Family Friendly Activities in Dubai: Top Picks for Fun with Kids

In addition to being renowned for its opulent shopping and eye-catching architecture, Dubai is well-known for its family-friendly events that welcome visitors of all ages.

With a variety of attractions like zoos (for example famous Dubai Safari Park), theme parks, beaches, and cultural experiences, the city offers a rich tapestry of entertainment so that families can create memorable experiences.

There are plenty of amusement parks with heart-pounding thrills for thrill-seekers, while play centers strewn across the city are great for those seeking a slower pace. The sun, sand, and sea provide the ideal setting for some quality family time at beaches and waterparks, offering a tranquil haven.

Dubai is a great place for anyone who want to mix culture and adventure. A unique take on snowboarding is provided by sandboarding in the desert, while camel rides introduce tourists to a means of transportation that is deeply ingrained in the history of the area.

Between tradition and modernity, Dubai stands out as a destination where families can not only enjoy their vacation but also enrich their understanding of a vibrant culture.


There are several zoological parks in Dubai that are ideal for families seeking entertaining and educational experiences. These are a few of Dubai’s best zoos:

  • Dubai Safari Park: Over 2,500 animals from around the globe are kept in this environmentally friendly park. The park’s African, Asian, and Arabian habitat zones
  • Crocodile Park:A more recent addition to Dubai’s zoo scene, this establishment is dedicated to crocodile conservation and is home to a variety of species, including the enormous Nile crocodile.
  • Green Planet: Get a close-up look at tropical biodiversity in this indoor jungle. Not your typical zoo, Green Planet gives visitors a glimpse into a varied environment and instructive perspectives on the life of its animals, which include rare birds, reptiles and sloths.
  • The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Housed in the Dubai Mall, has one of the world’s largest suspended aquarium tanks. A 270-degree view of the tank with sharks, rays, and other marine life is available to visitors by walking through the 48-meter tunnel. The Underwater Zoo offers participatory experiences like cage snorkeling and shark diving in addition to housing a variety of aquatic species.
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Trampoline Parks

Dubai offers an array of family-friendly activities, and trampoline parks stand out as an enjoyable way for all ages to jump into fun. These vibrant attractions are perfect spots for energetic kids and adults to bounce, flip, and leap in safe, indoor environments.

  • Bounce
    • Locations: Al Quoz, Dubai Festival City
    • Features: Bounce offers a variety of experiences, including freestyle bouncing and BounceX, a freestyle terrain park
  • Air Maniax
    • Locations: Al Quoz
    • Features: Zip zag, lazer frenzy, zones: inflatable arena, meltdown and warrior assault.
  • JumpX
    • Locations: Dubai Parks and Resorts
    • Unique aspect: Holds Guinness Records for being The Largest Inflatable Play Park. Apart from the expansive trampoline zones, it offers additional features for a comprehensive experience.

Each park ensures a mix of safety and excitement with its well-maintained equipment and trained staff. Apart from general jumping areas, these parks often feature dedicated spaces for dodgeball, basketball slam-dunk zones, and fitness classes.

With varied facilities, each park provides different activities that can cater to a wide range of interests and energy levels. Whether guests are looking for a place to host a dynamic birthday party or just to spend a few joyful hours, trampoline parks in Dubai are a go-to destination for a high-flying adventure.

Amusements Parks

Families will find themselves in awe of Dubai’s theme parks, which provide a variety of attractions and themes suitable for all age groups. Their inventive rides, family-friendly activities, and chance to enter fantastical and adventurous worlds make them unique.

Motiongate Dubai draws inspiration from Hollywood’s biggest studios. They encapsulate the magic of the movies with rides and attractions based on popular films. It’s a place where visitors can meet their favorite animated characters and experience thrilling rides.

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At IMG Worlds of Adventure, guests find a mix of excitement and adventure. As the world’s largest indoor theme park, it promises guests a respite from Dubai’s heat, with rides that range from adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to more relaxed attractions suitable for younger children.

Legoland Dubai caters specifically to families with kids aged 2-12. Here, everything is awesome with interactive rides, water slides, and models made from millions of LEGO bricks. It’s not just about the rides; hands-on building experiences and educational attractions also feature prominently.

Embedding cultural experiences, each park offers a glimpse into the worlds they represent while ensuring safety and fun. An excursion to any of these amusement parks provides a memorable day out for families looking to add a dash of thrill to their Dubai itinerary.


Dubai offers an array of family-friendly waterparks, each with unique features that cater to the young and the young at heart.

Among them, Aquaventure stands out with over 105 slides and attractions, including a lush environment that recreates the feel of Atlantis. It’s an ideal spot for multiple visits due to its vast size and variety of experiences.

Wild Wadi Waterpark, located near the iconic Burj Al Arab, offers a mix of relaxed and adrenaline-packed activities. Families can enjoy rides that suit all ages and comfort levels. It is particularly known for its wave pool and surfing simulators that add a dynamic element to the waterpark experience.

For those with younger children, Legoland Waterpark provides a creative twist on water-based fun. Designed with families in mind, this park features Lego-themed attractions ensuring that even the smallest visitors can have a great time in a safe setting.

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These parks not only offer a way to beat the heat but also provide interactive and engaging activities. From the fast-paced slides to the slower, winding rivers, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Popular Family-Friendly Sights

Dubai is a city where family fun and adventure come together, offering a wide variety of attractions that cater to all ages. Families looking for immersive cultural experiences must take a trip to Global Village. It provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a world tour through its international pavilions that showcase culture, cuisine, and entertainment from different countries.

The Miracle Garden is a natural wonderland appealing to visitors of all ages with its vibrant display of flowers arranged in stunning patterns and designs. This attraction is particularly enjoyable during Dubai’s cooler months, as the outdoor spectacle is in full bloom with millions of flowers.

For an enchanting evening experience, families should visit Dubai Garden Glow, which transforms into a luminous fantasyland once the sun sets. Children are often captivated by the dazzling displays and life-size figures that are illuminated with millions of energy-efficient lights.

Dinosaur Park is an educational yet thrilling attraction for families, especially those with young children. Here one can witness life-sized models of dinosaurs, making it an excellent way for children to learn about these prehistoric creatures in a dynamic setting.

A trip to Dubai with kids is incomplete without exploring Kidzania. Designed as a child-sized replica of a real city, with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, and a functioning economy, Kidzania allows kids to role-play in various professions and activities, fostering both fun and learning.

These destinations offer families a chance to bond over shared experiences, making Dubai a beloved destination for families around the world.


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