Mango Ice Cream in Abu Dhabi [Best Places to Buy]

Whereas mango ice cream originated in Trinidad and Tobago, it has now reached every corner of the world, including Abu Dhabi.

Therefore, if it is your favorite dessert, you can also grab it while in this city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It might be hard t know where to find one, especially if you are new in this place. You also want to ensure you get the best mango ice cream in Abu Dhabi.

Fortunately, this article got your back. It helps you locate a great joint to grab the best mango ice cream. Check it out!

Places to Buy the Best Ice Cream in Abu Dhabi

If you want the best mango ice cream in Abu Dhabi, here are your options;

Dot’s Café

Its mango ice cream is the best thing you can take during hot summer days. Besides suiting this season perfectly, its flavor is also natural and delicious.

The café also serves other drinks, including coffee. Its atmosphere is ideal for chilling since it makes you calm and relaxed.

You don’t have to worry about your car as you enjoy the dessert. It is ample to accommodate many vehicles at a go, and its security is impressive.

Expect excellent customer service from every member of its staff. The personnel thrives on making you as happy as possible, and they are doing a great job.

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Despite great desserts, beverages, and customer support, the café is affordable. Everything has a reasonable price, thus great value for your money.

Le patchouli

It is a joint known for selling great ice cream; the mango-flavored one is no exception. It is usually cold, thus refreshing during hot summers.

Some of its branches allow you to dine in, whereas others offer doorstep delivery. For other branches, you get to order yours without leaving your car.

Besides various flavors, there are various types of mango ice creams. The major ones are the baby mango ice cream, mango joy, mangolicious, and mango soft ice cream.

Despite having a common ingredient, their tastes are distinct. So, don’t assume you have taken the rest of them upon tasting one.

Don’t expect any of them unless it is summer. That’s understandable since mangoes are seasonal fruits, and it is always suitable to use them while still fresh.

You will also fall in love with its customer support. The same applies to the presentation, quantity, and quality of the ice cream you taste here.

SALT Mango Island

This place understands that monotony can easily kill the fun. That’s why it serves various flavors of mango ice cream.

One of these flavors is a blend of coconut and mango. Other varieties include plain mango and mango lotus.

Besides enjoying this dessert, you can also engage in various activities. It also offers different mango-flavored edibles.

SALT has done a commendable job in ensuring its customers enjoy high-quality products. The staff accommodates customers from all walks of life and ensures no one leaves that place dissatisfied.

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Its innovativeness and unpredictability leave mango ice cream lovers looking forward to grabbing the next dessert. No wonder it is one of the places you can get the best mango ice cream in Abu Dhabi.

AD Café

Consider grabbing your mango ice cream at AD café when visiting Abu Dhabi. However, it is important to note that that’s not even what makes the café popular.

On the contrary, most people visit the place for its coffee beans. They are unique and weighted, thus giving coffee lovers a taste of a lifetime.

During summer, they also add mango ice cream to their menu. It ensures you enjoy this delicious fruit while in season and fresh.

Expect mango varieties, including mango chia, mango ice cream float, mango & vanilla ice cream, and plain mango ice cream. Since you can’t dine in, the staff will bring your order to your car.

Out of the varieties, the mango ice cream float tops the list. That’s because of its ingredients, including small mango pieces, a special sauce, and layers of biscuits.

It is easy to spot the café, and you can tell there is mango ice cream at a glance. That’s thanks to the big mango ice cream picture in front of it.

Upon entering the café, you will also notice the staff members wearing mango t-shirts. Their cups also have a mango which speaks volumes about the main business at AD café.

They have long business hours to accommodate various people with different schedules. Besides great taste, the ice creams are also affordable.

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Other Mango Desserts to Taste in Abu Dhabi

Besides mango ice cream, you should also consider similar desserts in this Emirate.

Caprisun Softie

This dessert is where a softie and a seasoned fruit meet. The fruit also happens to be a mango; if that’s one of your favorites, grab it to enjoy its juiciness.

It is also affordable since you can get one at the cost of AED 20 only.

Mango Kunafa

If you visit Abu Dhabi during summer, this is a dessert you must try. The Kunafa’s toppings include mint and fresh mango.

Besides taste, the beauty is also indisputable. As for the cost, it is also as low as AED 49.

Mango Dessert Platter

If you need a big dessert, look no further. It is an ideal option, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Don’t let the size make you assume you must break the bank to afford it. It only costs AED 30.

Why Should You Consider a Mango Ice Cream?

That’s because the mango ingredient has several benefits. They include the following;

  • Natural sugar that your body absorbs slowly, thus avoiding high levels of sugar and their side effects
  • It has antioxidants ideal for tackling free radicals known for destroying body cells
  • Another component is vitamin A, known for boosting immunity while improving vision
  • Vitamin C also boosts immunity and improves your body’s absorption of iron. It also activates collagen ideal for boosting the growth of your muscles, hair, skin, and bones
  • Its high fiber content ensures that you feel full for a long hence suitable for weight management. It also prevents constipation.


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