Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Bus Timings: Things You Should Know

Both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Both emirates have a shared bus service that has proven the possibility of commuting between two emirates seamlessly, conveniently, and successfully.

Such collaboration has seen the residents of the two emirates expand their sources of income through more opportunities, thus improving their living standards. Tourists also enjoy the convenience the service offers.

Nevertheless, there is also the inconvenience and frustrations that come with missing the bus. It could see you miss an appointment or opportunity enough to change your life for good. In other instances, one must wait hours to catch the next bus, thus wasting valuable time.

Abu Dhabi and Sharjah minimize such scenarios by embracing organizations. There are specific Abu Dhabi to Sharjah bus timings to help commuters travel conveniently between the two emirates.

Here is a discussion of these schedules and much more. Check it out!

What Are the Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Bus Timings?

One must admit that early risers easily travel between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. After all, one can get a bus to these stations as early as 4 am.

It is also favorable for people who leave work late, although not the extreme cases. The last bus leaves the bus station in either of the emirates at 8 pm.

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In most cases, the buses operate from Monday to Sunday. The operation hours are usually 6 am and 12 am the following day.

Nevertheless, the Dubai Bus usually operates between 4 am and 1 am the next day. Schedules usually vary from the norm on weekends and holidays hence the need to confirm in advance.

Expect buses between their various stops between 30 and 45 minutes. On average, traveling between these cities takes two and a half hours.

However, there are exceptions; an excellent example is the peak hours. Expect to take longer than that if traveling during these periods; hence advisable to avoid them whenever possible.

Interestingly, some landmarks are visible as you travel by bus between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. That saves you the time visiting them independently, thus convenient for tourists.

Abu Dhabi to Sharjah bus timings is readily available from the Abu Dhabi roads and transport authority for such information and much more regarding this issue.

About Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Buses

This route works with several buses for efficiency and convenience. Despite the regular departures, travelers enjoy high-quality bus services at a pocket-friendly price.

These buses are under the management of Dubai RTA Bus. The departure point is Central Bus Station 1 in Abu Dhabi, whereas the arrival point is Sharjah’s King Faisl Rd, Jumbo-Sony 1.

Up to 239 buses will run every week. The quality of the bus services is high for the safety and comfort of the passengers. The professional drivers and amenities enhance this further.

What Affects Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Bus Timings?

Regarding Abu Dhabi to Sharjah buses, the timings don’t always go as planned. That’s because of various factors, including the following;

Weather Conditions

UAE is known for extreme weather conditions, including sandstorms and hot summers. Some conditions jeopardize safety and comfort, thus disrupting bus timings to avoid related accidents.

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Weekends and Public Holidays

Most people don’t need to be at work these days. Consequently, a substantial number of them spend time traveling.

Since more people are on the road, traffic can increase. That’s enough to make busses delay thus interfering with usual timings.

Traffic Jam

Every city and town has peak hours, and Abu Dhabi and Sharjah aren’t exceptional. During such hours, traffic congestion usually arises.

So, if you are traveling during these peak hours, the congestion impacts the schedules. The journeys get longer, and so do the waits.

Road Detours and Closures

Road closures and diversions are common, especially if there is any construction or maintenance work. In other instances, it is other events that lead to such outcomes.

Can you imagine having traveled for a long distance only to find that the road ahead is closed suddenly for whatever reason? Since the bus has to take a U-turn and use a different route, the journeys get long, disrupting timing.

Even when the closures are planned, delays arise most of the time. After all, the detours and alternative routes are often longer than usual.

Which Amenities and Services Do Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Buses Offer?

Regardless of how long your journey takes and when you take it, the bus services ensure you enjoy it. It offers various amenities, including the following;

  • The drivers are professional and friendly.
  • For convenience, you also enjoy various payment methods such as prepaid cards, NOL cards, and cash.
  • Real-time bus departure and arrival times information that’s to the RTA app and mobile
  • Well-maintained buses that are always clean
  • Easy to find lost items with its lost and found service
  • You can track the bus in real-time to help you identify where you are, especially if it is your stop
  • Free Wi-Fi
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Can I Get a Bus from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah?

Yes, there are commuter buses between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and vice versa. The location of Abu Dhabi’s main bus terminal is Al Wahda Mall.

The bus services you receive to Sharjah are convenient and regular. For instance, the average interval between two buses is 30 minutes.

How Much Is a Bus Ticket from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah?

Traveling by bus between the two emirates has proven cost-effective. A ticket will cost you AED 33.

For a journey that takes almost 3 hours, that’s a reasonable price. By the way, the distance between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is approximately 162.6 km.

Which Are the Best Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Bus Stations

There are three great bus stations for Abu Dhabi to Sharjah, especially for tourists. They include the following;

Bus Route 117

It is the most common bus station for Abu Dhabi to Sharjah. Expect buses at a frequency of approximately 30 minutes.

The journey takes about two and a half hours, whereas the ticket is AED 25. The last stop is Sharjah Al Jubail.

Bus Route E307

Unlike bus route 117, this bus won’t take you from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah. On the contrary, it connects you between two places hence ideal for connecting you to a bus taking the route.

Journeys are usually 30 km and take 30 minutes. The fare is about AED 5.

Bus Route E101

It is similar to bus route E307 serving connective purposes. However, distances covered are longer and up to 140 km.

Consequently, the journeys can take as long as one and a half hours. The fare is around AED 25.


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