Best Arts And Crafts Classes In Dubai

Both young people and adults can benefit greatly from participating in creative arts activities. It’s an excellent way to keep your mind active while allowing your artistic juices to flow freely.

Numerous arts and crafts courses and workshops are available to you because of the variety of physical, mental, and psychological benefits of participating in such pursuits.

Art enthusiasts and parents who wish their children to participate in creative pursuits will find various art classes available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Crafts and other creative pursuits are important for kids’ growth and development.

Enrolling your children in art and crafts classes are a great way to help them develop a wide range of skills, including “fine motor skills” that will assist them in writing, visual learning, patience, self-confidence, understanding colors, numbers, and shapes, and expressing their unique creativity.

Classes in the visual arts are open to anybody over 18, not just seasoned artists who want to hone their craft but also those who wish to learn a new talent, pick up a new hobby, or satisfy a dormant creative need.

Adults’ brains need mental stimulation from creative pursuits to stay healthy.  There are a lot of advantages to learning a new art form. Abu Dhabi is the most common place to get art and craft courses for people of all ages.

Best Arts And Crafts Classes In Dubai

1. Ame Artistic Studio

The painting programs at Ame Artistic Studio are flourishing, and the studio is one of Dubai’s most picturesque locations.

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The shop, which sells everything from fresh flowers to perfume, can be found on the appropriately creative Alserkal Avenue.

The studio combines these interests in specialized art programs taught by respected local artists.

Recent courses have covered topics like Japanese flower arranging, fluid art on canvas, and pressed floral monograms. Baby showers, bridal tea parties, and birthday celebrations can all be held there for a more refined celebration.

2. Gulf Photo Plus

The photography & editing course is accessible to everybody, regardless of whether they own a high-end digital camera.

Visit Gulf Photo Plus on Alserkal Avenue to have your vacation pictures professionally edited.

Classes at the studio are highly regarded as some of the best in Dubai, with topics like food photography, studio lighting, Adobe Photoshop, and the fundamentals of analog photography all on the table. In addition, there are summer programs dedicated to teaching kids how to use a camera in preparation for a final photo shoot.

3. The JamJar

Located on Al Serkal Boulevard in Dubai, The JamJar is a creative hub for local and international artists. Drawing, painting, and other media classes are available for students of all ages and skill levels.

Adults can participate in unique painting courses that combine painting with therapeutic meditation or promote emotional healing via art. Creative expression and the shedding of inhibitions are two benefits of therapeutic art.

Art classes are just one aspect of what The Jamjar has to offer. Bringing the kids here is a great way for parents to bond with them.

They encourage parents to participate in their children’s painting sessions, which fosters a unique opportunity to bond with their children via shared artistic expression.

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In addition, we encourage you to bring your kids’ parties to the JamJar. They will host your child’s birthday party in the studio with paints, easels, and art supplies. Moreover, they are prepared to provide tasty meals for your party’s catering needs.

4. Threadwerck

The Jumeirah Lake Towers neighborhood of Dubai is home to Threadwerck, a sewing studio. Everyone, no matter their age, may have a good time in their sewing sessions here.

It has classes for kids, such as its Kids Sewing Bees course, and classes for novices and professionals, such as a dressmaking class. Typically, each course will include between three and four meetings.

Threadwerk also offers a kids club where young patrons can learn the ropes of sewing alongside their parents.

At the kid’s club, your children can participate in sewing workshops to make useful items for themselves or as gifts for loved ones.

5. Sketch Art Café

At Sketch Art Café, you may indulge your inner obsessive doodler in peace. Located on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah, this café-meets-studio lets you unleash your inner child by drawing straight onto paper cups.

If you’re looking for a unique art experience in Dubai, this is one of the best options, whether you want to channel your inner David Shrigley or make your mug shot. The most noteworthy mugs will also be featured in an Instagrammable hall of fame.

6. The Palette Art

Get your money’s worth of Monet at The Palette Art in Al Barsha. The studio has a wide variety of art classes, some of the best in Dubai.

Acrylic, life drawing, oil, pen and ink, realistic drawing, and watercolor are just a few of the mediums covered in the painting classes alone.

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Abstract expressionism, Arabic calligraphy, clay sculpture, jewelry making, photography, and more are all covered in the specialized classes. Many of the courses are ongoing, and the timetable is updated weekly online.


Dubai’s art and craft classes provide an excellent way for students to exercise their imaginations and learn new techniques. All ages and ability levels are welcome; these courses offer a space for exploration, discovery, and self-expression.

Taking part in art and crafts lessons in Dubai is a great way to relax and unwind and has many positive effects on one’s health and well-being.

Arts and crafts lessons in Dubai offer a variety of benefits, from helping participants relax and unwind to enhancing their skills and promoting a sense of accomplishment.

Dubai is home to a strong arts and crafts scene where people can meet others who share their interests in the creative process. Anyone interested in developing their artistic side and learning new abilities will find this post an excellent resource.


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