Can Tourists Wear Kandura In Dubai?

Dubai is renowned as one of the most fashionable cities globally. Walking around the city feels like being on a runway, with many couture clothing and designer accessories readily available.

Many tourists who travel to Dubai make shopping a top priority, whether buying fast fashion or unique handcrafted jewellery.

Despite the city’s modern fashion sense, the traditional clothing of Dubai is still widely worn by the locals.

These clothes hold historical significance and offer a deep understanding of the region’s cultural heritage.

The kandura is a traditional dress characterized by its long sleeves and ankle-length cut, resembling a loose robe or shirt.

Typically, the dress is white to protect from the sun, but it can also be found in beige, yellow, lavender, and blue, particularly during the winter.

The kandura design may vary across different countries in the Gulf, with the UAE version featuring no collar and often decorated with embroidery on the sleeves attire of the UAE.

Misconceptions About Fashion in Dubai

Mandatory Requirement To Wear A Burqa

Tourists are not required to wear the traditional attire of abaya for women or Kandura for men.

Although modesty in dressing is appreciated in Dubai, it is also a culturally diverse city with over 15 million tourists annually, bringing in a range of styles and fashion trends.

The Emiratis are generally progressive and tolerant, but it is important to avoid offending others.

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Head Covering Is A Compulsory Requirement

Head covering with a scarf is only necessary when visiting traditional or religious buildings.

In some areas of Dubai, such as Old Dubai or the souks, local markets in Deira, it is considered respectful to cover the shoulders when dressing.

However, these places do not require covering the head with a scarf unless visiting a traditional or religious building.

Prohibited From Wearing Clothing With Revealing Straps Or A Bareback

It is acceptable to wear strappy or backless outfits in upscale restaurants, cafes, bars, or clubs that do not have a specific dress code.

However, it is advisable to cover up when travelling to and from these establishments to respect local customs and norms.

Dressing modestly in Dubai and being mindful of cultural norms and expectations regarding clothing is recommended.

Is It Acceptable For Tourists To Wear A Kandura?

Embracing and experiencing local cultures is highly appreciated in Dubai, and foreigners wearing traditional garments such as the Kandura are welcomed with open arms.

This shows respect for the country’s traditions and is viewed as a positive expression of interest in the local culture.

Visitors to Dubai are highly encouraged to try on the traditional clothing of Dubai, as this is a way to immerse themselves in the country’s rich history and customs.

Doing so allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and tradition of the region and to experience a unique aspect of the local way of life.

Whether a Kandura for men or an Abaya for women, wearing traditional clothing provides a unique perspective into Dubai’s history, heritage and customs.

Visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for the local culture by trying on these traditional garments and creating a more meaningful and memorable travel experience.

Are There Restrictions On What Tourists Can Wear In Dubai?

Visitors to Dubai are free to wear whatever they choose, as long as it adheres to the standard dress code, which requires covering the shoulders and knees.

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When visiting Dubai, it is crucial to be mindful of the hot weather and dress appropriately to ensure comfort.

Breathable and lightweight materials like cotton or linen are ideal for the climate, as they allow air to circulate and keep the body cool.

Wearing clothes made from heavy or non-breathable fabrics may lead to discomfort and overheating, especially during the hotter months.

By wearing breathable clothes, tourists can enjoy their trip without worrying about the heat affecting their experience.

Is Wearing Sleeveless Attire Allowed For Tourists In Dubai?

As a tourist in Dubai, you can wear short-sleeved or sleeveless attire. However, it is advisable to dress modestly and avoid revealing clothing in certain areas.

This can help you blend in with the local culture and avoid cultural misunderstandings or missteps.

Adhering to the local customs and traditions of a place you visit can make your experience more enjoyable and respectful.

Taking the time to understand what is considered appropriate attire and behaviour can help you avoid cultural misunderstandings and make your visit positive.

By showing consideration for the local culture, you demonstrate respect for the community and create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and appreciation.

What Is The Level Of Adherence To The Dress Code In Dubai?

The dress code in Dubai, being a part of the United Arab Emirates, is guided by the Sha’aria law that requires tourists and residents alike to dress modestly.

Despite the hot climate, visitors are expected to adhere to the modest dress code.

Dubai has a dress code that follows the traditional and cultural norms of the United Arab Emirates, which is a Muslim country and follows Sharia law.

Visitors are expected to dress modestly to show respect for the local culture. While the dress code is strict, tourists are not in danger of being imprisoned for not dressing appropriately.

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It is always a good idea for tourists to educate themselves on the dress code before their trip to ensure that they have a culturally conscious and respectful experience while visiting Dubai.

Is It Allowed To Wear Shorts In Restaurants In Dubai?

It is best to dress appropriately and wear pants when dining in Dubai, especially for dinner.

This aligns with the overall dress code in the country and shows respect for the cultural norms and customs.

In Dubai, wearing pants when dining in restaurants is generally considered appropriate.

Although some restaurants may be more lenient at breakfast, it is always recommended to dress following the local customs and dress code to avoid potential cultural misunderstandings.

By wearing pants, you can be sure to show respect for the culture and customs of Dubai.


Tourists are welcome to wear a kandura in Dubai as it expresses appreciation and understanding of the local culture and customs.

Dubai is a country that values its traditions, and it is a great way to learn and immerse oneself in the culture.

It is important to remember that the dress code in Dubai is modest, and visitors should ensure that they cover their shoulders and knees while out in public.

While there may be restrictions on what can be worn in certain areas, as long as tourists keep common sense and respect in mind, they will have a fantastic and memorable experience in Dubai.

Tourists should also take note of local customs and dress codes, as this will help to ensure that they do not offend anyone or cause misunderstandings.

Overall, Dubai is a wonderful place to visit, and tourists should feel free to embrace the local culture by wearing the Kandura.


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