Top 3 Best Restaurants in La Mer Dubai

Dubai in every sense is a truly cosmopolitan city. This is the reason why you would find the best global brands, shopping centers, and showrooms here.

With so much to boast about and offer to the tourists or locals and so little time to explore Dubai, you might always feel like you left something great out.

Nevertheless, in your daily commuting or traveling/sightseeing, you might feel the need to finish your day with a delicious meal.

In case you are in the region of La Mer, you might not want to have dinner or lunch in one of the most ambient and beautiful surrounding that Dubai has to offer.

In this article, we would love to share with you the names of some of the best restaurants in the La Mer region of Dubai and what you can expect from them.

Dubai – Food Guide

Although Dubai is mixed with the culture and food traditions of numerous countries and continents, it is evident that it preserves its middle eastern roots.

The best food options that you must explore after coming to Dubai include the popular Turkish food, lamb dishes, and Emirati food.

People who come here, often fall in love with luqaimat, tharid, and mandi. For people looking for good breakfast options, Dubai does not disappoint you either!

You can try Regag bread – which has eggs and cheese and makes up for a good breakfast for many people here and can be found easily at a cheap price.

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The Kebabs of Dubai are also considerably popular because they are commonly found in the Iranian and Afghani restaurants of the city.

When you are in Dubai, it is best to travel with a local friend or partner who knows the best food to explore in the city and also the time when you would enjoy it the most.

Is La Mer Dubai Worth It?

La Mer Dubai is a popular beach area in Dubai which is in the Jumeirah region. It is one of the poshest areas of Dubai which is accompanied by stunning visuals and a great tourist experience.

It is no doubt that every year, numerous tourists who visit Dubai come here to chill and relax.

It is considered one of the must-visit destinations of Dubai and also at times one of the quietest and most serene places.

You can not only take a good walk here but also engage in fun activities in the water parks nearby or shop at some of the most famous shopping centers in the entire Dubai that are found here.

There are also great spots here from where you can experience one of the best sunset viewing experiences of your life.

When you visit La Mer Dubai, you are bound to return home with a ton of memories and memorable experiences, which is why La Mer is not only worth it but is one of the most recommended and best places in Dubai.

You can visit the plant viewing center, take a star ride or simply engage in art activities with some of the artist groups that are commonly found here, especially on weekends.

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What is the Best Time to Visit La Mer? 

La Mer, which is indeed one of the most exciting places in the entire Dubai can be visited year round but there is a time when it is highly recommended to visit here.

La Mer is a perfect blend of Sea and Adventure, which is why it is also surrounded by many food outlets and entertainment centers.

Although if you are not much interested in the adventure activities here and simply want to hang around the beach and shop for a while, you can come here any time of the year.

But, in case you want to truly enjoy the entertainment and adrenaline-gushing activities here, you might want to visit around the winter, from December to February.

It is because this is the time when Dubai has its best outdoor weather. It is not too hot nor too cold and the Sun is not harsh.
You can expect to find too many crowds this season, but unfortunately, this is the best time when you can visit La Mer and enjoy the most.

You might want to hang around till the sunset and grab the right spot for ensuring you don’t miss the beautiful sight.

Best Restaurants in La Mer Dubai

Some of the most amazing restaurants in La Mer are:

Turkish Village Restaurant

A beautiful restaurant that boasts some of the most delicious Turkish meals is located in la Mer. Be sure to check it out near the Jumeirah Grand Mosque for a hearty meal around the lunch hours.

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If you are interested in modern food that is light on the stomach and gives you a lot of room for enjoying outdoor activities later, you should come to Slab.

It not only has a wide variety of dishes on its menu but also has a beautiful and ambient seating facility where you can enjoy the food and the views of La Mer.


Since you are near the sea, you might want to taste some seafood or Japanese dishes. Hence, Motomachi is the place you should look out for.

It serves some of the best sushi and soup dishes along with grilled fish and salads. The view here is another major reason why Motomachi should be on your must-visit list whenever you come to La Mer.


Although there are countless destinations in Dubai where you can visit and have a great time with your friends or family, nothing comes close to the uniqueness and beauty of La Mer.

If you are in Dubai even for a one- or two-day trip, you must ensure that you visit here.

Coming here would also mean that you can try some of the best food in Dubai in some of the most beautiful restaurants here.

We shared the list of restaurants with you and also explained what is the best time to visit La Mer so you can have the most fun time here!


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