Can You Hear the Adhan in Dubai?

Adhan (Arabic: أَذَان) is also transliterated as azan in Asia, adhan in French, and ezan in Turkish, and is known by different names in other nations with a similar meaning everywhere. It is the Islamic call to public prayer.

The Adhan is recited in a mosque by a muezzin at a set time. The call is heard five times per day from the mosque, and it is typically read aloud by the minaret. You can also hear it on the festivals and religious holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

There are many mosques in Dubai. No matter where you want to stay, you can find one or more mosques almost anywhere in Dubai and they are all spread out throughout the city, even in the newer parts.

So, you can hear the Adhan five times per day in Dubai that calls telling Muslims to go to the masjid and perform the salah. The malls in Dubai feature separate prayer rooms for men and women.

Dubai’s Official Religion is Islam

There are many different religions present simultaneously in the UAE. The predominant religion in the nation is Islam. Roughly 78% of the population in the United Arab Emirates professes Islam.

Over 90% of Emiratis practice Sunni Islam, which is recognized as the official religion of the country by the constitution. Shia Muslims make up the remaining 5–10% and are mainly found in Dubai and Sharjah.

Islam was first practised in the Middle East with the founding of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and distributed when Prophet Mohammed SAW arrived in the UAE in 630 A.D.

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The majority of Muslims come from Oman, and the UAE’s religious practices also exhibit traces of Sufi culture. Personal matters, such as marriage, divorce, etc., are governed by sharia law.

The UAE government makes an effort to preserve the local heritage by enthusiastically celebrating events like the Qasr Al Hosn Festival, the Sheikh Zayed Historic Festival, and the Sultan bin Zayed Legacy Festival.

The Adhan: Heard in Dubai?

If you’re a visitor to Dubai from a non-Muslim backstory, in specific, you might be interested to learn about Muslim daily prayers in Dubai. What time do they occur? How do you realize it is prayer time?

Five times a day Salat obligated Muslims to fulfil the Five Pillars of Islam. You will undoubtedly see Islam all through your visit to Dubai, whether for prayer facilities in the mall, a spear on the ceiling of your hotel room or even in the form of the prayer call, Adhan!

Why Do Muslims Recite the Azans?

There’s a disagreement among Sunnis and Shias over the Azan’s very inception. The Azan, a call to prayer made by a human voice, according to Sunni, is what distinguishes Islam from other religions.

However, Shia experts reject the claims made by Sunnis. They imply that the Azan was blessed by God because He instructed the Prophet to share the words, and delivery style of the Azan with his associates.

The meaning of the word Adhan, which means “proclamation and declaration,” makes clear what it is intended to accomplish. The practice of such summons has long been integral to Islam.

It is a call for Muslims to assemble at the mosques where everyone prays five times a day, rich and poor, knowledgeable and illiterate. The adhan is the call made to signal the start of a specific required Salah, a ritual prayer.

Times for Prayer (Salah) in Dubai

The Muezzin, who usually uses loudspeakers in a masjid to recite Adhan, announces the daily prayers. From most locations in the city, you will probably receive a call to prayer five times each day.

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To signal that prayer will shortly begin, the iqamah or internal prayer request is conducted twenty minutes after Adhan. Friday’s Jumu’ah prayers are denominational.

Salat (or prayers) Approximate timing

Fajr (فجر)

Just before dawn and sunrise (5:27 am-6:00 am)
Dhuhr (ظہر) In between the sun’s waning and Asr (12:33 pm-3:51 pm)
Asr (عصر) From the end of Dhuhr until dusk (4:00 pm-5:45 pm)
Maghrib (مغرب) From shortly after sunset until the end of twilight (6:19 pm-6:40 pm)
Isha (عشاء) Until midnight, following the disappearance of the twilight (7:49 pm-1:00 am)


The direction of the Kaaba, the revered masjid in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the “Qibla,” and every one of these prayers is said while facing that direction. Muslims must purify themselves by washing before prayer, a practice known as wudu.

Dubai Has Numerous Mosques

In Dubai, there are many mosques; the most recent estimate put the number at up to 2200. Dubai serves as the center for a wide variety of houses of prayer that feature magnificent architecture worth exploring while on vacation.

High-rise structures, immense malls, the Dubai Desert Safari, and opulent hotels are a few of the initial images that emerge to mind when you think of Dubai city.

Even though it is regarded as one of the most advanced cities in the world, it is firmly ingrained in its heritage and customs. The Arabs of Dubai and the whole UAE have maintained their traditions, down to their beliefs, clothing, and way of life.

As a result, despite being the tallest structure or having the most luxurious accommodations, the area’s lovely mosques continue to be very popular. Some of the best masjids found in Dubai are given below.

  • Grand Mosque and Jumeirah Mosque
  • Al Noor Mosque
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque
  • Al Warqa’a Mosque

So, yes! You Will Hear the Adhan in Dubai

By Adhan, believers are called to the faith, which also denotes their coming back to the Creator and home throughout Paradise. As Islam is the major religion in Dubai, it is a place of so many mosques.

So, no matter where you reside in Dubai as a visitor or resident, there is a high probability of having a mosque or multiple nearby. The adhan is voiced and it is very common in mosques five times each day.

You’ll notice that all chanting, drum beats, and cheering halts when the Adhan is heard and it’s time to pray. Even after the adhan is complete, it usually takes us 5-10 minutes to get back to praying.

Adhan CDs and tapes are available at Maktabah Islamiyah, an Abu Dhabi-based retailer of Islamic tapes and libraries. You can find such CDs in many places in Dubai and other cities in UAE.


Visitors can tour the Mosques in Dubai. Although they don’t offer organized tours, if you are properly attired, you are welcome to visit the masjid as a visitor or as a member of a party on a guided tour.

The most well-known mosque in the UAE, however, is located in its neighboring capital, Abu Dhabi. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is accessible as part of a day trip from Dubai.

Muslims are not allowed to sing, listen to music, or perhaps even make any noise when they hear the adhan. It indicates a generous soul to always show respect for the adhan by remaining quiet and calm until it is over.

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