Will a PS5 Imported From Dubai Work in India?

PlayStation or PS has changed and revolutionized the world in the past few decades. It is well known that people have gone crazy for video games due to Sony’s PlayStation and many have pleasant memories of their childhood or adulthood associated with it.

Nevertheless, Sony as a brand has created a legacy of its own with its PlayStation. With several generations of people falling in love with the product, it sells in large numbers.

The increasing popularity has also led to more upgrades and better features along with increasing costs.

Today, PlayStation 5 remains the latest and most recent launch by Sony. It continues to beat the other competitors by a large margin and still has a lot of potential for improvement.

In this article, we would see how you can buy a PS5 if you are from India and wish to get it imported from Dubai.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 or better called PS5 is one of the most modern and technical consoles launched and produced by Sony Entertainment Company.

This product was launched in November 2020 and remains one of the most famous successors of the previous model of the same name.

The company has claimed and implemented numerous features adding to the already advanced technology and improving the product overall.

The processor boasted by Sony’s gaming console is Zen 2 AMD which goes up to 3.5 GHz. No doubt the graphics of this console are beyond imagination and reach 4K resolution easily.

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The correct use of light and reflections in video games is another feature about which it is being heavily praised.

The controller on this device is DualSense which has also been severely upgraded. This has made the game smoother than before and made it easier to navigate.

The realistic redesigning done by Sony is truly commendable and it is no doubt that this product has been in demand for the last 2-3 years.

The user interface is attractive and intuitive with a media player that can easily support the latest streaming options. Besides in the question of compatibility, it seems like nothing can beat PS5.

Let us now see how you can acquire this product if you are in India and whether it is a good idea to get it from Dubai.

Can PS5 be Imported to India?

Alike most other countries, PS5 can also be imported to India without much difficulty. If you are visiting a foreign country or have a friend sending it to you, you can get the console imported.

Nevertheless, one thing which you must remember is that when it comes to importing, additional charges including customs duty, shipping charges, and taxes are applicable.

These charges can end up making your product costlier than it was and could be a reason for you to reconsider this move.

You can easily find numerous dealers in India and buy them from them. But if you are willing to pay the excess charges, and also face the additional compliance and regulatory mechanisms, you should buy it from a different country.

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It is crucial at this stage to do thorough research and also speak with different sellers or people who have imported PS5 in India before and understand the challenges.

While picking the country from where you wish to import the console to India, it is crucial to consider whether the price of the product is affordable and whether the retailer is authenticated.

Will a PS5 Imported from Dubai Work in India?

Firstly, a PS5 can be easily imported from Dubai to India. Owing to good trade relations between both countries, the products are easily carried and allowed here.

Although as for compatibility and access, you need to do your research to figure out whether the PS5 imported from Dubai would work in India.

There are often different kinds of power outlets and sockets. The power supply also should match the way the product has been designed and made to adapt the power.

If the electrical or power supply and the appliances you use do not match with the product, you would have to unnecessarily spend money and buy an adapter.

With the additional charges already imposed and the adapter bought, you would end up paying way more than you would have while buying the PS5 from an Indian retailer.

Additionally, when you are buying a PS5 from Dubai and importing it to India, the product may work well without fail but the warranties and terms of service might differ due to location.

This is why you must confirm from the customer care center of Sony Entertainment or the retailer about the application and terms of warranty and the policy under which the product is covered.

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It is obvious that PS5 is not a cheap product and while you are spending so much money to acquire it, you must ensure that you do not end up overspending on it.

Let us now find it out whether the PS5 would be cheaper in India or Dubai.

Is PS5 Cheaper in India or Dubai?

If you are planning to buy a new PS5 and are confused about whether you should buy it from India or Dubai, you must do a cost analysis beforehand, which does not need to be accurate.

If you were to buy a PS5 in India, it can cost you anywhere between 40-50,000 INR depending on the edition you are buying.

While the same product from Dubai can range from 2,000 to 2,400 AED roughly depending on the edition you buy.

Hence if you see from this perspective, there is not much difference between the price in both countries but if you import the product from Dubai, you would have to pay additional charges.


Therefore, although it is not difficult to get PS5 imported from Dubai, it is always a good idea to speak with the retailer first and to ensure that the terms and conditions are good.

There are times when people buy PS5 without checking these formalities and end up losing out on their money due to a technical default that cannot be fixed without a warranty.

Thus, be aware and do your research!


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