Does Dubai Metro Go To Sharjah?

More people are going to the United Arab Emirates for vacation and traveling among the top popular emirates, Dubai and Sharjah. Of course, you will need a Dubai or UAE visa to travel among these emirates.

In that case, people traveling in the area may wonder about the best traveling methods. You can use many traveling options to move from Dubai to Sharjah.

But, for this article, we focus mainly on Dubai Metro.

This piece answers this question and many more on the same. Thus, ensure that you check it out!

Can I Use the Dubai Metro To Go To Sharjah?

The route from Dubai to Sharjah is quite popular, with many people looking to travel between these two famous emirates. One is busy and popular, while the other is quiet and has intruding sites to see.

Thus, many people are looking to connect the two areas.

Dubai Metro is a fast transit rain network that operates in Dubai. Transit is operational and popular means of transport in Dubai.

So, is it possible to use the Dubai Metro to go to Sharjah? Does the Dubai Metro connect to Sharjah?

Dubai isn’t directly connected to Dubai via the Dubai Metro. But, you can always catch the metro close to the Sharjah border and later use other transport options from the metro station to Sharjah.

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Of course, many transport options exist from the Dubai metro station to Sharjah.

Does Dubai Metro go to Sharjah? Currently, the Dubai Metro can only travel as close as the Sharjah bounder, but there isn’t a naturally connected metro system between the two.

However, it would help if you took the metro near Sharjah and swapped it for another transport option after getting to the metro station.

How Far Is Sharjah from Dubai Metro?

If you decide to take the closest Metro to Sharjah, how much distance do you have to cover before getting there?

The Rashidiya (Dubai Metro) is twelve kilometers from Sharjah. You will have to cover a distance of eighteen Kilometers.

How long it takes to travel from the Dubai metro to Sharjah depends on the transport mode you choose.

How Can You Travel from Dubai Metro to Sharjah?

As mentioned above, you can use the Dubai Metro to drop you at a station near Sharjah. So, what mode of transport do you use to travel to Sharjah?

Are there convenient means you can use?

Yes! Dubai and Sharjah are among the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates and are well-connected, even allowing you to use the Dubai Visa to travel between the area.

So, how do you move from the Dubai Metro to Sharjah? You can use various transport options like the subway, bus, taxi, car, or foot.

Whatever works for you should help you move from the Dubai metro to Sharjah.

Here are the details of the options available:


If you use the subway via the City Centre Deira Metro Station 2, you should take at most fifty-three minutes which costs between $2 to $3.

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It is a great option and doesn’t cost much. Thus, it would be best to research the route before travelling to ensure you know where you are going and what to expect.

This transport option is highly-recommended and a reliable means to take from Dubai Metro to Sharjah.

Line 20 Bus, Line I Bus

The transport option takes one hour and twelve minutes from Dubai Metro to Sharjah. It costs $5 to move using the line buses.


A taxi from the Dubai Metro to Sharjah is among the most expensive transport methods. Traveling between the two places costs from $40 to $55.

Despite the high cost, the taxi option is relatively fast and takes only thirteen minutes from Dubai Metro to Sharjah.


You can choose to drive from Dubai Metro to Sharjah. It is a reliable option, especially when you know where you are going without getting stuck on the road.

The transport option will take thirteen minutes if you adopt the drive-in means and cost between $2 to $3.


The last way would be walking from the Dubai Metro to Sharjah, which takes approximately three hours and fifty-nine minutes. Walking may take longer, especially since people quickly become tired after walking for a while.

It isn’t a recommended option for people moving between Dubai and Sharjah.

Which Is the Cheapest Mode Of Transport From Dubai To Sharjah?

Sharjah and Dubai are part of the United Arab Emirates, and the two cities are approximately thirty kilometers away. Since the two are connected, you should expect that there are many travel options connecting the two places.

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The fastest option would be to drive in your car by road or use a taxi. The latter is expensive but quick and will land you in your area of choice.

If you drive by road, the system is fast and affordable. It is an excellent option for someone looking for an urgent means to move between the two cities.

The most recommended transport option is the metro and bus combination. It is also the cheapest method to travel between the two cities.

It would be best if you took the Dubai Metro to the nearest metro to the Sharjah border. Later connect the metro using a bus to get to Sharjah.

The Dubai-Metro and bus combination is an excellent choice since it is convenient and the least expensive.

Which Dubai Metro Is the Closest To Sharjah?

As mentioned above, the most recommended method to travel from Dubai to Sharjah would be to connect the metro to Sharjah.

Unfortunately, the Dubai Metro doesn’t enter Sharjah city currently. Still, some metro stations around Sharjah require you to connect the rest of the distance using a bus.

The closest Dubai Metro to Sharjah would be the Deira City Centre Metro station. It is the nearest one and the best option before connecting to Sharjah.

Can I Stay in Sharjah with The Dubai Visa?

The Dubai Visa is also the UAE visa meaning that the visa works in Dubai and other emirates, including Sharjah.

In that case, you can stay in Sharjah for fifty-eight days after your visa approval. You can’t stay under the UAE travel visa for more than ninety days in the United Arab Emirates.


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