How to Check the Owner of the Car by Number Plate in Dubai?

Knowing a vehicle’s owner’s details is crucial in Dubai, especially in a variety of potential situations.

An incident involving a hit-and-run driver or an accident is one of the most frequent scenarios in which the owner’s information on the vehicle is required.

The registration number or license plate number can be used to identify the owners and prosecute them.

When purchasing a used car or motorcycle, it can also be useful to have the owner’s information.

You can check all the details about the vehicle with the number plate information and it is essential for identity.

Operating a vehicle without an identification plate is a serious offense for which the authorities have the right to seize the vehicle.

Car Number Plate Types in Dubai

It’s easy to get an identification number for your car in Dubai, yet you must be aware of the various kinds that are offered.

Different emirates utilize diverse RTA number plate regulations and designs.

The scheme of the vehicle number plate will follow the specific regulations of the city where the car will be registered.

The number plate in Dubai should be made with the standard RTA Dubai number plate design.

The different types of RTA license plates in Dubai include:

  1. Short Plate(Fees: AED 35)
  2. Long Plate (Fees: AED 50)
  3. Colored Dubai Logo (Fees: AED 200)
  4. Luxurious Plate (Fees: AED 500)
  5. Expo branded plates (Fees: AED 500)
  6. New ownership certificate (Fees: AED 50)

Every vehicle is given a license plate with a customized identification number.

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In the UAE, a car’s license plate serves as a status symbol, so wealthy car owners frequently choose ornate numbers for their vehicles.


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How to Identify the Car Owner by Number Plate

The information about the owner of the vehicle is private, so you are unable to access it.

You can go to the RTA office if you require the information for a legitimate reason, and they will give it to you.

RTA will only have access to the driving license, emirates ID, and mobile device number; they will not have entry to all the data.

The police in the area can provide you with the owner’s house number and employment information etc.

It is always best to seek legal counsel before tracking or taking any action.

Unless there is a court order, RTA has strict privacy policies.

The UAE treats ownership details very delicately; you cannot predict who the owner might be, and if it’s a prominent person, you could find yourself in trouble just for trying to learn more!

You can obtain some data from RTA, but of course, a confidentiality clause will apply because they will not divulge owner specifics to anyone in this way without authentic cause.

Therefore, you must explain why you need owner information to them.

If they approve of your justification, they may give it to you.

Road And Transport Authority (RTA) Website

RTA has details on the vehicle’s history.

They maintain detailed records on all vehicles, including information on insurance policies, the state of the vehicle at the time of review, and owner information.

The provision of data on imported cars is a feature exclusive to RTA.

The procedure that both the owner and the buyer of vehicles must go through is RTA’s only disadvantage when compared to other services.

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With the assistance of RTA, you can check the details of a vehicle based on the information from the number plate, but you must do so for a valid reason.

They will ask all probability questions to you and about your intention.

Checking a Car’s History in the United Arab Emirates

You can prevent future reliability and security issues by looking up a car’s history in the UAE.

It is also one of the few practical methods for figuring out how much a used car is worth.

The government’s actions have made it relatively simple to check a vehicle’s history in the UAE.

The RTA website is the best resource for learning about a car’s history, but there are some other places too where you can look for information.

Here we added some methods for learning everything you desire to know about a car.

Emirate Vehicle Gate

The web page of Emirates Vehicle Gate is where you should go if you want to look up a car’s accident history or need information on vehicle certificates.

To obtain the necessary information, take the following actions:

  • Create a profile on the official EVG website, then use your login information to access it.
  • Enter the vehicle’s VIN into the tab marked “Accident Inquiry” to view the vehicle’s accident history.

This website possesses a central database with comprehensive details on every collision a vehicle has ever been in.

If all you want to do is inquire about a vehicle certificate, you don’t need to log in.

Simply enter the vehicle certificate number to access the certificate.

Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website

The web page of the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates is a further resource for vehicle history information, the process is simple.

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Finding the vehicle’s frame number is all that you required.

Once you have it, enter the number on the Ministry of Interior’s official website after you log in.

All of the pertinent data regarding the accident record of that vehicle will be retrieved and displayed from the website database.


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Abu Dhabi Police Website

The legitimate Abu Dhabi Authorities website is the place to go if you have questions about buying or selling a car in Abu Dhabi. To obtain the specified information, adhere to the step below:

  • Go to the Abu Dhabi Police’s official web page.
  • On the homepage, select the “inquire about vehicle accidents” tab using the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the vehicle’s plate number to view the vehicle’s entire history.

The website contains accurate and pertinent information.

It is more effective to check a car’s history this way rather than by searching other online resources.


Obtaining the vehicle’s license plate is crucial because, by The Motor Vehicles Act, a vehicle is required to be registered with the RTO and display the registration number on the license plate.

Driving a car without a license plate is against the law.

Aside from the traffic regulation violation, it also aids in tracking down vehicle information.

Can you get the owner’s phone number and address by number plate information?

In some situations, yes you can.

Only the registration number can be used to access information such as the name of the vehicle owner, the model of the vehicle, insurance information, etc.

However, the number plate does not reveal the owner’s home or phone number easily.


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