Will Rupay Card Work In Dubai?

RuPay is a domestic card payment network in India, launched by the National Payments Corporation of India in 2012.

It is a popular payment option used by millions of Indians for making transactions within the country.

However, if you’re travelling to Dubai and wondering if your RuPay card will work there, there are a few things you need to know.

While RuPay has been expanding its presence globally, it may be only sometimes accepted in Dubai as it is primarily designed for use within India.

It is essential to check with your bank beforehand to confirm if your RuPay card will work in Dubai and if any additional fees may apply.

Rupay Offers Cost-Effective Transactions For Merchants

According to industry experts, RuPay, domestic card payment system of India, is set to charge 10% of the transaction fees currently imposed by global debit and credit card companies in the UAE.

RuPay offers consumers and merchants lower processing fees in UAE.

Introducing RuPay in Dubai is expected to bring many benefits, particularly for the large Indian community living in the region.

The cost of transaction fees currently levied by global debit and credit card companies is relatively high in the UAE.

By charging only 10% of these fees, RuPay aims to provide a more economical payment solution.

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RuPay offer merchants greater flexibility and convenience while reducing transaction costs for merchants and consumers.

The Indian community is the largest markets in the UAE, making it a potentially lucrative market for RuPay.

Accepted Locations For Rupay Cards In Dubai

RuPay’s entry into the UAE market has garnered support from 21 companies across various sectors, including travel, retail, healthcare, and more.

Prominent names like Lulu Group, Landmark Group, Apparel Group, and Al Maya Group have pledged to join the RuPay network.

Other notable groups like VPS Healthcare, Transworld Group, and Emaar & DP world are also on board. Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Bank, and Bank Of Baroda are among the UAE banks that will issue RuPay cards.

With over 200 million RuPay cards in India, this move will strengthen RuPay’s position in the global payments network and simplify transactions for Indian tourists in Dubai, reducing exchange rate costs.

The RuPay Global cards are accepted in over 44 million merchants and 2 million ATM and cash access locations across 190 countries, providing a hassle-free payment experience for cardholders.

Can Rupay Be Considered A Visa Or MasterCard?

RuPay Card is a debit card system that operates solely within India, while MasterCard and Visa are internationally recognised debit card systems.

The operational costs are the most significant difference between RuPay and the other two debit cards.

RuPay offers lower processing fees than its competitors, making it a more economical option for merchants.

This has led many to believe that the introduction of RuPay in Dubai will bring significant advantages for the large Indian community residing in the region.

It offers greater flexibility and convenience while also reducing transaction costs for both consumers and merchants.

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The move is expected to increase the usage of digital payments in the region, as RuPay is expected to offer a cost-effective alternative to the existing debit card systems.

Is It Possible To Use A Rupay Card At Dubai Airport?

RuPay, India’s domestic debit and credit card network, has expanded its services to Dubai.

The launch of RuPay in the UAE, which took place on 24th August in the presence of the Indian Prime Minister, makes it the first Gulf country to access this highly secure payment network. This new development means that approximately 175,000 merchant locations belonging to 21 businesses will now accept RuPay cards, and 5,000 ATMs in the UAE will soon be enabled to accept payments made using the RuPay card from India.

With this expansion, RuPay aims to offer its customers greater convenience and accessibility while travelling and transacting in the UAE.

What Is The Most Suitable Debit Card To Use In Dubai?

The Visa debit card, offered by prominent banks like Mashreq Bank, Citibank, Emirates NBD, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is widely regarded as the most popular debit card brand in Dubai.

It is highly favoured for its wide acceptance across various merchants and electronic payment systems, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to carry out seamless online and electronic transactions.

Additionally, the Visa debit card offers various features such as cashback rewards, loyalty points, and other incentives to cardholders.

Its ease of use, convenience, and reliability make it a top choice for locals and tourists alike in Dubai.

Is It Possible To Use Rupay Cards Abroad?

RuPay Global offers all three card variants, including Classic, Platinum, and Select, which are widely accepted at over 42.4 million POS locations and more than 1.90 million ATM locations across 200+ countries and territories worldwide.

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This means that RuPay cardholders can enjoy hassle-free and convenient transactions while travelling abroad, allowing them to make purchases and withdraw cash without hassle. Moreover, RuPay cards are highly secure and have advanced security features to protect against fraudulent activities, making them a reliable and trustworthy payment option for international use.

What Is The Cashback Offer For Rupay Card Users In Dubai?

RuPay JCB Credit and Debit card users can benefit from a cashback offer of up to 40% on in-store purchases in numerous locations, such as Dubai, Qatar, and Australia.

This exclusive promotion is intended explicitly for RuPay JCB cardholders, allowing them to save money while shopping.

Cardholders may avail of the cashback at participating merchants who accept JCB cards. This is a fantastic chance for those travelling to Dubai to use their RuPay JCB card for various purchases and save money through cashback.

With the RuPay JCB card, customers can benefit from discounts and offers across different merchant establishments worldwide.

Which Indian Card Is Widely Used In Dubai?

Niyo Global Card has become increasingly popular in Dubai as it provides numerous advantages to international travellers during their trips.

This card was designed with the needs of today’s global travellers in mind, offering zero forex markup so travellers can save money on conversion fees otherwise required for managing foreign currency during travels.

With INR-based acceptance in over 150 countries – including India – this makes the card ideal for those wishing to avoid carrying multiple currencies during their journey.


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