Why Dubai Metro Is Slow?

With over 1.5 billion passengers per day, the Dubai Metro is the busiest in the entire world. It is very roomy and offers frequent service when compared to other metro systems and is the most practical mode of transportation in Dubai if you are travelling a long distance.

The ticketing processes are simple and quick, and the stations are incredibly clean. The only drawback is that you might need to travel a considerable distance on foot to get where you’re going.

Let’s examine some intriguing data regarding Dubai’s first metro line. Then we will find out some facts about the Metro such as the speed, length and delays it causes due to some technical issues.

Dubai Metro’s Speed & Length

The Dubai Metro has risen to the top of the city’s preferred modes of transportation. It has 49 functional stations, and more are being built. The Red Line and the Green Line, are two transportation lines that serve various areas of the city. The Green Line has 20 stations, compared to the Red Line’s 35 stations.

With an additional 67 Km, the Red Line will be considerably longer compared to the Green Line. The speed of the Dubai Metro is well-known. The trains cover the distance in 2 hours and 23 minutes and can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h.

Dubai Metro Lines Line length Operating speed
Red Line 52.1 kilometres (32.4 mi) 110 km/h (68 mph)
Green Line 22.5 kilometres (14.0 mi), with 7.9 kilometres (4.9 mi) underground 110 km/h (68 mph)
Purple Line (Proposed) 49 kilometres (30 mi) 110 km/h (68 mph)
Blue Line (Proposed) 47 kilometres (29 mi) 110 km/h (68 mph)
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The vast underground transportation network known as the Dubai Metro runs from the Commercial Centre to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. In 2012, the Dubai Metro was recognized as the longest autonomous metro in the world.

What’s Causing the Dubai Metro to Move Slowly?

The Dubai Metro Red Line, which is 52.1 km long is the world’s longest driverless metro line.

The second is the Green Line, which is longer compared to the Vancouver Skytrain when paired with the Red Line.

During peak hours, typically between 7 AM and 9 AM/ 5 PM and 9 PM on the Red Line, there is a 2 minutes gap between 2 trains.

The Green Line and off-peak hours typically have the longest waits between two trains, which is 6-7 minutes. The halt moments never exceed 10 minutes, let alone 15-20 minutes.

One thing that may cause delays in the cramped conditions inside the train during morning and evening rush hours (typically between Bur Juman on the Red Line and Union to Arena on the Green Line). The Metro on the Red Line is typically congested all day long.

Dubai Metro Delays Due to Electrical Fault

38 minutes per day are allotted for personal travel, which covers 35 km in Dubai Metro. The train usually stops at a few stations between runs due to a technical issue.

Following such an issue between Nakheel and Jebel Ali, one morning, the Dubai Metro service was severely disrupted for passengers.

The JLT Metro Station staff claimed that an electrical fault was to blame for the delay. A bus service was available for passengers to use to travel to their destinations.

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Customers claimed that they had waited more than 40 minutes for buses, which resulted in significant delays throughout the morning peak hour.

Technical Glitch Slows Dubai Metro

Due to technical issues, on Sunday, December 25, 2011, Dubai Metro passengers noticed service disruptions, resulting in certain trains stalling and moving at a snail’s pace. The train headed toward Rashidiya stalled at the Al Karama subway stop for 30 minutes and at the DIFC station for 20 minutes.

According to onboard passengers, on that day, the train shuddered to a stop at the DIFC station in the afternoon and passengers were instructed to get off after the gates did not open for at least ten minutes.

The Red and Green lines of the train were running slowly, in both directions, due to some technical issues, and RTA information service representatives were unsure of how long the interruptions might last.

Passengers claimed that the train headed towards Rashidiya that departed the Gulf Bank station at 11:52 AM made a stop at the Burj Khalifa metro and was immobile for 5 minutes. The Dubai Metro was slow the entire time, having started at only a third of its typical speed at the Dubai Mall station on that day.

Dubai Metro Rush-hour Interruptions Affect Many Commuters

The Roads and Transport Authority attributed “technical issues” for the delays between Rashidya and Emirates Tower points in both directions. It had an impact on a significant portion of the network as a result of the backlog of passengers to work during the busiest hour of the morning rush.

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The biggest complaint from Metro users was that they were unable to determine what was leading to the delays or how long they were probable to be delayed. Some passengers missed their vital appointment.

Dubai Metro operates perfectly here and a new train arrives approximately every two minutes, it causes issues when things go wrong. The worst part was that there was no PA announcement, leaving people sitting around at stations in the dark.

A bus substitute for Dubai Metro users was announced by the RTA and made known via Twitter. While expressing regret for the delays, the authority remained mum regarding the “technical issues” that led to the interruptions.


You probably have a good understanding of Dubai’s famous skyline but perhaps less so of the metro system that carries millions of people every day. The transportation network of the city is not complete without the Dubai Metro.

It is a popular method of getting around town and connects various areas of the city, but some issues may lead the metro to delay the service often. Outside of such small issue, the metro is a great way to get around the city because it is dependable and frequent.

Visitors and the citizens of Dubai can benefit greatly from the Dubai Metro. Check out our tips on how to utilize the Dubai Metro if you’re a new user. Start your trip through Dubai with the help of our advice!


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