What Can You Gift for a New Mum on Christmas in Dubai?

Becoming a new mom is a very special moment for a woman. But it becomes more special on or a few days before Christmas. It is a good time for a husband to make her woman happy and surprising by presenting a beautiful gift.

Deciding about the best gift for a new mom on Christmas is challenging. But to make it a simple deal, we have presented a few fantastic gift ideas that will make your wife happier this Christmas.

Let’s read and explore easy gift ideas for new moms in UAE to make this Christmas unforgettable.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for new moms from the Husband

Spa Day

There could be no more special thing for a new mom than to book a surprise spa day for her. A new mom needs mental and physical relaxation. On Christmas, you can surprise her by booking a spa time for her to unwind and recharge.

It will make her happy and show her your care and feelings for her. In Dubai, you can book a spa service at Ashwina or The Z U U Ladies Lounge. It is good if you make an appointment earlier.

Relaxing Massage Chair

Treat the new mom to a luxurious and stress-relieving massage chair. Pregnancy and caring for a newborn can take a toll on the body, so a massage chair offers the perfect escape for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Look for a chair with customizable settings, including various massage techniques and intensities. This gift provides a sanctuary for her to unwind. In Dubai ARES Dubai Festival City Mall Branch or the Massage Chair Showroom are the two best stores to purchase massage chairs. On Christmas, they offer special discounts on their sale.

Flowers Bouquet

Flowers always remain a beautiful gift to send a woman on any happy occasion. It can also be a wonderful idea to wish your wife a beautiful flower bouquet this Christmas with a personalized touch. You can order any of your wife’s favorite flowers with some personalized statements about the newborn and new mom with a special touch to Christmas.

It will not only make her happy but also give her a feeling that you have great care for her and her newborn. Flowers can brighten up the space and make her happy. You can order Christmas Flowers Bouquet from online flower stores in Dubai. But before choosing a store make sure they offer satisfactory services. Also, remember to check their special discounts on Christmas.

Fitness Tracker

Women are very curious about their fitness, and it becomes a challenge for them, especially after becoming a new mom. They want to keep track of their fitness to bring their body in perfect shape. They struggle to maintain their fitness; you can encourage a healthy and active lifestyle by presenting her with a fitness tracker on Christmas.

It will support her in staying fit and acknowledge her importance to you. You may have many online options in Dubai to purchase but for a reliable shopping experience, we suggest you buy from X Fitness Trading or Miracle Gym Fitness Equipment stores.

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Nameplate Necklace

A nameplate necklace featuring the baby’s name is a timeless and elegant gift. This piece of jewelry adds a style to the new mom’s wardrobe and symbolizes the special connection she shares with her child.

It is a beautiful and sentimental accessory that can be worn close to the heart, creating a lasting bond between mother and baby. So, to make this Christmas more special for your wife on becoming a new mom, present her a nameplate necklace. You can order a necklace on this Christmas for a new at Nacklaces by Samaa in Dubai. Remember to check their discounts to save money.

Professional Family Photo shoot

Another excellent idea that may make a new mom happy on Christmas is planning a family Photo shoot. A woman feels very happy if she sees that her husband does something and shows his happiness for her new baby. If you plan a family photo shoot to capture a new family member in the photo, it will make the woman very happy.

It will give a new mom a feeling of living with lasting memories and a growing family. Make your woman this Christmas happier with a photo shoot to appreciate her for her efforts in the addition of a family member.

Designer Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is essential for new moms. You can make this essential more special for your wife by gifting her a diaper bag with some special designs related to Christmas.

A beautifully designed Diaper bag can be both a fashion and a practical accessory to meet the needs. Furthermore, you can also personalize the diaper bag by writing statements about your newborn baby and her mom. In Dubai you can order it online, but we recommend you to visit Mom Store- Dubai Mall or Baby Care stores to buy Diaper Bag for your wife.

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Personalized Family Tree Art

Consider commissioning a personalized family tree art piece. This unique and sentimental gift captures the essence of her new family unit. Include names, birthdates, or special messages to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

This artistic representation is a beautiful reminder of the love and growth within the family, making it a meaningful addition to her home decor. It’s a touching gesture that celebrates not only her journey into motherhood but also the unity and connection shared by the entire family during the holiday season.

You can order your personalized Family Tree Art in Dubai at Jameel Arts Center. Jameel Arts Center is one of the famous stores to get quality items to cater to your personalized demands.


You have many wonderful ideas to make a new mom happier on Christmas. Gift her any of the above gifts with some personalized touch to make her feel that you care for her and her newborn.

It will not only increase your family’s happiness but also make it a long-lasting memory for your wife. But before ordering a gift makes sure you have chosen the right service provider to maintain a good quality of the gift.


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