How Much Does a Food Truck Cost in Dubai?

We all love eating, some more than others but everyone somewhere loves tasting their favorite meal every other day.

This is why the business of the food industry is increasing manifold each year. Additionally, with many new concepts, fusion recipes, and restaurant ideas, people have countless options.

One such idea and recent concept is the food truck business. We see in the major cities around us that at every other corner of the road, there is a new food truck open.

These trucks have different menus, are designed differently, and serve different categories of customers.

One of the global cities, where the opportunity for a food truck is still lucrative, is Dubai. In this article, we would address the question of what it takes to start a food truck in Dubai.

We would also discuss the cost one can expect for the same.

Food Truck Business

The era of start-ups and entrepreneurs is here. Despite rising inflation and the cost of fixed assets, many physical start-ups are becoming successful as well.

Although the idea of a virtual kitchen or cloud kitchen has taken up a massive boom in recent years, it nevertheless has not taken away the desire to have the experience of going out and eating for most people.

Among these, the food truck business is becoming popular. Probably because of its low-cost investment at the beginning and also a much lower operational cost.

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However, if one was to rather start an actual restaurant, the number of compliances and costs required would be significantly larger, thus, a food truck business seems ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start small.

A food truck business also enhances the customer experience because in most cases the food is being prepared right in front of them and they get to interact with the chef and the owner.

This helps in building a good customer relationship and in retaining them, as they purchase experiences and not just the food items on the menu.

Thus, a food truck business is indeed an ideal low-cost start-up these days.

How Much Does A Food Truck Cost In Dubai?

Dubai has indeed shaped itself as a cosmopolitan city and has seen growth in the customer sector from all over the world.
This is why the food business here is an extremely popular choice among several migrants and locals. People love that they can try the food of any country or region in Dubai.

To start a food truck business, you need to first fulfill some compliances like receiving a hazard and safety certificate and the permits from Road and Transport Authority for parking your Truck in the public.

Further, you must follow the food code in UAE and not include any item in your menu that may be disputable.

Although the cost of a food truck in Dubai might depend on the size and the dealer you are buying it from, on average, it can cost you anywhere between 12,000 to 30,000 AED.

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Adding on the cost of setting up, hiring staff, and fulfilling the regulations, you may have to pay much more than that.

Will Your Food Truck Business Be Profitable In Dubai?

As discussed above, starting a food truck business is better than starting a restaurant and is also better for building a good customer base through experiences.

Your food truck business can certainly be successful in Dubai, but you may have to do a few things right to increase your chances.

You must ensure that you can get a location that is suitable and accessible for locals and tourists, and which is allowed as per your permit.

Another thing that you can do is to hire a local company or service agent. They would not only familiarise you with the local laws and regulations but also represent you to obtain licenses and permits.

With these things and by ensuring a well-designed menu and quality food, you can surely start earning profits in a few months or years.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Food Truck Business

So, we learned about the food truck business and the cost breakdown of having a food truck in Dubai. Now, let us focus on the factors which you need to keep in mind regarding it.

Firstly, it is crucial to understand that you must utilize the opportunity to offer good service to the customer.

Although the cost that you have to pay is much lesser than a restaurant, you should not compromise on safety and hygiene in the truck.

Additionally, it is advisable that you keep the food truck business menu specific and do not try to include a lot of varied items. Additionally, you can customize and create your menu!

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Whatever it is, you must first ensure all the compliances and regulations so that you do not have to face any legal action after you start the food truck business.

Another piece of advice from some experts that most food truck businesses follow is to buy a second-hand truck rather than renting one.

This is probably because you do not need a truck to drive, but just to design and customize, which can be done at a much lower cost in a second-hand truck as well.

Lastly, you must be sure to utilize the power of the internet and social media. These days many start-ups have gained a lot of audience and customers just with the help of social media.

So, capitalize on digital marketing and spread the word around so that your food truck can make a name for itself.


Thus, in this article, we learned about what it takes to run a food truck business in Dubai and what you need to do for the same.

We saw some of the compliances it is required to start a food truck business and the cost it takes to invest in one and set it up.

Although, we strongly suggest that you take the help of a local agent to help you with the local laws and to ensure that you can find a place where your business can get profitable.


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