Why Dubai Visa Is Expensive?

The UAE visa is necessary for entering any of the Emirates unless they’re from one of the visa-waiver nations.

To obtain an appropriate visa for entry into the United Arab Emirates, people of various nationalities must meet some requirements.

You don’t need a permit to enter the UAE if you are from Bahrain, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia. Immediate visa status changes or finding a way to pay fewer fees for new visa applications may benefit tourists.

The officer of immigration at the regional embassy in the UAE must be contacted if you intend to stay longer.

It has been confirmed by the UAE governing body for identity, nationality, customs and port security that a price increase of AED 100 is now to upshot.

This price increase should also be applied to a variety of services, such as Emirates ID, citizen visas, and visitor visas.

Cost of a New Visa and an Emirates ID

The UAE offers many options for visas. With just one visa for the Emirates, the holder may enter the country only once for up to 30 days.

You can use an app for applying for a 30-day visitor’s visa, a 96-hour transit visa, or a 90-day visit visa. The following chart shows Dubai’s new visa cost.

ID/Visa Old price New price
Emirates ID (based on the number of times it is extended) AED 270 AED 370
One-month visit visa AED 270 AED 370
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An additional AED 100 has been added to the previous price for all other ICP services.

This is in response to changes made to the visa method since the beginning of 2023 when the UAE initiated the option for travelers to renew their visas while inside the country.

The Cost of a Visa to Enter the UAE (Dubai) in 2023

Dubai is a well-liked travel destination, drawing millions of tourists from all over the world.

Getting a visa to enter the UAE and making a deposit of the visa fees are crucial steps in submitting a visa application.

The price will vary depending on the Dubai Visa type. Emirates Visa is a prominent supplier of visa services for the United Arab Emirates with years of expertise to offer.

Their customers are like their family members, so they provide them the best effort.

Dubai and UAE Visitor’s Visa

The cost of all UAE and Dubai visas, involving 30- and 60-day tourist visas, has now gone up by AED 100, according to a customer service representative at the Federal Authority for Self-identification Citizenship.

For instance, there is now a fee of AED 370 instead of AED 270 for the ICA’s one-month visit visa.

Reports from the travel agencies indicate that applicants are at present charged AED 500 for a 60-day visitor’s visa to the UAE.

UAE Residency Visa for Dubai

The federal agency for Identity, Citizenship, Customs officials and Ports Security (ICP) typing centre agent confirmed that the fees for the United Arab Emirates residence visa have increased by AED 100.

The cost of a UAE residency permit for a year is currently AED 200. However, the costs will vary according to how long the visa will be valid.

Please be aware that this could change, and you should also account for the cost of your insurance and health care.

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Dubai Job Permit Visa and Green Visa

The visa fee includes a safety release of AED 1,025. The following visa costs apply to various categories of UAE job-seeker visas, according to the ICP website: visa for 60 days: AED 1,495, for 90 days: AED 1,655 and for 120 days: AED 1,815.

Green visa Dubai will set you back at AED 2,280. The green visa cost in Dubai does not include the ID card fee (AED 575) or the health care fee (AED 320).

The final cost after every step of issuance may change depending on how many attendants the visa holders are supporting.

UAE and Dubai Transit Visa

The United Arab Emirates transit visa now costs more due to recent adjustments made by the emirate. A 48-hour transit visa is still free of charge, but a 96-hour transit visa now costs AED 218.78.

Additionally, the cost of an express transit visa for 96 hours has gone up to AED 307.22. No federal, local, or private entity may impose any fees or additional costs.

Each traveller leaving the UAE is required to pay a departure fee of AED 30.

Golden Visa Cost for Dubai

The price of the golden visa for those submitting applications from the UAE ranges from AED 2,800 to AED 3,800. The fee for those who apply from outside of the nation ranges from AED 3,800 to AED 4,800.

The applicant must also pay the increased AED 150 fee to apply for the 10-year golden visa, which was previously AED 50.

The authority’s fees, electronic services fees, and smart services fees are all included in this cost.

As well as paying a processing fee for an Emirates ID and approximately AED 1,000 for a medical exam, applicants must also purchase UAE health insurance, which has a starting price of AED 800.

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UAE Visa and Emirates ID Costs Increase: Why?

Prices for UAE visas and Emirates IDs have increased by AED 100. Pre-COVID measures have been reinstated, so if you desire to extend your trip, depart the country and return on a new visa.

There are a few reasons for increasing visa costs that are comparable to visa fees for other well-known locations.

The type of visa, the length of stay, and the applicant’s nationality are some of the variables that affect the cost of a Dubai visa.

Dubai visa costs are, however, typically regarded as reasonable and not overly pricey compared to other locations.

Keep in mind that there might be additional fees involved with applying for a visa, like processing costs or service fees. Depending on the organization used for visa processing, these costs may change largely.

It’s always best to confirm the most recent visa requirements and costs for your particular situation with the pertinent embassy by a trustworthy visa agency.

Even though Dubai visa fees can vary, they are typically not thought to be excessively high when compared to other locations.


The cost of an Emirates ID which was previously AED 270 increases to AED 370. The new rule requires travellers to leave the country and come back if they want to stay longer.

Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council are not covered by this anyway.

We hope that our complete guide to UAE visa costs requirements, and the price change affecting ICP services will help you to get all necessary enquiries about Dubai visa. Click here right now to get more information!


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