How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE Online?

All visitors in the UAE need to check to overstay fines online, as failure to do so can lead to serious legal repercussions.

Overstaying one’s visa results in an ‘overstay fine’, which is a fee imposed by the immigration authorities of the country and must be paid promptly.

This article will cover why checking these penalties or fees online is important, how to do it, and what could happen if they are not paid on time.

Understanding Overstay Fine in UAE

Visitors to the UAE must be aware of overstay fines, as they may incur one if their visa expires and they do not renew it or leave before.

The amount of an overstay fine depends on several factors such as the type of visa, how long the person has stayed beyond its expiration date, and other relevant details.

We will explain what affects your potential penalty fee if you remain in the country after your authorized stay period ends.

1. Type of Visa

The amount of the penalty for overstaying in the UAE depends heavily on what type of visa you hold.

Those with visit visas will be fined AED 200 for their first day and then AED 100 every day afterward.

Whereas those with residency visas must pay a fine of AED 125 initially and only AED 25 each following extra day.

2. Duration of Overstay

The length of time an individual remains in the UAE past their visa’s expiration date is a key factor that determines what size fine they will pay.

Individuals who overstay for less than six months are subject to the abovementioned fines.

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Those were remaining longer may be detained, deported, and barred from future entry into the country.

3. Other Relevant Details

The amount of the overstay fine in the UAE may be influenced by additional information, such as why a visitor has stayed beyond their visa’s expiration and any previous immigration history.

Those with medical emergencies or other authentic reasons for staying past their allotted time could avoid paying fines.

However, those with prior violations involving similar situations might face harsher punishments, including being barred from entry into the Emirates longer than normal.

4. Grace Period of Visa

Those with UAE residence or visit visas should know the grace period before checking their overstay fines.

Tourists and visa holders are granted a ten-day grace period, while those holding residency visas have 30 days to do so.

All people with expired permits can now conveniently check their Emirates ID Fines online.

However, it is important to note that any announcement regarding exemption from fines for an entry permit and residency permits expiring before March 1, 2021, has been canceled.

Thus all residents who have had their visa expire will need to change status within a 30-day window once this expires to avoid incurring an additional fee.

According to GDRFAD (General Directorate Of Residency And Foreigners Affairs) and ICA (Immigration Control Authority).

Anyone inside the UAE whose documents are expiring has three months in which they must renew them or exit the country by Judgment Day.

Otherwise, they will face penalty charges for unpaid fees.

5. Overstay Fine on Tourist Visa or Visit Visa

In the United Arab Emirates, visitors and tourists are given a grace period of approximately ten days after their visa expires.

After this time frame has elapsed, they will be charged fines for overstaying:

  • 200 AED for the first day of a long stay.
  • 100 AED every day continuously.
  • 100 AED as a service fee.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a thirty-day grace period after their visa expires before any penalties are applied.

During this time, they may either change their status and obtain a second residence visa or leave the country altogether.

6. Overstay Fine on Residence Visa

If you have a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will be allowed a grace period of 30 days.

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After this time, if your visa has not been renewed or extended, then you may incur fines:

  • 125 AED for the first day.
  • 25 AED for six months (after the first day).
  • 50 AED per day for 6 to 12 months
  • 100 AED per day after 12 months of overstay.
  • 100 Dirham service fees

How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE Online

Visitors to the UAE can conveniently and efficiently check their overstay fines online.

Several platforms are available for this, so in this section, we will discuss these different options.

Checking your overstay fines is important as it ensures you comply with visa regulations and avoid any legal problems arising from incorrectly following them.

1. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) Website

Visitors to the UAE can check their overstay fines by visiting the website of The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

Click on the “Services” tab, then select the “Violation Inquiry” option.

Enter your passport details and other relevant information to determine what amount you owe in overdue fees.

2. General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Website

Visitors can check their overstay fines online by visiting the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website.

Select the “Services” tab on the homepage and click “Violations and Fees”.

Enter your passport details and other relevant information to view any applicable fees incurred due to an overstayed visa.

3. Smart Services App

Visitors to the UAE can now easily check their overstay fines using Smart Services, a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.

Download the app from either Google Play Store or App Store and register an account.

Once inside, select the “Violation Inquiry” option, then enter your passport details and other necessary information to see if you owe any fine due to overstaying in the country.

What to Do After Checking Overstay Fine

After determining the number of overstay fines in the UAE, it is important to take the necessary steps to avoid potential legal repercussions and ensure a hassle-free stay.

After verifying their overstay penalties in the Emirates, we will discuss what measures one should undertake.

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1. Pay the Fine

If you have overstayed in the UAE and need to pay your fines, there are several ways.

You can either go in person or use an online service at any immigration office or police station within the designated time frame.

To pay online, select your relationship with a sponsor from the drop-down menu, then click “next.”

Enter your mobile number for OTP verification on this page before providing bank details and submitting the request.

Paying these fines promptly is essential as they may impose additional penalties if they remain unpaid after their due date has passed.

2. Service Fee and Refund Policy

You must pay approximately 52 Dirham, including an E-service charge of 29.4 AED and ICA charges of 22 AED.

Unfortunately, they can only refund the fees if your application is accepted.

Upon completion, you will receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone and an email confirmation with a receipt for the overstay fines that have been paid.

3. Renew Visa or Exit the Country

Those who have overstayed their visa must pay the associated fine before either renewing or exiting the country.

Visitors with visit visas may be able to extend their stay by applying for an extension through relevant authorities.

However, those holding residency visas should ensure they renew them before expiration to avoid fines and other potential legal implications.

4. Seek Professional Assistance

Those at risk of more serious repercussions or legal consequences should seek advice from a lawyer or an immigration consultant.

Professional guidance can help visitors understand their rights under the law, guide them through the judicial process and prevent any issues that may arise due to visa overstays.

To sum up, it is imperative for visitors to UAE who wish to evade potential legal consequences and fines to check their overstay fines online.

They must comprehend the fee calculation and enter accurate details when doing so.

You must promptly pay this fine to avoid more serious repercussions such as detention or deportation.

To guarantee a trouble-free stay in UAE, one should adhere strictly to visa regulations that forbid overstaying.


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