4 Italian Restaurants for Delivery in the UAE

Italian food is undoubtedly one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. It is not only popular these days but is also loved by everyone who tries it.

The predominance of cheese and mild texture in most of the Italian dishes along with the intelligent use of bread and baking skills make it stand out from the different kinds of food available in the market.

Wherever you live, chances are you love Italian food and either go out and dine in Italian restaurants or order through delivery.

In this article, we would tell you the best Italian restaurants from where you can get good delivery facilities if you live in the UAE.

Italian Food in UAE

Italian cuisine, earlier a prerogative of the Mediterranean, is now truly a global cuisine. It is so popular that it is difficult to find a country where it is not eaten and loved widely.

The UAE is no exception to this. People here, be they locals or tourists, absolutely love to gorge on some delicious Italian meals.

This is probably why you would find thousands of restaurants serving Italian cuisine throughout the Emirates.

The most cogent reason why Italian food has spread over to the world is possible because of immigrants from Italy taking the age-old recipes to different countries and gradually realizing how much they are loved.

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Although it is evident that Italian food has been subject to customization and getting over the local or regional effects wherever it goes, to a large extent it has preserved its authentic identity in some way.

In UAE, you would easily find numerous chains of Italian restaurants or food outlets in major cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, Italian food is also commonly found in tier 2 cities or towns, where people love it as well.

How to Find the Best Italian Restaurant in the UAE?

One of the most important things you need to do to find the best Italian restaurant out there for you is to filter down the internet searches or suggestions and examine each.

To understand which one is right for you, make sure to check the menu and understand whether the dishes they have included are authentic or are mere modern fusions and casual dining items.

Cheese is one of the most crucial parts of any Italian dish. To know whether the Italian restaurant is good enough, try to know the kind of cheese they use and how it is.

Another thing that you can make sure to end your search for the best Italian restaurant out there is to finalize one that specializes in serving only Italian food.

This way, you make sure that the restaurant you are picking is specific and is known for its Italian food.

Make sure to go through the reviews and also speak to some people you know who have recommended you some restaurants. This way, you would have first-hand knowledge of their experience.

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Best Italian Dishes to Try in UAE


The first is a Pizza. A globally known and loved Italian delicacy, pizzas are now eaten in every corner of the world and somehow have adopted a local taste and flavor of every region.

Pesto dishes

A true Italian meal is incomplete without the basil sauce, and if you have not tried it yet, you really must consider doing so – or else you are missing out on something delicious and healthy!


Easy on the stomach, mild in taste, and fulfilling – ravioli is another popular choice in Italian food for many. It is a category of stuffed pasta that tastes amazing and is easy to cook.


Every Italian meal is truly incomplete without a bite of sweet Tiramisu. A popular dessert in the region and cuisine, you must try Tiramisu if you haven’t.

It can be found commonly at any Italian restaurant or bakery.


Often paired with well-cooked fish or meat, this mixture of cornmeal and spices is an amazing addition to your Italian meal.

It is very easy to cook and gets ready in nearly no time and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Best Italian Restaurants for Delivery in the UAE

If you want to get Italian food delivered to your doorstep, you can try using applications like Deliveroo or Talabat. They offer services to deliver the food from the restaurant at a nominal price as fast as possible.

Some of the best Italian Restaurants you can try for delivery in the UAE are:

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Popular for its easy packaging and homely taste, Pizzaro pizza is a must-try if you are craving some Italian food and cannot wait to cook one yourself.


An amazing Italian restaurant, this is highly rated and one of the most loved places in the UAE. You can try out the bread items and pasta, which the restaurant proudly boasts.


Another great place for Italian food in the UAE, Bianca is a popular food joint where people often go for lunch or dinner. It serves food and is also praised for its service and hygiene.


If you are tired of eating at cliched Italian restaurants in the UAE that taste almost the same but do not feel authentic, you must come to Massimo’s.

Not only a much-loved place but also a highly rated one, it would not disappoint you.


Thus, you learned about some of the best delivery restaurants in the UAE that serve Italian food.

Indeed, most of them are based out in the major cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, but you can expect to get your food delivered even if you live in areas nearby.

Indeed, the best way to eat Italian food is to visit a restaurant and eat it right there, but due to our busy lives and comfort, ordering in has become a boon for us.

With the facility of delivering food, you can taste some of the best Italian food from the comfort of your home.


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