How Much Does Food Cost at Dubai Airport?

Airports are easy, and convenient and have made our lives easier. It is undoubtedly true that without the facility of air travel, our world would have looked much different today.

However, it is obvious that it takes a lot to run an airport and many flights get delayed, canceled, or have long layovers every day depending on various factors and conditions.

Amidst this, one thing remains constant and that is food. Every day thousands of people have food at the airport to fill themselves up before a flight.

The amount of food outlets and restaurants that have opened at airports in the past years is significantly high and cannot be ignored.

But with this, comes the confusion of what to eat and where to eat. At some large airports like London or Dubai, there are too many options and people are often cautious about their budgets and spending limits, which is why they avoid eating anything at all!

However, in case you are wondering how much food costs in Dubai Airport, keep reading as we answer this question for you.

Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and is also massive in size. Even in the category of cargo airports, it is one of the biggest in the world.

Thus, no doubt it sees several thousand people each day and handles more than 50 million passengers every year.

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The Airport is located in Al Garhoud to be specific, which is quite close to Dubai. The Airport also boasts a massive solar energy plant that helped reduce a significant chunk of energy usage from the city.

The most popular airline here is indeed Emirates Airline. It has its base in the Airport and a terminal that they share with another operator.

More than half of the air traffic is consumed by Emirates at the Dubai International Airport.

The construction of this beautiful and one of the most important airports in the world was initiated by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.
The construction was planned to occur in 2-3 phases, which was finally completed in 2015-2016.

Apart from Emirates, Fly Dubai also operates from this airport, which offers flight services at a much lower cost.

The Airport has nearly three terminals, out of which the third terminal has the highest capacity of passengers, estimated at around 65 million in number.

Apart from these, the airport also has a list of high-class services and outlets, about which we would know further in this article.

How Much Does Food Cost At Dubai Airport?

The cost of food at the Dubai International airport varies significantly as per the choice of food outlet and the dish that you order.

However, if you are eating standard McDonald’s food, it can cost you around 30-40 AED per average person.

The Pizza around the airport can cost around 70-80 AED if considered a meal for one person.

The prices are indeed a bit higher than what you would pay outside, but that is the case with every airport. The restaurant and outlets have to pay a higher rental fee and the cost of service is also a bit higher.

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In case you are trying out Chinese or Mongolian food at the airport, expect to pay around 100-150 AED. In case you are ordering barbequed food, the prices may vary further.

Apart from this if you are just grabbing a coffee on the go, you wouldn’t be needed to pay more than 10-20 AED for a decent coffee, depending on the brand or outlet you visit.

How Should You Pay For Food At Dubai Airport?

You can pay at the Dubai international airport in cash, debit card, or credit card. If you are availing of the facility of a lounge at the airport, you might want to stick to the payment method they prescribe or the bank offer with which you got the lounge.

You can also pay with a traveler’s cheque, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, Visa, and other popular and accepted payment methods.

Additionally, you can check out the website of Dubai Duty-Free to know the currencies with which you would not have to pay a duty fee.

What Are Some Good Food Options At Dubai Airport?

If you are at the Terminal 1 of the Dubai International Airport, you can check out the brands like Cafeina, Starbucks, and Costa Coffee if you are in the mood of having a coffee and freshen up.

You can also avail of some small snacks at these outlets at a reasonable price in case your flight is in a shorter time and you do not want to eat much.

In case you are hungry and want to have something filling, you can check out McDonald’s, McGettigan’s, Cadiz, etc.

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If you are the Terminal 2, you can get a Subway on the go or KFC/Burger King. You can also find restaurants that serve Asian and Indian food here.

Terminal 3, although has some limited options can avail of a good hearty meal here in a fancy restaurant like Fournil De Pierre or Century International.

You would also find Starbucks and Tea Time here, in case you just want a beverage on the go.

Moreover, if you want a variety of options to choose from, you should visit Concourse B which has more than 30-40 food outlets.

This Concourse also hosts several bars and pubs along with the popular Hard Rock Café. You can also find the specified lounge for Heineken here.

Another popular outlet in this Concourse is the Bombay Chowpatty, which serves popular Indian chaats and snacks.


Thus, in this article, we learned about the various food options and their average cost at the Dubai International Airport.
However, you must note that these prices are subject to change and you must enquire at the Aiport beforehand about them and carry the budget accordingly.

Nevertheless, being a hub for so many food outlets, Dubai Airport also has some beautiful lounges where you can relax and get some rest alongside eating.


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