Best Cashback Credit Cards in UAE

Everyone loves to shop or travel, even if someone says they do not, chances are they have not heard about cashback credit cards.

Be it shopping from a retail store, a massive shopping center, or traveling domestically or internationally, credit cards have indeed made our lives easier.

With good offers and a great reward system, you can expect to avail the best discounts and cashback while not affecting your credit score at all.

Most banks offer this service today, but if you live in the UAE, you might want to know about some of the best cashback credit cards in the country.

Hence, we have curated a list of the best cashback credit cards along with the things you should consider before choosing a credit card.

What Is a Cashback Credit Card?

If you earn or are employed somewhere, chances are you are already using a credit card or have at least heard about it somewhere.

A cashback credit card in simple terms offers you a partial refund or money back whenever you opt for the goods or services where the cashback offer applies.

But naturally, it is a kind of a perk that is not available uniformly on all services or products. You must ensure whether it applies to something before expecting a cashback.

Cashback credit cards have prompted many people to use credit cards and shop online. It is no wonder that it has been a major reason behind the success of many online shopping platforms.

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However, you can avail of different categories of cashback credit cards. Some of the most famous ones include travel credit cards and shopping credit cards.

Availing of a cashback is a great way to save money while buying more and ensuring that your credit score is not affected much.

Naturally, your local bank’s credit card may not be as powerful as a credit card that allows for international payments and is eligible for more offers.

Thus, while choosing a credit card you must ensure the scope and reach it has and the number of offers you can avail comparatively.

Let us look at the cashback credit cards which are best for international transactions and are generally popular.

Which Cashback Credit Card is Best for International Transactions?

Some of the best cashback credit cards for international transactions that are generally recognized in most countries are:


Citibank’s credit card is one of the most powerful credit cards in the world and has numerous offers for travelers and shoppers.

For a general estimate, Citibank is associated with more than 100 airline companies and thus is great for people who travel globally frequently and are looking for international transactions every other day.

American Express

Another popular and widely used credit card, American Express is best known for additional points in the form of rewards based on each transaction made from your credit card.

These are redeemable and if a certain number of points are collected, you can also use them for cashback.


If you have a decent credit score or cannot avail of a very good credit score easily, this credit card is best for you.

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The annual fee is minimal and you can easily get up to 2-3% cashback on filling up the gas or after paying bills at restaurants.

You also get a good enough welcome bonus, which is another reason to go for this credit card.

Best Cashback Credit Card in UAE

Following are some of the best cashback credit cards in UAE:


With the first year free, you need to have a minimum salary of around 10,000 AED. With HSBC Credit Card, you can avail of great cashback offers and exclusive lounge access at select airports.


With no annual fee on this credit card and a minimum salary threshold at the lowest of 5,000 AED, Citibank’s credit card is the easiest to avail of and also provides you with an option of travel insurance.

FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank)

With a minimum salary requirement same as Citibank, you only need to pay a mere sum of 315 AED annually to avail of this credit card.

It is one of the best credit cards in UAE for availing movie discounts and lounge access at airports but might not be ideal for international transactions.

Mashreq Bank

With no annual fee and great dining discounts, this is another regional credit card you can avail of at a minimum salary of 5,000 AED.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Cashback Credit Card

Before selecting any credit card for availing cashback, you must first discuss this with a financial advisor or expert who can guide you regarding the many options available.

You need to consider your credit score and salary base to finalize a credit card. In case you are not sure about ensuring a minimum salary pay, you should opt for cards that require no annual fee and are on the lowest end of the salary threshold.

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Additionally, focus on the cashback rate offered by the bank. If the rate is high but the reward points shared are less, you might want to reconsider your option.

Also, many banks include some hidden charges alongside your credit card annual fee. Be vigilant in noticing these details and discuss them with your financial advisor and Bank resource person.

Also, make sure to consider your specific needs. For instance, if you are a traveler and have to use the airport’s lounge access often, you must look for credit cards that have a robust lounge access facility.


Thus, in this article, you learned about how credit cards work and how you can avail of cashback.

We also shared with you the factors you need to remember before choosing a credit card for cashback and also the list of credit cards suitable for international transactions.

If you are in UAE, while opting for a localized bank’s credit card may seem like a better option, it is always a good idea to look over to the international options for the larger scope.

Besides, these days many credit cards are introducing more features and facilities which you can check out before finalizing one.


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