Top 10 Best Places to Eat Biryani in Dubai

Indian cuisine is unquestionably among the most diverse in the world and appears to be doing quite well in the culinary arts.

The same is true of Pakistani cuisine! As a result, there are numerous Indian and Pakistani restaurants all over the world, including in Dubai.

Biryani is a single-pot traditional dish of rich, decadent flavors with meat and rice. The heart of both Indian and Pakistani cuisine, biryani is a beloved dish among those who inhabit the subcontinent.

The dish is typically served with a side of spicy sauce and yoghurt. Biriyani is very popular in Dubai, and fortunately, there are many eateries in the city competing to serve the best Biriyani on the market.

Visit any of the following top biryani restaurants in Dubai if you want to eat authentic Indian or Pakistani food. These restaurants are well-known for their delicious biryani dishes.

What Makes Biryani Such a Popular Dish in Dubai?

The popular biriyani dish combines savory spices and herbs, and is simmered with vegetables in just the right quantity! Anyone can prepare this dish easily, yet only a select few achieve perfection!

Due to its widespread appeal, this dish has become available everywhere, yet there are just a few locations where you can find genuine biryani in Dubai too. There are more than 20 different varieties of biryani such as:

  • Kashmiri and Lucknowi Biryani
  • Calcutta Biryani, Beary and Kozhi Biryani,
  • Malabar Biriyani and Thalassery Biryani,
  • Mughlai Biryani, Ambur and Bombay Biryani etc.

It would be impossible to choose just one favorite from this assortment because, as we all know, preferences can vary depending on the tastes and combinations you were exposed to growing up.

Try out these amazing Biryani restaurants in Dubai if you simply want to sample some of the most well-known dishes from Pakistan and India. Be confident that you’ll return for more!

Top 10 Best Places to Taste Biriyani in Dubai!

The word biryani alone will make your mouth water. For those who love it, biryani is more than just food. You don’t need to travel to India to enjoy this delectable cuisine!

The flavorful concoction of rice, chicken, veggies, and spices is also very popular in Dubai. Numerous restaurants serve some of the best biryani in Dubai, in addition to the internationally renowned Hyderabad.

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Jaffer Bhai’s, Al Karama (Biryani King of Mumbai)

The top restaurant for biryani in Dubai is Jaffer Bhais in Al Karama, which imports its food from Mumbai. It tries to bring the famous dish out from Mumbai streets. Their flavorful concoctions are bursting with saffron, ghee, and caramelized onion flavors.

They have a devoted following in Dubai for their friendly service and genuine tastes. Any food lover will find the premium combination of onions, seasonings, chicken, dry fruits, and long rice to be pure heaven.

Jaffer Bhai’s Biryani, which starts at AED 25, is worth every penny. The quality of the food is outstanding, the restaurant also provides first-rate service.

Address: Shop 3, Ground Floor, Al Wasl Building, 19th street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hours: 12:00 pm– 04:00 pm/ 07:00 pm– 12:00 am

Average Price: AED 140 (approx.)

Phone: +971 4 342 6467

Biryani Pot, Umm Suqeim

Biryani Pot is the place to go if you’re searching for a restaurant serving multiple kinds of biryani in Dubai. Chicken, lamb, prawns, salmon, and butter chicken biryani are all available hot off the stove.

There is yummy vegetable biryani prepared especially for vegans. Biryani Pot specializes in both north and south Indian food. You can also enjoy Biryani with your family at home, they also offer takeout.

Address: Opposite Saga World, Jumeirah Road, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 11:00 am – 11:45 pm

Price: AED 70/person (approx.)

Phone: +971-4-526-9047

Salkara Restaurant– 3rd Best Biryani in Dubai

Salkara, a Malabari restaurant in Al Qusis, offers some of the best South Indian cuisine available in Dubai. In addition to serving south Indian cuisine, the Eatery is well known for its Biryani in Dubai.

You’ll enjoy Salkara’s biryani if you don’t like spicy food, for its smoothness and texture. Salkara offers a greasy spoon diner with outstanding biryani that has several locations in the UAE.

The flavorful rice and spices in the biryani are tossed with juicy, succulent meat that is especially for people who are travelling with kids. In the menu, you will have a wide variety of Biryani options ranging from traditional Chicken to unique varieties like Kadai Chicken Biryani.

Address: Food Court, Beside Lulu Hypermarket, Al Nahda Road, Qusais, Dubai

Hours: 7:00 am- 12:00 am

Price: AED 30/ person (approx.)

Phone: +971 54 584 0890

Pak Liyari, Pakistani Restaurant

Pak Liyari, one of Dubai’s top Pakistani eateries, ideal location to enjoy delightful desserts after a lengthy day of shopping because it is situated in the busy Meena Bazaar. The restaurant has comfortable seating and a lively atmosphere.

Make sure to try Pak Liyari’s Mutton Biryani with plus masala, which is the restaurant’s most traditional dish. You also can try keema, mutton tikka, brain sambal, chana daal, and bhindi.

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Address: 1st– Opp Astoria Hotel, Al Fahidi Street, Meena Bazaar, Dubai, UAE

2nd– Near Flora Hotel, Behind Sabka Bus Stop, Deira Street, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 11:00 am – 01:00 am (Meena Bazaar)/ 11:30 am – 12:00 am (Deira)

Price: AED 40 – AED 50 for both (approx.)

Phone: +971-4-353-5587 (Meena Bazaar); +971-4-883-8319 (Deira)

Memsaab Curry and Tandoor

Memsaab Curry & Tandoor in Dubai serves great Pakistani and Indian food. Vegetables, mutton biryani, Chaman biryani, and the perennially popular chicken biryani seem to be their main specialities.

This restaurant in Dubai is well-known for its delicious food, manageable sizes, and excellent service. The popular Indian dish cucumber dill raita, which is made with vegetables and yoghurt, goes well with a variety of biryani flavors.

Address: Basement Level, J2 Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 11:00 am– 11:00 pm

Price: AED 135 (approx.)

Phone: +971-4-526-9299

Sthan- Beyond Boundaries Food

Visit Sthan to taste Biryani at a restaurant serving Pakistani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Afghani fare. Enjoy the tender, juicy meat of your choice with mildly aromatic rice.

Paneer biryani and parda sabzi biryani for vegetarians, Biryani Awad Ki, all biryani, and achari biryani for non-vegetarians are available here and range in prices from 30-46 AED.

Address: Opposite Civil Defense Station, Zabeel Road, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 12:00 pm– 12:00 pm

Price: AED 155/ 2 persons (approx.)

Phone: +971-4-526-9299

Calicut Paragon, Dubai

Visit this acclaimed restaurant for flavorful Malabar food with a modern twist. This landmark Paragon restaurant, a genuine icon of Calicut, began its culinary journey by fusing the Moplah & Thiyya cuisines.

Al Karama and Al Nahda are home to the most populated branches. All orders of biryani come with payasam, raita, chutney, and pickles. Select from the wide selection of fish, beef, mutton, and chicken biryani that is offered in large quantities.

Address: Al-Tayer Building Block A– G Floor, Mattar– 20 B St, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 7:00 am-12:00 am

Price: AED 60/ person (approx.)

Phone: +971 4 251 2545

Silver Spoon Restaurant

You must go to Silver Spoon Eatery, which is renowned as Dubai’s top Biryani restaurant and has won numerous awards. Try one of their biryanis to experience the joy of eating a dish that combines flavorful rice with savory, succulent, and juicy meat.

Silver Spoon Restaurant’s biryani is less spicily and oily prepared. The restaurant offers a wide selection of Indian food items and has a nice atmosphere.

Don’t overlook trying the Chicken and Mutton Biryani if you are dining at Silver Spoon. Although there are many options on the menu, the biryani at Silver Spoon Restaurant is the most well-liked and recommended dish.

Address: Opposite St Michael’s Church, Abdullah Bin Anees Street, Sharjah, Dubai, UAE

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Hours: 1:00 pm- 4:00 am (Closes at midnight)

Price: AED 20/ person (approx.)

Phone: +971 4 353 0939

Behrouz Biryani, Dubai

Another well-known restaurant serving biryani in Dubai seems to be Behrouz Biryani. Offering variations of this traditional Indo-Pak dish, the restaurant has won the hearts of Indian and Pakistani visitors worldwide.

The original biryani recipe was created in the distant kingdom of Behrouz 2,000 years ago. The mere thought of Behrouz will cause the Dubai biriyani enthusiast to slurp. You can order Subz-e-biryani, lazeez bhuna murgh biryani, and paneer sabzi biryani from the restaurant.

Address: Wasl Amber R 507, JLT, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 10:00 am– 01:00 am

Phone: +971-4-526-0651

Price: AED 90

Student Biryani, Dubai

Student Biryani is an eatery in Dubai where you can get delectable biryani. The restaurant has expanded from its primary location in Pakistan’s Karachi and is identified for its serving of Pakistani, Indian, and Asian cuisine.

Enjoy a delicious meal of Chicken, Mutton, or Veggie Biryani while sitting comfortably in the inviting dining area. The restaurant originally offered homestyle chicken biryani, but it has since added beef, mutton, vegetable, and pulao biryanis to its menu.

Address: Kuwait St, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 11:00 am-12:00 am (Sunday to Thursday)/ 8 am-1:00 am (Fridays)/ 8 am-1:00 am (Saturday)

Price: AED 70/ 2 person

Phone: +971 58 994 5031

You couldn’t possibly list all of the Biriyani spot details in Dubai on a single page because there are too many restaurants overall. You can also try biryani or other traditional food at the following restaurants too.

  • Gazebo
  • Saif Restaurant
  • Panoor Restaurant (Bamboo Biryani)
  • Bhai Kadai Biryani
  • Bikkgane Biriyani
  • Chennai Kadai Biriyani Eatery
  • Biriyani Street
  • Shahi Mahal Restaurant, Al Quoz
  • SS Bucket Biryani Dubai
  • Grub Shack etc. and so more!

There are many other Indian dishes available in Dubai if you like Indian food. Numerous Indian restaurants can provide you with the mouthwatering pork chops, idli, sambar, korma, and tikka treats you desire.

In particular, concerning Indian restaurants, a few of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai serve delicious food. Depending on your preferences, they will satiate your appetite with a wide range of gastronomic treats.


While visiting Dubai, you can enjoy authentic delicious food with the flavor it is known for by visiting some well-known restaurants that serve it.

India is not only the world’s oldest civilization and a full of culinary arts. Indian restaurants are widely available all over the world including in Dubai too.

There are many Indian Mughlai restaurants where you can eat delicious food in Dubai. This article will serve as the culmination of your quest to find the greatest biryani in Dubai. After Pakistan and India, Dubai ranks among the world’s top consumers of biryani.


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