Best Places to Eat Turkish Food in Dubai

Turkish Food has been influenced by a rich and diverse history shaped by the country’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Turkish Food has developed over centuries, absorbing flavors and techniques from neighboring regions like the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Balkans.

Turkish Food is renowned for its bold flavors, generous use of herbs and spices, as well as seasonal ingredients used in preparation.

5 Best Places To Eat Turkish Food In Dubai

Kaftan Turkish Cuisine

Kaftan Turkish Cuisine, situated on Jumeirah Street, is a renowned Turkish restaurant known for its modern take on classic Turkish dishes.

With multiple locations such as La Mer, Jumeirah, and Smoky Beach to choose from, its authentic food and welcoming Turkish hospitality have won it an enthusiastic following.

Kaftan Turkish offers an impressive menu, from breakfast to dinner – all prepared with a modern flair.


Nusr-Et Steakhouse has become widely recognized for its distinctive serving of meat dishes.

The steakhouse has since expanded, now having locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that feature a menu combining Turkish and Ottoman influences with high-quality meat cuts.

The Restaurant has become a destination for foodies and social media influencers with its signature theatrical presentation of dishes like the baklava and Ottoman salad.


Gunaydin is an authentic Turkish restaurant that provides a delectable menu and stunning views of the Dubai Fountain.

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On their menu, you’ll find everything from meatballs and lentil soup to traditional flatbreads and an impressive selection of kebab varieties – everything freshly prepared by expert chefs!

Gunaydin Restaurant Group has evolved into a global chain with over 40 locations worldwide.

The restaurant stands out for its high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, guaranteeing each meal is full of flavor and authenticity.


Pasha is a small, family-friendly Turkish restaurant in Abu Dhabi that has been welcoming diners for three decades.

Customers appreciate its relaxed atmosphere and minimalist décor, which creates an inviting atmosphere.

Every morning, Pasha Restaurant takes great pride in baking fresh bread onsite – a must-try item on the menu!

Pasha also offers an array of flavorful marinated meats, salads, and kebabs prepared with love and precision.

Zou Zou

Zou Zou is a restaurant located in Dubai’s vibrant La Mer area that serves an exquisite blend of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine.

The menu is extensive, boasting an array of dishes that have been highly praised by diners. It’s particularly renowned for its breakfast offerings – particularly the Special Sini Arabic Breakfast.

This breakfast platter is presented on a large tray with an array of small dishes such as honey with cream, Turkish eggs, fresh fruit, and bread.

Not only is the presentation stunning, but the dish itself is deliciously satisfying too.

What Distinguishes Turkish Cuisine From Others?

Turkish cuisine has a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer meat-free options.

These dishes often feature a wide range of fresh vegetables, legumes, grains, and spices, which give them a unique and delicious flavor.

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Some popular vegetarian and vegan dishes include lentil soup, stuffed grape leaves, grilled vegetables, eggplant dishes such as baba ghanoush and imam bayildi, and various dips such as hummus and cacik.

In contrast, meat lovers can enjoy a variety of meat dishes such as shish kebab, lamb chops, and grilled chicken.

What Is A Popular Main Dish In Turkish Cuisine?

Manti is an iconic Turkish dish served as the main course. It consists of small dumplings filled with spiced ground meat, usually lamb or beef.

It’s served with a generous drizzle of garlic yogurt and sprinkles of red pepper flakes or dried mint.

Some regions in Turkey also use minced chicken or quail meat in this delicious dish. Turkish cuisine boasts an incredible diversity of dishes and ingredients that truly amazes.

What Is A Traditional Turkish Breakfast?

A typical Turkish breakfast consists of various foods like black and green olives, cucumber slices, cured meats, various dips, and sauces, as well as eggs prepared in various styles.

Fresh cheeses, ripe tomatoes, freshly-baked bread, fruit preserves, jams, honey, pastries, and sweet butter – this combination of savory and sweet items provides a satisfying meal that is often enjoyed with tea or Turkish coffee.

The diverse selection of ingredients used in Turkish cuisine reflects both cultural influences and regional variations, making breakfast an excellent opportunity to explore the country’s culinary traditions.

What Is The Popular Turkish Dessert?

Baklava is a beloved sweet pastry from traditional Turkish cuisine.

Layers of thin sheets of phyllo pastry with chopped nuts and sweet syrup or honey create this indulgent dessert, often served as dessert after meals or with tea or coffee.

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Baklava dates back centuries ago to the Byzantine Empire. However, it was during an Ottoman rule that this dish was refined and perfected – now enjoyed by millions across Turkey.

What Is The Popular Drink In Turkey?

Turkish tea, also known as cay, is a beloved beverage in Turkey that’s enjoyed at all hours of the day and in various social contexts.

This strong black tea with sugar cube is served in small glasses and has become such an integral part of Turkish culture that it has become seen as a sign of hospitality and friendship.

Turkish tea production is an important industry in Turkey and plays an integral role in the economy.

Tea gardens and factories can be found throughout different regions of Turkey, particularly in the north. Turkish tea production plays a vital role in society.

Final Thoughts

Turkish Food in Dubai offers a distinct mix of flavors and culinary traditions from classic Turkish dishes to contemporary interpretations of classic favorites, the restaurants offering this cuisine cater to both locals and visitors alike.

No matter if you’re in search of a casual dining experience or an elegant affair, Turkish restaurants in Dubai have something for everyone.

Their quality ingredients and emphasis on traditional cooking techniques ensure that Turkish food in Dubai is delicious and true to its heritage.

Turkish Food in Dubai is a must-try for foodies and promises to tantalize all of your senses.


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