Where to Buy Lab Coats in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city with countless markets and shopping centers. With so many options and so little time, travelers often get confused about where should they go first.

Not just travelers, it is common to find the locals struggling with their shopping options as well.

This confusion and lack of time are often doubled if you are a working professional like a Doctor or pharmaceutical staff working in the Emirates.

It is difficult to get the best deal on anything because you may not be aware of the good shops to buy something.

Thus, in this article, we have brought to you some good outlets from where you can buy your lab coats, which are an essential part of the uniform of any medical or pharmaceutical worker.

Let us first learn more about lab coats.

Lab Coats and Lab Jackets

Lab coats, generally white are usually knee-length coats that are associated with people working in the hospitals or pharmaceutical industries.

Each profession generally has its dress code, which helps us associate them and identify them with the clothes. Thus, a lab coat is often considered a uniform for the medical profession.

In many countries, they are also symbolically worn by different classes of students or other professionals as well.

It is also popular among the scientist communities as often these people wear white lab coats to depict that they are researchers or practicing scientists.

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They are in use for several decades now and continue to remain a common mark of identification for such people.

At many medical colleges or universities, it is common to find that many ceremonies are also being conducted surrounding the use of lab coats, to congratulate and celebrate the appointment of these professionals.

The lab coats are generally produced in bulk and are commonly made with cotton or linen. However, many coats made of polyester are also worn in huge numbers across the world.

The general rule prescribes that you must always go to a medical lab or a hospital wearing a white lab coat if you are in the profession.

Lab coats made of synthetic material like polyester are generally discouraged as they are easily prone to catch fire or get destroyed and also cause discomfort.

Which Type of Lab Coat is Best?

As mentioned above, it is common to find that lab coats can be made of any material. But, the general principle is that lab coats should be made with cotton or cotton blends.

Depending on the region or place you are working at, either could be a good option for you. If you work at an extremely cold place, wearing a cotton lab coat might not be easy.

In such a case, you should prefer blended coats.

However, if you work at a place where the temperature is average or it is humid and hot, you should prefer cotton coats.

Additionally, it is suggested that if your workplace is prone to chemical reactions, fire, and other hazards, wearing a pure cotton lab coat is ideal.

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Where to Buy Lab Coats in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a large city that has many good public and private hospitals. Thus, if you are in the medical profession working here you would be in the need of purchasing a good quality lab coat.

Additionally, if you are in some other profession that mandates wearing a white lab coat, you can look at the following outlets in Abu Dhabi:

24.7 Uniforms, located in Abu Dhabi are generally a preferred choice by many professionals. If not this, people usually go to Scrubs and Clogs for a one-stop destination to shop for medical uniforms or lab coats.

However, if you want to get your lab coat tailor-made, you can also get in touch with nearby tailors or good stitching companies who would prepare the coat for you based on your size and customization.

Is it Okay to Wear Lab Coats in Public?

As discussed earlier, lab coats are mostly a uniform or dress code for a profession. Largely it is associated with the medical profession and the field of scientific research.

It is because of this reason that it might not be a good idea to wear lab coats in public. Lab coats are often a host to several hazardous bacteria or viruses.

Thus, you should not only avoid wearing your lab coat in public but also ensure that you get it sanitized and cleaned separately from all your other clothes.

The risk of spreading infections is much higher if the coat was worn inside a hospital or the pharmaceutical industry, thus be cautious while dealing with it.

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Can You Wear a Lab Coat if You are Not a Doctor?

Lab coats are generally worn by doctors and people working in the pharmaceutical industry. However, it is common to find medical students wearing them as well.

Hence, it is not a necessity that you must be a Doctor to wear a lab coat. Several nursing staff, students, people working in food processing and manufacturing, or dentists are also regularly seen wearing lab coats.

However, you must not try to impersonate a Doctor by wearing a lab coat if you are not one.

Although most other industries or companies or nursing staff have their badges or names and designation printed on their coats to avoid any kind of confusion.

Further, the purpose for which doctors and these people wear lab coats are entirely different, so there should be no scope for confusion in any manner.


In conclusion, there are many options that you can find for purchasing lab coats in Abu Dhabi. Even if you want to go online shopping or buy it physically, you can find many retailers that sell good quality lab coats at a decent price.

You must remember to keep in mind the kind of material, color, and texture you are looking for according to the kind of work you do.

You can get your hands on a decent lab coat with minimal comparison and research.


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