Where Can I Buy Distilled Water In Dubai?

Dubai is a bustling city with various stores and markets, so finding distilled water can initially seem overwhelming.

However, the good news is that distilled water is readily available in many locations across the city.

Whether you need distilled water for medical purposes or just for your household appliances, there are many options for purchasing it.

Distilled water is purified water that has gone through a distillation process to remove impurities and minerals.

It’s commonly used in laboratories, medical facilities, and household appliances like irons and humidifiers.

Important Places To Buy Distilled Water In Dubai

  • Distilled water supplier Dubai
  • LuLu Xpress – Jumeirah
  • Carrefour Hypermarket
  • Spinneys
  • ZOOM
  • LuLu Express, Al Raffa – Dubai
  • Thomsun SuperMarket Karama
  • New Safestway Supermarket
  • Lifco Supermarket Barsha
  • Al Maya Supermarket – Mankhool

Applications Of Distilled Water


Drinking distilled water is the most evident application due to its purity, facilitating optimal bodily functions.

If tap water is contaminated with hazardous chemicals and pesticides, using distilled water as an alternative can be a safer and superior choice.

For Cosmetic Use

Water is a common ingredient in many cosmetic products, serving as a solvent to transfer the benefits of other ingredients to the skin and hair.

In lotions and creams, water is used to create emulsions, which facilitate easy application.

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For this purpose, using microbe, toxin, and pollutant-free water is crucial, making distilled water the optimal choice.

Its purity ensures that no harmful bacteria or contaminants are present in the product.

Experiments In Laboratory

Due to the absence of minerals and contaminants that may interfere with results, distilled water is widely used in laboratories.

Its purity makes it non-reactive with other chemicals, allowing for precise experimentation and accurate results.

Automotive Cooling Systems And Lead-Acid Batteries

The absence of minerals in distilled water makes it ideal for use in lead-acid batteries, automotive cooling systems, and other devices susceptible to damage from mineral build-up.

During operation, a car’s cooling system works diligently to regulate its temperature.

However, the presence of minerals in the water can lead to corrosion and build-up in the system, potentially causing overheating issues.

Medical Uses

Pure distilled water has several applications in the medical field. It is commonly used to sterilize medical instruments since it leaves no residue or deposits.

Surgeons use it to sterilize the area of operation, preventing cross-contamination and infections.

Distilled water is also utilized to clean wounds, as its purity minimizes the risk of new infections.

Additionally, dentists rely on it to rinse the mouth and wash away bacteria, especially after tooth extractions.

Canned Food Industry

Distilled water is employed in the canning process to maintain the vibrant colour of fruits and vegetables.

Hard tap water can cause cloudiness in canned goods, making distilled water the superior alternative.

Furthermore, distilled water guarantees that the flavour of the food remains unchanged since it lacks the salts that may alter the taste.

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In Fish Aquariums

Aquarium fish can be adversely affected by the minerals and chemicals present in tap water.

For this reason, distilled water is the optimal choice, free from chlorine and other minerals that may harm the aquatic environment.

Additionally, the absence of bacteria in distilled water ensures the fish remain healthy.

Used In Humidifiers

Humidifiers are popular home devices that alleviate dry skin, benefit plants and wooden fixtures, and aid individuals with snoring, allergies, and sinus issues.

To ensure optimal functionality and extend the device’s lifespan, humidifiers utilize distilled water instead of tap water.

This is due to the high concentration of minerals and other particles in tap water, which can negatively impact the device’s performance.

Is Bottled Water Distilled?

Distilled water is produced by boiling water, capturing the steam, and then condensing it into liquid form.

During this process, all minerals, impurities, and contaminants are left behind, resulting in water that is free of any foreign substances.

On the other hand, bottled water is often advertised as containing essential minerals that benefit the human body.

Bottled water companies often add chlorine to their water to kill any microbes that may have entered the bottle.

Distilled water is the purest form, with a neutral pH of 7. However, because it contains no minerals, it attracts minerals from its holding container.

Common bottled water typically has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5, making it slightly acidic or alkaline. This is due to minerals and other substances in the water.

The pH of distilled water is neutral, making it unique compared to other types of water. While bottled water may contain beneficial minerals, it is not as pure as distilled water.

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Distilled water is the purest form of water available, free of all impurities and contaminants, and ideal for a wide range of applications that require pure water.

Is It Possible To Purchase Distilled Water From A Supermarket?

Consumers can easily purchase distilled water from various sources, including pharmacies, major supermarkets, and online retailers.

For those who require a small amount of distilled water, purchasing it from these sources is often the most convenient and cost-effective option.

What Is Distilled Water UAE?

Distilled water is produced by boiling water into vapour and condensing it into a separate container.

Any impurities in the original water that do not have a boiling point close to or below that of water are left behind in the original container.

As a result, distilled water is classified as a type of purified water.

Is It Possible To Produce Distilled Water At Home?

Distilling water is a straightforward process that involves heating tap water until it turns into vapour and then condensing the vapour back into a liquid form.

This process eliminates any minerals, impurities, or other contaminants in the original water source, leaving behind pure distilled water.

To make distilled water at home, you will need a distiller, which can be purchased from most home goods stores or online retailers.

Final Thoughts

Distilled water is commonly available in supermarkets, pharmacies, and online stores in Dubai. It is a good idea to check with your local stores or search online for availability and pricing.

If you only need a small quantity, buying distilled water from a local supermarket or pharmacy may be a more convenient and cost-effective.


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