What Are the Best Restaurants at the Pointe Dubai?

Dubai is a beautiful city and a hub for tourists, businesses, artists, and professionals. In a city so diverse, there is indeed a need for spots where people can go and relax.

This is why Dubai has been planned carefully to also include entertainment spots and ambient places where people can go to relax and have fun.

Since the sea is a prominent part of Dubai’s geography, most of such spots are designed and planned near the waters.

One of the many such beautiful destinations in Dubai is Pointe. It is extremely popular and is one of the most preferred destinations to visit in the evening.

In this article, we would share with you some of the best restaurants that you can find here.

Pointe, Dubai

Pointe is a popular tourist destination in Dubai which is located in Palm Jumeirah. The Jumeirah was designed as an artificial archipelago in the coastal region of Dubai.

It boasts numerous palm-based islands that form several hundred kilometers of coastline.

The Pointe and Jumeirah are exemplary works of public-private partnership and the resolution to add another gem to the beautiful jewel of Dubai.

It is easy to reach Pointe, with the help of a monorail or a taxi, and can be located easily on the map.

There are several residential units and properties here, which have become popular vacation homes for many people around the world and for those who stay in Dubai.

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Since it is a popular tourist destination and has numerous beaches around, Pointe has a variety of hotels and restaurants.

Some of the famous hotels here include Atlantis, The Palm, St. Regis Dubai, Rixos, Taj Exotica, W hotel, etc.

Although there have been some ongoing concerns about the aquatic life and natural water flow here, overall, Palm Jumeirah has come out as one of the most important parts of Dubai.

Let us now see some of the things you can do here throughout the day.

Activities at Pointe

Being a place located near the beach, the Pointe is one of the most marvelous destinations in the entire city and every tourist makes sure to come here once they arrive.

Throughout the year, Pointe remains a favorite destination for dinner and a good nightlife experience in Dubai but has also been popular for other experiences like shopping, and entertainment activities.

It witnesses a footfall of several hundred or thousands of tourists each day and is also popular for the beautiful fountains works which are among the major attractions here.

The beautiful views of this place also make it a favorite destination for romantic outings and dinner and also family dinners.

People do not prefer coming here in the daytime due to the sunlight and heat, but this area is nevertheless crowded even in the daytime.

You can expect to spend 2-3 hours here when you come and also engage in beautiful photography or music jamming sessions that are found commonly here.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant?

One of the biggest questions that people often have when they come across a chain of great restaurants or a region where there are too many options is how can they choose the right restaurant.

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It is not that difficult, but having too many options and also not knowing about the best restaurants in an area could lead to confusion.

The first thing you need to keep in mind before choosing an appropriate restaurant is to ensure that the ambiance and hygiene of the place are good.

If a place does not look good and is possibly unclean, it might be better to not go there and be disappointed.

Although it is a very subjective assessment, nevertheless helpful in determining the worth of a place.

The next thing you must do to ensure whether a restaurant is good is to look at its menu. These days most restaurants have their menus published online on a food application or their website.

You can find out the kind of variety they have and whether the dishes on the menu meet your expectations.

The last thing you should check before finalizing is the service and reviews. Thanks to the internet, you can find reviews of any place online. Get to know about the kind of service it has as well.

Best Restaurants at the Pointe Dubai

Now, coming to the best restaurants that can be found at Pointe Dubai, you must first know the kind of cuisine you are looking for.

Circle Cafe

If you are just looking for a casual lunch or dinner, you can find a good option at Circle Café, which is located at the Pointe and is popular among tourists.

Al Beiruti

An astounding and beautiful Lebanese restaurant, you can expect to have a hearty meal here in one of the best ambiance places that you would come across.

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The service here is exemplary and so are the reviews.


If you are in the mood for some grills and nonveg options, this place is indeed heaven for you. It is a modern food outlet that allows a huge variety of options for steaks and grilled food.

Rue Royale

Another restaurant with stunning views and a beautiful ambiance, Rue Royale is popular in Pointe. People generally love the service here and appreciate the value for money that they offer on their menu.


Therefore, in this article, you got to know about Pointe, Dubai, and the various activities that happen there throughout the day and in the evening.

Since it is one of the best places in the town for a great meal and some family or friends time, we also shared with you the list of some of the best restaurants that you can find there.

When choosing a good restaurant, you need to know about it beforehand. You can do this best by having a look at the reviews and what people have to say about them.

Make sure to find trusted sources for the reviews and also do your research!


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