Can You Brush Your Teeth with Tap Water in Dubai?

Many people are concerned about the tap water in Dubai, whether they are recent to the emirate, contemplating a trip there, or even currently residing there.

The common answer for any place, avoid drinking it or using it to brush your teeth if the water is not treated. To know the safety profile of tap water you should learn about the state of sanitation in the nation you’re visiting.

Dubai offers high-quality tap water. So, in any case, you can brush your teeth with tap water in Dubai. But if you feel anything unhygienic, you can buy bottled water to use.

The majority of people are ignorant of the fundamental information about Dubai’s tap water, which is why there are so many questions. Let’s learn more about Dubai’s tap water presently and if it is safe.

Tap Water in Dubai

The busiest commercial centre in the UAE has developed over the past 40 years into a place with living standards that rival any foreign city. Its advanced infrastructure supports its vibrant, metropolitan environment.

Currently, Dubai’s desalination facilities provide nearly 99% of the city’s potable drinking water. Seawater is converted into usable tap water at desalination plants.

Where Does Dubai’s Tap Water Come From?

The surface and the sea are the two main sources of water in the United Arab Emirates. The groundwater in Dubai is insufficient to meet the emirate’s water needs due to the dry conditions in the area.

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Even though weather modification is causing these conditions to change, the majority of Dubai’s water to this day comes from the sea. Dubai uses top-notch desalination facilities to purify seawater.

Whether you live in a rented house in Dubai or even the villa you just bought, the tap water you get at home is truly desalinated seawater.

It is extremely unlikely that the water in Dubai will become contaminated because of the sand that makes up its surface. Leaking pipes and water tanks are the only likely typical sources of contaminants.

Quality of Domestic Tap Water in Dubai 

Dubai’s tap water quality has long been a source of debate. If tanks go uncleaned for an extended period debris, trash, and other sources of contamination can breed bacteria like Legionella.

UAE’s leading water treatment services provider uses a biodegradable materials biocide disinfectant to address this issue. This guarantees that there won’t be any damaging residues in the water pipe.

To raise the calibre of Dubai’s tap water, Culligan KMA is providing a variety of testing and consultancy firms alongside some of the region’s top facilities management firms.

A certificate of sanitization, a detailed formal discovery before and after tank cleaning, and water samples tested for various bacteria are a few examples.

Additionally, they offer a variety of cleaning companies for water tanks in homes, apartments, lodging facilities, and public spaces. The intention is to get more people to drink Dubai’s tap water unfiltered or straight up.

Can You Drink Dubai’s Tap Water Safely?

You can drink tap water in Dubai. In any case, you can brush your teeth with tap water too but it’s not something you should do. Since water in Dubai is very inexpensive, you can purchase a bottle of water from the grocery store.

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There are many sizable supermarkets close to hotels, so you should have a look around. You can also utilize the free table water provided by the hotels. This is very useful because it is replenished every day.

The majority of the hotel in Dubai provide daily free bottled water. You receive several 0.5-litre bottles in your room, which you are free to drink. Many people claim to boil tap water before drinking it.

Dubai’s water quality exceeds the highest standards for health and safety set by the World Health Organization (WHO). So, it is safe to drink Dubai’s tap water as long as you take the necessary precautions to reduce any risks associated with consuming water.

Is Dubai’s Tap Water Safe to Use for Teeth Brushing?

Tap water is preferred by dentists over bottled water as it aids in removing plaque that can build up on your teeth. As a result, you avoid having to pay money to have your throat’s tartar buildup removed.

Other minerals found in tap water, such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, are also thought to be crucial for strengthening enamel and preventing tooth decay by dentists.

Healthy Tap Water – Is It?

It tends to take more than just water to get rid of cavities because the mouth is home to a variety of bacteria. Tap water is a great sugar-free solution. Sugary beverages may cause the bacteria to produce acidic products that decay tooth enamel.

Tap water helps to remove unpleasant dental residue once microbes can feed. It enables the outcomes of saliva in your mouth, which helps to re-mineralize your teeth.

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Teeth get stronger from tap water but how? Through a process known as calcification, the mineral-rich fluoride help enhances teeth strength. The tooth surface may be damaged during re-mineralization.

Fluorinated tap water may fortify minerals such as calcium and phosphate. Thus, it assists in stopping cavities by reinforcing enamel.

Suitable for Tooth-cleaning?

Many visitors are never sure whether they can use tap water or not, especially when brushing their teeth. This is undoubtedly a problem in some tourist areas, so you should instead use regular drinking water from a bottle.

You can brush your teeth with tap water in Dubai without a doubt. There is also routine monitoring and regulation of the water. So, the water quality is undoubtedly good.

In nations where drinking tap water is prohibited, is it safe to use it for tooth brushing? It is not secure. To avoid getting sick, you must only drink bottled water when you put it in your mouth.

When you’re in the shower, keep your mouth shut as well. You should just not mouth open while taking a shower in some locations where the water is extremely tainted with bacteria.


Naturally, you are extremely cautious with tap water if you are on vacation in a different nation and have never been there before. You have probably heard people say that water might contain microbes. Something like that can make you sick.

There is no need to bother about the cleanliness of the tap water in Dubai because the standard is so high. Tap water has a better flavor than bottled water.

However, if you don’t feel secure, go to the store and buy regular water before using it.


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