Best Bubble Tea in Dubai and Sharjah That You Must Try

Are you in the UAE and looking for something special to drink?

Bubble tea (or boba tea), a Taiwanese beverage consisting of tea, milk, and syrups with chewy tapioca pearls or fruit jellies, has become popular recently.

To help you find the best places that offer this delightful concoction in Dubai and Sharjah.

We have made a list based on taste, texture, variety of flavors, quality ingredients, and price.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Bubble Tea

When deciding on the best bubble tea spot in Dubai and Sharjah, there are various aspects to consider.

Factors such as taste, texture, quality of ingredients used, and price can help you determine which shop offers the most satisfying cup of this popular beverage!

1. Taste

The flavor should be your main focus when looking for the perfect bubble tea shop.

Each spot has its signature recipes and ingredients that create its special taste.

While some offer classic flavors like black or green milk teas, others may have more unique options like taro or matcha.

Take your time to explore different shops until you find one whose taste suits you best!

2. Texture

When selecting bubble tea, You should consider its taste and texture.

Bubble teas typically come with chewy toppings such as tapioca pearls or any jelly, usually prepared either soft or hard.

Therefore when trying different brands of bubble tea, it is essential to consider the level of chewiness you prefer in addition to the flavor.

So that you can find the perfect combination between tastiness and consistency!

3. Variety of Flavors

If you’re looking for the best bubble tea shop, it’s important to consider the variety of flavors they offer.

From milk and fruit teas to limited-time offerings or unique flavor combinations, something out there suits every taste!

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Visit different shops and try their menu until you find your favorite flavors.

With so many options available, you will surely find a good bubble tea shop with various delicious drinks that will satisfy all preferences!

4. Quality of Ingredients

If you want to get the best taste and health benefits from bubble tea.

Choosing a shop that uses fresh and natural ingredients like real fruits and premium tea leaves is important.

Additionally, some shops may offer healthier alternatives, such as sugar-free or low-fat drinks, for those seeking more nutritional options.

So when selecting a place to buy your bubble tea from, consider the quality of its ingredients so that you can enjoy an optimal experience with every sip!

5. Price

When buying bubble tea, it is important to consider the price.

Prices can vary between shops and sizes of drinks.

So make sure you find a shop that offers good value for money without compromising taste or quality.

Best Bubble Tea Shops in Dubai and Sharjah

The bubble tea craze has taken the world by storm, and Dubai and Sharjah are no exception.

With many shops offering traditional milk and innovative fruit teas, deciding where to get the best cup can be hard!

To help you, we’ve curated a list of some of the top-rated bubble tea spots in these two cities.

From unique flavors and textures to special offerings, there’s something for everyone at each spot on this list.

So, take advantage of your chance for an amazing bubble tea experience!

1. Boba Tea Sharjah

Are you living in Sharjah and looking for a place to hang out with friends or maybe even craving Bubble Tea?

Look no further than Boba Tea! Located near the Sharjah National Park, this family-friendly spot offers plenty of outdoor seating when the weather is cool.

This food truck has an aesthetically pleasing setup with fairy lights that will make your visit enjoyable.

Boba tea’s menu consists of numerous bubble tea recipes, from traditional pearl milk teas to boba milkshakes, something for everyone!

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Whether dining in their car or sitting outdoors in their cozy setup, customers can enjoy delicious Southeast Asian cuisines without leaving Sharjah.

Visit Boba Tea today and experience all it has to offer!

University students in Sharjah have a great place to unwind after long days of work at Boba Tea Cafe.

Not only does the cafe offer an array of drinks, but also food options!

From classic Milk Tea with Tapioca Balls and Chocolate Milkshakes that can be ordered with or without pearls.

And also Japanese Matcha green and black tea for those who like something simpler.

All beverages are served cold.

For anyone looking for Bubble tea Shops, this is one you should check out!

2. Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is an authentic Taiwanese bubble tea chain that has taken Dubai and Sharjah by storm.

Their unique selling point is their use of brown sugar syrup to give drinks a distinctive caramel flavor and eye-catching swirl pattern.

The signature drink – Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse – even features creamy foam for the perfect indulgent treat!

If you prefer something refreshing, try one of their many fruit teas, such as passion fruit or kiwi.

With four branches across Dubai, there’s no excuse not to experience this taste sensation directly from its source.

Tiger Sugar follows boba’s golden ratio, so prepare for an unforgettable tapioca milk tea journey!

3. Koi Thé

Koi Thé (pronounced Koi ‘thay’) is an internationally-acclaimed bubble tea shop that originated in Taiwan.

It has since expanded to several countries, including Dubai and Sharjah.

The shop’s top priority is using high-quality tea leaves and fresh ingredients, making it a customer favorite.

Their signature drink, the Golden Bubble Milk Tea, features a creamy milk base topped with chewy golden tapioca pearls, perfect for those who want something sweet yet filling!

Lighter refreshment options like fruit teas, smoothies, or slushies are also available at Koi Thé.

The cafe has one branch inside the Mall of The Emirates, open from 10 am – 11:30 pm daily.

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Soon they will open their second outlet in Chinatown within The Dubai Mall!

Come by anytime for your fill of delicious drinks here at Koi Thé!

4. Latea

Are you looking for a Bubble Tea store in Dubai with plenty of options, including healthy choices? Look no further than Latea!

Located at multiple locations across the city, including their branch in Global Village, it’s perfect for getting that summer feeling.

If you’re a bubble tea lover, this is worth trying.

Its delicious chewy little tapioca pearls are sure to boost your dopamine levels!

The drinks come at very reasonable prices, and three-cup sizes are available.

You can also customize your drink according to what appeals most to you.

Stop by Latea today and enjoy some refreshing bubble tea goodness!

5. Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is a popular bubble tea chain that has quickly become a hit in Dubai and Sharjah.

The shop specializes in fresh fruit teas, mixing natural ingredients to create delicious drinks with unique flavors.

Their signature drink, the Yi Fang Fruit Tea, combines tea leaves, assorted fruits, and Taiwanese Aiyu jelly for an unbeatable combination of sweetness and refreshment.

For those who want even more texture to their beverage, toppings like passion fruit boba or grass jelly are available at all locations!

If you’re looking for something different from your usual go-to bubble milk tea, then give Yi Fang a try.

They provide amazing flavor combinations, such as Matcha Latte or Passionfruit Green Tea, which can be customized with tapioca pearls or green jellies!

To sum up, you have plenty of options when looking for the best bubble tea in Dubai or Sharjah.

You can pick between milk and fruit teas with various flavors ranging from classic tastes to more unique combinations.

When selecting your favorite shop, ensure they offer high-quality ingredients at an affordable price and great taste and texture.


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