Can I Use Nol Card On Sharjah Bus?

The United Arab Emirates is the go-to vacation place globally. Thus, many people are going into and out of the various emirates.

And Sharjah happens to be among the most popular go-to emirate in the UAE. The place is quiet and has exciting things to see, making it the ultimate place to relax.

Of course, when you travel to Sharjah, you would wish for maximum convenience, and what better way to do that other than figuring out how to move around the place?

There are many transport modes, but the Sharjah buses are most recommended. This article focuses on the payment method.

Can I use nol card on the Sharjah buses? This piece responds to this question and more FAQs on the topic.

So, ensure that you check it out!

Can You Use A Nol Card On Sharjah Bus?

The United Arab Emirates is well-connected and features seven cities with its personalized system. In our case, we focus on transport and fare payment systems.

The nol card is quite popular, especially in Dubai; many visitors know about it. But, a nol card that can access Dubai’s transport and fare payment system is inapplicable in Sharjah.

Fortunately, Sharjah also has a nol card, meaning that you can pay your fare in the city using a nol card.

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The electronic payment card lets travelers and passengers pay for transport fares and other services. It is an excellent option for taxis, metro trains, parking, toll fees, and buses.

Thus, can I use a nol card on a Sharjah bus? Yes, you will need the nol card Sharjah to help you move around Sharjah and use various transport modes without having to carry cash with you.

Several nol card options are available, including silver, blue, gold, and personalized. All these options have different features and benefits.

Researching the matter before applying for a nol card would be great. Ensure you get an option that suits you and makes your public transportation life in Sharjah convenient.

What Is A Nol Card In Sharjah?

It can be challenging for travelers to define essential things such as the nol card in Sharjah. In that case, this section highlights what it means and the services you get with it.

A nol card in Sharjah is a smart card that the city uses for public transport payment services. It is loaded with different numbers of trips allowing you to navigate the city via various public means of transport.

The card makes paying for public transport convenient, and you don’t have to carry cash everywhere.

There are various types of nol cards you can use, including:

Silver Nol Cards

The cost of purchasing the silver nol card is 25 AED and requires you to preload 19 AED. It is an excellent option for someone in Sharjah who stays more than five days.

The silver option is valid on different public transportation means and would work for the next five years. Plus, you can access a weakly transport pass when using the card after paying 110 AED.

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Gold Nol Card

This nol card is almost similar to the silver nol card, costing 25 AED to purchase one, and the preloaded amount is also identical. However, this card allows you access to the Metro Gold Class setting on every trip.

In that case, you must debit more money than silver nol cards. You can use the card on different transport modes, and it is valid for five years.

Red Nol Card

The red option is a paper-based ticket and the ultimate choice for occasional travelers. It costs AED 2, and you only need to load the amount you need for traveling.

You can load it for up to ten single trips but only use it for one mode of transport.

Blue Nol Card

It is an expensive option costing 110 AED to purchase. It has many benefits but is suitable for residents.

Does Dubai Metro Connect To Sharjah?

The Dubai Metro doesn’t have a direct connection to Sharjah. But, it allows you to pay for a metro ticket that takes you to metro stations nearest to Sharjah.

After getting to the last metro station, you can choose other transport options to get into Sharjah City. The Metro bus combination is the best option for people moving from Dubai to Sharjah since it is the least expensive and reliable.

Where Can I Recharge My Nol Card In Sharjah?

You can get a nol card in Sharjah from many places since the eligibility criteria aren’t that tough. Individual customers can apply and benefit from the Sharjah Nol Card.

You do not need any documents to apply and can use the best options for choosing the best nol card.

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Plus, the processing time of the card is instant, making it a convenient option for all, and you can get the nol card from ticket vending machines at metro and bus stations.

After buying the nol card, where can I recharge it?

You can recharge your nol card through the nol pay application, ticket vending machines, ticket offices, and authorized sales agents.

The nol cards require you to recharge your card, and any amount you must pay for public transportation is removed from your balance.

How Long Can You Transit In Sharjah Without A Visa?

The UAE is keen on the people who visit the different emirates and how they travel throughout various places. For our case, how long can you transit to Sharjah with a visa?

You can get a transit visa for forty-eight hours after landing through the UAE’s airports. You get them free of charge.

Applying for a visa using the UAE-based airline in advance is important. With that, you make traveling to Sharjah and other UAE cities convenient, and you can comfortably navigate through the place.

Can I Use The Dubai Nol Card In Sharjah?

Nol cards are the smart cards people use in Dubai and Sharjah to travel between various public transportation systems. However, the nol cards in Sharjah are different from those in Dubai.

When you move from the two Emirates, you must apply for a nol card to suit the city. Otherwise, you will likely have difficulty traveling via public transit.

You need the nol card in Sharjah to cover the public transport fees for Sharjah.


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