Is There Kosher Food in Dubai?

Dubai has truly turned out to be a cosmopolitan city with its wide range population and the different culture and traditions it inhibits. Among these, all communities must be respected.

One of the most popular communities, the Jewish community has always been known for its strict culture and dietary regulations.

This is perhaps why finding kosher food for many Jews is a task. Thus, in this article, we would help you figure out where you can find kosher food in Dubai.

In case you are not well aware of Jewish culture, let us start by discussing what exactly is kosher food.

What is Kosher Food?

If you know anything about the Jewish religion and customs, you must have repeatedly heard the word ‘kosher’. It is the food or beverage which they are allowed to eat as per their religion.

Countless rules decide whether or not food is kosher. You must be trained or educated as per the Jew’s customs and religion to understand it completely.

Education in Jewish traditions and customs takes several years to master and even then, you must have a guide or teacher who can tell you whether you are following it right.

Eating kosher food is a strong commitment that you must follow throughout your life. Just like there is a halal variety of every kind of food, there is a kosher variety of all kinds of food.

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The rules regarding eating kosher food are mentioned within Torah, which is the Jewish bible.

The three types of food that come within the meaning of Kosher are meat, milk or dairy, and pareve.

Meat includes animal meat from goats, sheep, and cows – who eat for a prolonged period and chew their food well (cud). The animal, if died in the ordinary course of nature cannot be eaten as kosher food.

When it comes to milk or dairy, the same rules apply. These should also come from animals that are considered kosher.

Pareve, the last category prescribes the other foods which include eggs, fruits, packed foods, etc.

All the packaged goods must not contain any non-kosher ingredients within them, to be allowed as kosher.

Is There Kosher Food in Dubai?

If you are a Jewish traveler or are in Dubai for residential purposes and want to try kosher food for religious and cultural reasons or even otherwise, you must know about the places where kosher food is served.

You can visit the Rimon Market, which is close to Burj Khalifa. Being a giant supermarket, it is entirely dedicated to selling kosher food and goods.

These products are either sourced locally or imported from nearby countries including Israel, to ensure that they are reliable and do not lose out on quality at all.

Additionally, you can try visiting Ellie’s Kosher Kitchen, which is a renowned and certified restaurant. You can not only avail of a dine-in facility here but also take away.

There are several more restaurants and hotels where you can avail kosher food including Kaf Kosher, Chabad House, etc.

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These are some of the most popular names in Dubai that have been serving kosher food for several years. Most of them are certified by Jewish organizations or renowned Rabbis.

Wherever you go, make sure to check the reviews once and also to check if the place has been certified. Being certified by a reliable authority makes kosher food more trusted to eat.

Can Jews Travel to Dubai?

There might be a lot of stigma and rumors running around on the internet and among the traveling community, but the truth is UAE, including Dubai is a safe place for everyone.

With a robust economy and globalized marketplace, Dubai has truly turned itself into a cosmopolitan city.

The UAE is respectful and welcoming to all religions and people belonging to all countries there are a lot of Jewish people and communities living in Dubai for several years.

There might be an inter-governmental conflict between a few nations, but the effect on people is hardly felt as most Jews, who reside in USA or UK easily get a visa and are welcomed here as usual.

Although you might find difficulty in practicing your regular prayer meetings in Dubai due to the absence of synagogues, you can surely live here, travel or explore Dubai without any worry.

Is Milk Kosher in Dubai?

Indeed milk is considered kosher in Dubai and around the world, in the Jewish community based on whether it belongs to a kosher animal.

If the milk belongs to a kosher animal, it is considered to be kosher as well and largely milk comes from kosher animals, hence it is kosher indeed.

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Although there are several rules surrounding kosher food, the most important one regarding milk is that you are not supposed to eat meat along with milk or even mix them.

This is considered a combination that makes the food non-kosher and hence, inauspicious for the Jews to eat.

Additionally, if you are a fan of cheese and other milk products, you must ensure that the packaged goods you are buying in the name of kosher are certified.

As mentioned earlier, there are several kosher restaurants and even a supermarket in Dubai. You can visit there and confirm if the milk or milk products are kosher.


Therefore, it is evident that Dubai has turned its travel community and wide range of population into good Samaritans and has also allowed them a wide range of options.

With government support and local businesses, kosher food is easily available throughout UAE and especially in Dubai.

With supermarkets and shopping centers and dedicated kosher restaurants, you can never actually run out of options here. Thus, do not feel discouraged.

Thus, if you are a Jew, you are most likely to not have any trouble following your culture and dietary regulations in Dubai and can encourage religious and cultural diversity here.

Dubai has indeed set a perfect example for other developing cities to foster various cultures and traditions.


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