Free Public Libraries in Abu Dhabi [Best Choices]

Libraries may be crucial in societal development, even in the modern digital age. Despite some shifts in their functions and methods, they remain fascinating cornerstones of the information delivery system.

The United Arab Emirates’ capital is home to several prestigious libraries. An environment of peace is ideal for mental development and learning. In this post, we will learn about the best free public libraries in Abu Dhabi.

Free Public Libraries In Abu Dhabi

1. Qasr Al Watan Library

The UAE Vision 2021, reflected in Qasr Al Watan Library, emphasizes investing in the knowledge-based economy to drive long-term growth and prosperity.

The library is a fantastic complement to the extensive public library system in Abu Dhabi, which gives access to information using cutting-edge methods and tools.

UAE citizens, permanent residents, and tourists can pay for the Qasr Al Watan Library a personal visit. All services are available to members only.

Some resources available at Qasr Al Watan Library are books, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, periodicals, multimedia, scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, documents, encyclopedias, book summaries & rare manuscripts, which also provide services in Arabic and English.

Inside, you’ll find modern study spaces with access to computers and other electronic resources that are easy to use and use for research.

Location: F864+XPX – Al Ras Al Akhdar – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

2. Khalifa Park Library

The extensive Khalifa Park Library stands out among Abu Dhabi’s many parks. Over 50,000 books, including both general and specialized collections, may be found at this Abu Dhabi public library.

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In addition, there is a special Children’s Library with tens of thousands of books to help develop young minds and creative spirits.

The library also houses a fascinating collection of rare books in its Rare Books Hall and books about the Middle East and the Gulf in the Emirates & Gulf Books Collection.

You can find scientific journals, scholarly anthologies, and other publications.

Khalifa Park Library also hosts a wide range of activities, such as book readings, art exhibits, storytelling sessions, and celebrations of UAE holidays.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, Khalifa Park

3. Al Marfa Library

One of the best public libraries in Abu Dhabi is AL MARFA LIBRARY. The latter is a relatively new institution that already provides scholars with many materials, including publications on local religion and politics.

Among the many resources available are Arabic and English newspapers and magazines, books for kids, and a specialized research collection.

Curiously, the Al Marfa Library’s special collection represents the oil and gas industry well.

The library was founded with Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations.

This Abu Dhabi city library is fantastic for people of all ages, but especially those with children. Kids of all ages will appreciate the movies, puppet shows, and other entertainment options in the Activity Room.

Location: Ghweifat International Highway, New Al Marfa

4. Mazyad Mall Library

The Mazyad Mall Library is another fantastic Abu Dhabi public library worth your time.

There are almost 30,000 books in the library, which was opened in 2012. Over 2,000 of these are geared specifically toward children.

The library also offers free Wi-Fi, internet-accessible computers, book lending services, coordinated school visits, and community outreach programs for local clubs and organizations.

Numerous large elementary schools serving students aged 6 to 12 prompted the construction of a specialized children’s area.

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A computerized “self-check-out” system allows library users to borrow books without interacting with a librarian.

Even if you don’t have an Emirates ID, you can still use the library as a guest. A free account can be created at this library immediately.

Location: Mazyad Mall

5. Zayed Central Library

Next on our tour of the most popular public libraries in Abu Dhabi is the Zayed Central Library in Al Ain.

With over 130,000 Arabic and English books, this is the largest public library in Al Ain. Located near the family-friendly Sulaimi Gardens, you won’t have to go far to find a good book.

You can find books on each topic imaginable at the Zayed Central Library. There is a selection of periodicals & scholarly journals to choose from.

There are books on every imaginable topic, from the most common to the most obscure, alongside textbooks and academic journals.

Books meant for younger readers are also available.

The massive structure houses a theater, reading rooms, and a bookstore, among other amenities. Keep an eye out, as this is a common location for art shows and author signings.

Location: Mohammed Bin Khalifa St, Near Sulaimi Garden – Abu Dhabi

6. Abu Dhabi Children’s Library

Most Abu Dhabi libraries also have special programming and areas for kids.

If you’re looking for something as exciting for your children as the Batman theme park at Warner Bros, consider taking them to the Abu Dhabi Children’s Library.

The Al Hosn library spans three stories and 5,250 square meters within the Cultural Foundation on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street.

In addition to books, the library also provides exciting activities and spaces designed to pique children’s interest in reading and foster a lifelong love of learning.

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The library offers paid workshops where children can participate in activities like Watercolor painting, laser cutting, creating, painting on canvas and brushes, painting on glass, coloring, drawing, and sketching and coloring. These skills fall into this category.

Location: F9M4+3WR – Rashid Bin Saeed Street with – Zayed the First Street – Abu Dhabi


Overall we have covered some of the best public libraries in Abu Dhabi. Many libraries in Abu Dhabi are geared toward both adults and kids.

If you wish your children to read over the summer but are trying to be frugal, having them borrow books from the library every week is a great option.

The libraries in Abu Dhabi have implemented cutting-edge technologies to enhance the patron experience and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge.

Public libraries in Abu Dhabi play a crucial role as community gathering places, encouraging dialogue and opening doors to ongoing education and development.

Libraries in Abu Dhabi contribute to developing an educated and culturally diverse society by making a wide variety of scholarly works and other educational resources available to the general public without charge.

We hope you must have acknowledged the best free public libraries in Abu Dhabi.


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