How to Pay for Parking in Dubai by SMS?

Finding a parking spot in Dubai can be difficult due to the many visitors who come every year.

To help alleviate this problem, Dubai has implemented a comprehensive parking system that allows drivers to pay for their spots via SMS.

This payment method is quick and convenient, ensuring your vehicle will remain legally parked while avoiding fines.

In this article, we go over the requirements needed when paying by SMS, how it works, and why it’s beneficial.

Requirements to Pay Parking Via SMS

You must meet certain requirements to pay for parking in Dubai via SMS.

These prerequisites ensure a seamless and efficient parking experience.

Here is an overview of the criteria, along with explanations of each one:

1. A Valid Dubai Number

If you have a valid Dubai number registered and linked to your parking account, you can take advantage of the SMS parking service.

However, this service will be available if you possess a Dubai number.

2. Registered Account with Dubai’s Parking Services

You must have a registered account to use Dubai’s SMS parking service

You can do this via the Dubai Parking mobile app or the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official website.

Your personal details, such as name, address, and Emirates ID, will be requested when registering for an account.

3. Sufficient Balance in Your Account

Your parking account must have enough funds if you want to pay for parking using SMS.

You can add money with a credit card, debit card, online banking transfer, or the Dubai Now app.

Set up an auto top-up feature to ensure there’s always enough in your account.

4. Knowledge of Parking Zone Codes

If you want to pay for parking via SMS, it’s important that you know the unique code of your designated parking zone.

The codes are usually displayed on signs near each area and should be included in your text message along with your vehicle number plate.

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5. Properly Formatted SMS Message

To pay for parking via SMS in Dubai, you must send a message in the correct format.

The format is ‘< Plate No.><space>< Zone No.><space>< Duration>‘ where Duration can be either minutes or hours depending on the zone rules.

For example, if your car’s plate number is A12345 and you want to park for one hour in Zone 123A, you should send an SMS containing: ‘A12345 123A 1.’

The SMS format for cars registered outside the emirate should be as follows:

  1. Abu Dhabi plate: AUH13 12345 335A 1
  2. Sharjah plate: SHJ2 12345 335A 2
  3. Saudi Plate: KSA 123ABC 335A 4

Adhering to these requirements is essential for an effortless parking experience.

Utilizing the SMS parking service allows drivers to benefit from its convenience, affordability, and time-saving qualities.

How to Pay for Parking in Dubai by SMS

Paying for parking in Dubai via SMS is convenient and hassle-free for drivers.

The process is straightforward and can be done in just a few simple steps.

This section will explain how to pay for parking in Dubai via SMS, using a step-by-step list format.

1. Find the Parking Zone Code

To find the Dubai parking zone code for an area, you can check the signs around the parking lot, use the Dubai Parking mobile app, or visit the RTA website.

Additionally, orange Paid Parking boards are located on walkways to list unique codes like A, B, C & D in older areas of Dubai and J, K in newer places such as JLT (Dubai).

2. Check the Parking Tariff

After obtaining the parking zone code, it is necessary to look up the corresponding tariff for that area.

The cost of parking varies according to location and period, which you can find on either Dubai Parking’s mobile application or RTA’s website.

3. Check Your Parking Account Balance

To ensure your payment for parking is successful via SMS, you must ensure that your Dubai Parking account has a sufficient balance.

You can check the amount in your account through the mobile app or the official website of RTA Dubai.

4. Send an SMS Message

If you want to pay for parking in Dubai using SMS, send a message with your car’s license plate number, the zoning code of the area where you’re parked, and how long you intend to stay.

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The format should be ‘< Plate No.><space>< Zone No.><space>< Duration>‘ with Duration specified either in minutes or hours depending on what is allowed by that Zone’s regulations.

To use the Dubai Parking SMS system, open a new message on your mobile phone and enter 7275 (PARK) in the recipient’s address.

This is the official number to pay parking fees in Dubai through SMS.

After completing the steps, registered users must compose an SMS in a specific format to pay for parking tickets in Dubai.

  • This step must be done accurately as follows:

< Plate No.><space><Zone No.><space><Duration>

So, your SMS should look something like this: A00000 123A 2.

  • Registered users can send the SMS in the format given below:

< Nickname> <space><Zone No.><space><Duration>

Your message will look something like this Ahmad1 123A 2.

  • If your vehicle has number plates from Sharjah or Abu Dhabi rather than Dubai, please follow the format below:

Emirate/Country code followed by the plate code <> Plate no. <> area no. <> Duration in hours.

The message for the Abu Dhabi registered car will look like this AUH13 12345 335A 1.

  • If you’re in Parking Zone A and looking to purchase a half-hour ticket, use the format “1/2” (e.g., A12345 317C 1/2).

Other accepted formats are “.5”, “.50”, “0.5”, “0.50”, “30”, “30min”, “30mins”, “30 minutes,” and ” 30 minutes.”

Please note that this short-duration parking time only applies to Dubai’s Zone A.

5. Wait for Confirmation

After sending your message, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the parking services.

This notification will detail how long you can park, and the amount deducted from your account.

To complete this transaction, make sure that there is sufficient talk-time/SMS balance on your phone.

The RTA in Dubai calculates the cost per hour for each respective Zone.

An extra AED 0.30 charge applies to use their service when finding a parking spot within Dubai’s limits.

If you’re driving and want to avoid an additional fee of AED 0.30, take advantage of the integrated payment system within RTA’s Smart Application!

6. Extend Your Parking

If you want to stay parked longer, send another SMS message with the updated Duration.

The system will deduct any additional cost from your parking account balance.

Dubai RTA’s convenient SMS Parking service even sends reminders 10 minutes before a ticket expires, complete with instructions on extending or changing it via text!

Just reply ‘Y’ if you’d like to keep going, and the same amount will extend your current session length as previously set.

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To alter this time, just send through a fresh SMS request instead.

Advantages of Paying Parking Via SMS

There are several advantages to paying for parking in Dubai via SMS, such as:

1. Convenience

SMS parking payment is an incredibly convenient option for drivers.

Instead of needing cash or a credit card, they can pay for parking from any location and anytime.

Eliminating the hassle of searching for a meter or worrying about time running out before payment has been made.

2. Flexibility

The benefit of using SMS for parking payment is its convenience in terms of flexibility.

Drivers can select their desired length of time and extend it if necessary without worrying about receiving a fine due to running out of time.

This allows them more freedom when deciding how long they stay at one location.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Drivers can save money by using SMS to pay for parking.

They have the flexibility of selecting how long they need to park.

Enabling them to only pay for what they use instead of having to buy an entire hour even if they are parked for a shorter time.

4. Timesaving

By using SMS to pay for parking, drivers can save considerable time.

They no longer have to search around for a parking meter or wait in line just to pay the fee.

All it takes is a few seconds with their cell phone, and they’re done!

5. Eco-Friendly

Using SMS to pay for parking is an environmentally friendly choice for drivers, as it eliminates the need for paper tickets and receipts that can create excess waste and pollution.

To sum up, the SMS parking service in Dubai provides drivers with convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and time savings.

All you need is a valid Dubai number, an account registered with the city’s parking services, and sufficient balance to make payments.

With its easy code format for payment processing, paying for your car park spot via SMS can be done quickly and hassle-free.

As such, it is an ideal choice for busy commuters looking to avoid the stress of finding a meter or dealing with cash/card transactions and displaying tickets on their dashboard.

All this without compromising on cost efficiency!


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