Top 5 Salad Restaurants in Dubai

Eating healthy has become a norm these days. With more people realizing the ill effects of junk food or processed foods, they are making the switch to healthier options available.

Even renowned nutrition experts and doctors believe that organic and leafy food is good for us and apart from preventing us from overeating, helps in fulfilling our micronutrient requirements.

In case you are in Dubai, you might want to look up to such restaurants that serve healthy food. If you are looking to have salad as an option for your healthy food choice, you are probably good to go.

In this article, we would share with you some of the best salad restaurants in Dubai and how you can ensure that you eat salad correctly.

Healthy Eating in Dubai

Dubai has become a global hub in many ways. One such way is food and the restaurant culture here.

Whenever you visit Dubai, one of the first things that you realize is the vibrant and diverse food culture which is evident at every other corner of the streets here.

When there are so many options, you are bound to get confused and worry about the things that you would miss out on. However, not every person who loves to eat is after junk and unhealthy food.

There are many people today who like to engage themselves in healthy and conscious eating, when such people visit Dubai, they often feel they would have to let go of their healthy eating habits for a while.

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However, it is not so. Dubai has numerous restaurants where you can eat healthy food or get a simple salad to eat clean.

Besides this, there are many options for people who want to eat good food that tastes well.

What is the Correct Way to Eat Salad?

Before we move forward with the places where you can find some of the best salads in Dubai, it is important to know if there is a correct way to eat salads.

Indeed, there is a correct way to eat salads and one of the most important is to know when should you eat the salad.
Ideally, the appropriate time to fill on roughages and leafy greens is before your main meal. This should be done to ensure you do not end up overeating and can stay lean.

Additionally, if your salad has large pieces of fruits and veggies, it might be crucial to take a moment and cut them into smaller pieces to ensure it is eatable.

You must use a fork or chopstick to eat your salad as these are generally considered the appropriate tools to eat your salad with.

In case you are wondering whether you should add some olive oil or extra seasoning to your salad, you should know that it depends on your taste and preference alone.

Can You Eat Salad in Dubai?

You can surely eat salad in Dubai. Many restaurants exclusively serve a variety of salads.

In case you are looking to eat your salad and a follow-up meal, it is better to visit any usual restaurant that serves both. However, in this case, you should know that you might not get different kinds of salads.

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Additionally, if you are looking for a specific kind of salad or want your salad to be prepared with some customization, it is best to speak with the restaurant manager or chef.

They are often welcoming towards suggestions and requests of customizations, more so if you have any health issue and want them to accommodate accordingly.

Even though you can find salads commonly in Dubai, you might want to stick to the ones that are rated well and do not have a history of safety or hygiene concerns.

You can easily find the lists of good salad restaurants in Dubai online, and we would also be mentioning a few in this article.

Are Restaurant Salads Expensive?

The clear answer to this question is – it depends! If you are eating at a luxurious restaurant, you can expect the salad to be costly, while if you eat at a decent restaurant that is not priced excessively, you might get the same quality of salad at a nominal price.

However, whether you wish to eat at restaurants or small food outlets, is a matter of choice. Usually, restaurants have better seating facilities and are more prone to ensuring better hygiene.

Nevertheless, if you have a habit of checking the reviews of a place before visiting there, you probably do not need to worry much.

Best Salad Restaurants in Dubai

Following are some of the best salad restaurants in Dubai:

Eat Greek

Not only a great salad place but also a good Greek restaurant, Eat Greek offers a great variety of Greek food and salads that are popular in the region.

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You can try the Greek salad here and also the pita chicken.


An amazing place for continental food and salads, you would love the fruits and veggie dishes they have included in their menu. Not only a creative mix of salad dishes but also a place with great taste and ambiance.

Mado Jumeriah

It is an amazing Turkish restaurant that is considered one of the many favorites for breakfast and salad meals. You would love the lamb dishes here and the seasoning they do.

Swiss Butter

Another beautiful place with great service, Swiss Butter offers a decent number of salads on their menu that you can check out and try.

The price is nominal and the reviews are great.


Thus, now you are aware of the correct way to eat your salad and also how you can maximize the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle with it.

Make sure to remember that in any case, you must not overeat. Even an excess of salad can be harmful to you if also not taken correctly or at the wrong time.

Thus, make sure to practice moderation and chew your food well. With the great salad restaurants mentioned above, you anyway do not have to worry much about the quality and taste!


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