Best Chocolate Shops In Abu Dhabi

In many cultures, including the Arab world, offering guests chocolate as a token of appreciation is customary on significant occasions.

You may find various wedding catering services in Abu Dhabi, each offering something special and original to complement any event’s aesthetic.

This is why the Middle East is home to some of the finest chocolate stores in the world.

All of the chocolates sold at these shops are of the highest quality and arranged in the most exquisite and original ways.

You can order personalized chocolate wedding favors and presents for your guests in Abu Dhabi. In this post, we will acknowledge the best chocolate shops in Abu Dhabi.

Best Chocolate Shops In Abu Dhabi

1. Chaclet

Chaclet is among the finest UAE-based online chocolate retailers with a grade of A. Chaclet is a well-liked and modest online chocolate shop with options for anyone on your list, from yourself to a close friend or relative.

When you open one of their boxes, you immediately get the impression that you’re getting high-quality chocolate ready to eat immediately.

Coffee, chocolate cakes, tiramisu, chocolate towers, chocolate flowers, and chocolate giveaways are just the beginning of the chocolate-related services offered by Chaclet, perfect for any occasion.

Creating safe food is a top priority for Chaclet.

Hence the company takes great care when making its products. The chocolate box arrived in good shape, and the ordering process was simple and reminiscent of Talabat.

The Chaclet buying website will lead you to a page where you may select the items you wish to purchase, after which you will be prompted to input your contact details and pinpoint your exact location on a map before your order is processed.

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You can pay with a debit or credit card on the internet. Your order can be picked up from any of the four Snackat locations in Abu Dhabi.

2. Heavenly Bakery

Heavenly Bakery is another reputable online chocolatier selling delicious rocky roads, wafer sticks, & chocolate cubes at reasonable prices.

The one-of-a-kind selling point of this virtual chocolate shop is that a portion of the earnings from each box of Blue Rocky Road goes toward helping people with cancer.

The combination of enjoyable activities and meaningful service is hard to beat. The sweet, delicious taste of chocolate makes it impossible to resist eating just one.

Heavenly Bakery offers many rocky road flavors, including lotus, crunchy, pistachio, cookies and cream, unicorn, and more.

Wafer sticks come in two flavors, rose and pistachio. Heavenly Bakery also has custom chocolate cube boxes available. The boxes are both presentable as gifts and convenient to eat straight from as they come with everything needed to enjoy them.

The Flavorful Chocolate in Abu Dhabi Will Chill Your Senses to the Bone. Parchment paper covered the chocolates so they wouldn’t melt and ruin the presentation.

The boxes were designed with soothing gradient hues and a sweet message saying, “Eat your heart out.”

3. Läderach

Läderach, a famous Swiss chocolate shop with exquisite, high-quality chocolate, is popular in the United Arab Emirates. The Carrés box is, for many reasons, one of my most treasured purchases from Laderach.

One is that storing items in a box is simple and up-to-date. It’s also made to be served at parties and other special occasions.

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The box itself would be a thoughtful and appreciated present. The bright packaging and tempting flavors are sure to attract customers.

The variety of flavors also works well for persons with varying preferences. The price is reasonable considering the quantity and high quality on offer.

Almond, framboise, cacao, stracciatella, or noisette are the five unique tastes featured in the box. They all have tasty, crunchy toppings like hazelnuts, chocolate, and raspberries.

The company also ships globally so that you can place an order from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and have it sent to you.

With these options, you can present to any audience at any time. As a result, you will feel like you are in the company of your dearest friends and family members.

4. Bateel

Famous for its decadent chocolate dates and chocolate-dipped dates, Bateel offers a wide selection of date chocolate, date dips in various flavors, and chocolate-dipped dates, all of which may be packaged in a custom gift box with an attractive design and a ribbon of your choosing.

The Bateel chocolate date shake and the Arabica coffee with gourmet chocolate dates on top are two of the most well-liked products on the cafe’s menu. Still, the restaurant also serves a variety of delicious hot and cold food options.

The Bateel Chocolate Date Pudding is just one of the unique desserts that have made the cafe famous. Bateel offers its quality dates premium chocolate-filled dates and chocolate date dips for sale online around the clock.

The Date Room Abu Dhabi’s The Date Room, an Emirati date chocolatier established in 2013, sources its dates from local farmers and artisans, who manufacture delectable treats that meet the highest gourmet standards.

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The Date Room is renowned for its assortment of Swiss chocolate dates, but it also sells authentic Emirati dates. On the other hand, they also sell a variety of dates with nuts, date chocolate cakes, date biscuits, or Maamoul, chocolate date cookies, and more.

Customers can use the store’s present gathering services since the store stocks gift sets appropriate for various events.


The lavish chocolate stores in Abu Dhabi symbolize the city’s lavish lifestyle. Every kind of chocolate fan can find their perfect indulgence in Abu Dhabi, from the velvety smoothness of hot chocolate to the rich, creamy textures of truffles.

Whether seeking a special treat for yourself or a thoughtful present, Abu Dhabi’s finest chocolate stores have something to fulfill your cravings. In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi visit the city’s chocolate stores.


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