Ultimate List of 1 To 10 Dirham Shops In Sharjah

Whenever you are in the newly developed city of Sharjah, UAE, make sure you visit one of the best places to shop in town- the 1 to 10 Dirham. The name gives it away.

This store is unique for being able to give consumers a lower price point than most other stores in this country.

One reason that 1 to 10 Dirham has been so successful is that they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they have great deals on most items in stock.

That said, if you’re looking for a wide selection of products at affordable prices, turn to the 1 to 10 Dirham shops.

These shops are all over the United Arab Emirates and sell everything from clothes to electronics and toys.

Next time you’re looking for good deals, browse through these top ten shops in Sharjah!

What Are 1 To 10 Dirham Shops In Sharjah?

The 1 to 10 Dirham shop concept is quite simple. Shopkeepers offer a range of products and all of them retail for AED 1-10 only. This makes it easy for you to find the products you’re looking for.

The best shops are often right next to the busiest places in town. That’s because they want to be accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, you have to be very clear about what it is that you want. These shops will not have a wide range of products, but every product that they do keep in stock has been personally chosen by the shopkeeper.

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Top 10 Best 1 To 10 Dirham Shops In Sharjah

Bein Al Qasrain Gifts

In the first place, we find Bein Al Qasrain Gifts. It has a diverse selection of cosmetics, apparel, toiletries, and daily necessities. It is ideal to find something under 10 AED.

The shop is also open 24 hours a day on weekdays and all holidays and weekends.

They always guarantee you that you purchase something that has good quality at affordable prices.

Al Wahda Discount Centre

Al Wahda Discount Centre is one of the best-known 1 to 10 Dirham shops as well as a budget retailer in Sharjah.

They have different necessities you can choose from depending on what you are looking for.

It is not only about the quality of the products but also about the price that you pay for them.

The price for most items will be between AED 1 -10 depending on how many different items there are in stock.

2 Dirham Shop Center

As the name suggests, in this shop, you will find products worth 2 dirhams. It has items that are both affordable and hard to find elsewhere in town.

This shop sells some of the best deals in town on gifts, appliances, and similar products. Their prices are fixed no matter how many items they have in stock.

Day to Day

This shop is one of the veterans on this list. For the past 20 years, this 1 to 10 Dirham shop has been offering standard products at affordable prices.

The shop is open all the time but only on weekdays. The shelves are filled with a wide range of products, from cosmetics, bath and beauty products, kitchenware, and electrical appliances to fashion accessories and toys.

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Al Arsah Souk

Al Arsah Souk is an ideal 1 to 10 Dirham shop for tourists to shop at. It has everything you might need for family or friends as well as for your own needs.

For example, you can find all sorts of home appliances, arts, and crafts, and even books.

The products there may be slightly more expensive than at some of the other 1 to 10 Dirham shops in Sharjah, but it’s worth paying a little extra to support local businesses and craftsmen.

Al Jubail Souk

Al Jubail Souk is the best place for non-vegans. It is one of the most comprehensive shops in town. Al Jubail Souk offers a wide selection of main meals and side dishes.

It also has a good variety of dairy products and some baked products. Remember to take advantage of their 1 to 10 AED prices, even on items that have higher prices.

Central Souk

Central Souk is a must-visit shop in Sharjah. It is one of the most established shops in town and has been in operation for almost 50 years.

If you’re looking to find things that are of excellent quality at lower prices, don’t forget to check out this shop. You’re guaranteed to find something that you like there even if it is not on sale.

Al Juma Souq

Al Juma Souk, also known as the Friday market, is the ideal place to find cheap gifts. The items are mainly souvenirs and not of high quality, but they are sold at very low prices too.

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There is a wide variety of things to choose from to suit every taste and budget. It is best known for fresh and locally grown products as well as traditional goods.

Saqr Souk

Saqr Souk is the ideal shop for antique marketers and collectors. It’s a good place to find good quality products at affordable prices.

Most of the items are antiques, household objects, and decorative pieces with a lot of variety from one product to another.

Gift Zone

If you want a retailer for gifts in Sharjah, look no further than the Gift Zone. They provide a wide variety of gifts, toys, and baby essentials at affordable prices.

They have all sorts of items like clothes, toys, and bags. Their prices are very good as well.


If you’re looking for a 1 to 10 Dirham shop, any one of these places will be a good place to start. Their products are all unique and of good quality but priced at affordable rates.

Remember that the prices of the goods sold in these shops are fixed and don’t vary depending on how many goods are in stock. You should also try to go through their catalogs before buying something.

This will help you make a well-informed purchase decision. Sometimes, the price range of items can vary from shop to shop even if their products come from the same place or brand.


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