.

Here are some suggestions on what to dress and what not to wear when in Dubai:

What to wear:

  • For women, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing that covers the shoulders and knees. This can include long dresses or skirts, and tops with sleeves.
  • For men, it is recommended to wear long pants and shirts with sleeves.
  • Swimwear is generally acceptable at hotel pools and beaches, but it is important to cover up when leaving these areas.
  • When visiting a mosque or other religious site, it is recommended to wear modest clothing that covers the entire body. Women may be required to wear a headscarf.

What not to wear:

  • Clothing that is too revealing or tight-fitting, such as shorts or crop tops, should be avoided.
  • Swimwear or beachwear should not be worn outside of designated areas.
  • Clothing with offensive slogans or images should be avoided.
  • Traditional Islamic dress should not be worn by non-Muslims.
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While there may not be a mandatory dress code, tourists should know that more formal attire may be anticipated in public places like government offices and large retail centers.

While Dubai is a progressive and international metropolis, visitors should be aware that the city maintains traditional cultural and religious clothing codes.

Visitors may have a rewarding and safe time in this multicultural city if they follow simple guidelines, such as dressing modestly and obeying the law.

Where Can You Buy A Cross Necklace In Dubai?

Since most of the people in Dubai are either Muslim or Hindu, it may be difficult to find a necklace with the Christian emblem of the cross among the local brands sold there.

Because cross necklaces are not commonly sold in Dubai jewelry stores, we will have to go elsewhere.

You can find more foreign jewelry, including some beautiful cross necklaces, at Dubai’s retail malls than anywhere else in the city.

The southern countries of Europe, notably Spain, and Italy, are notable for their widespread use of the cross as a symbol of faith and identity.

You may find stunning cross pendants in French jewelers and the jewelry divisions of high-end fashion houses like Versace, Armani, and Gucci.

The Dubai Mall is home to major jewelry retailers such as Cartier, Boucheron, Graff, Chaumet, and Bvlgari, all selling an extensive selection of cross necklaces.

Here are some of the best shops to visit at Dubai Mall –

  • Eliva Gioelli
  • Ferini Oro
  • European Jewellery
  • Lifestyle Jewellery
  • Prestige Gallery
  • Renee Jewellery
  • Viva Oro
  • Rocx Jewellers
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With the abundance of European, particularly Italian, jewelry on offer at these establishments, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to locate a suitable cross necklace or cross pendant at one of them.


While wearing a cross necklace in Dubai is typically acceptable, it is necessary to do so with sensitivity to the city’s religious and cultural traditions.

Guests should dress respectfully and avoid any actions that might be hostile or derogatory.

Furthermore, while the Dubai government permits religious expression, travelers should be aware of specific restrictions.

Visitors may have a rich and rewarding time in Dubai by being aware of and accommodating to local norms regarding public displays of religion.


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