Will Apple Watch From Dubai Work in India?

Apple is no doubt one of the most popular companies when it comes to electronic products and gadgets.

The popularity of this company has not led to a decline in its quality. The price of Apple products reflects the quality it exhibits.

Be it the after-sales service or the user interface while using the product, Apple never fails to impress customers.

However, the high cost of Apple products often prompts customers to import them from a country where it is available at a much more affordable price.

One such country is UAE. In Dubai, the financial capital of UAE, Apple products are available at a lower cost and people often prefer visiting there to buy them.

However, there are many questions associated with buying an Apple Watch from Dubai and importing it to India. Let us address them in this article.

Apple Company

Apple is a popular tech company based out of America. Founded by Steve Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne in the year 1976, it has only grown since then.

Dealing largely in the sector of electronic design, devices, software, and the development of services, Apple has proved that innovation in any market can bring a revolution.

Even though it is priced slightly on the higher end of the price range, people still prefer Apple over any other brand due to its customer loyalty and high-quality services.

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Also, when it comes to quality, several flagship brands of Apple have a name for themselves. For instance, you must have heard about MacBook, Apple Watch, TV, and iPad.

Apart from the popular iPhone, these brands are extremely popular among customers.

Due to its focused approach to manufacturing electronic products and their software, and the minimalistic designs of products, Apple has been doing exceptionally well in the global market.

It is perhaps due to this reason that Apple has a strong market in almost all continents and regional markets.

Many people like to purchase Apple products from a different country due to lower tax rates or shipping charges, let us discuss whether this is a good idea in the context of India.

Does International Apple Watch Work in India?

It is one of the most commonly raised questions among customers in India, whether an exported Apple watch or product or one bought from a different country and brought here would work.

The answer to this question is quite tricky. It is well known that there are different compatibility criteria for different electronic products around the world.

It depends on the network availability and the use of power sockets and accessories, as to whether an electronic device would be compatible.

However, most internationally purchased Apple watches would work in India as most of them are compatible with the network providers in the country.

But, it is a good idea to check this requirement beforehand to ensure that you do not end up buying the Apple watch from a country where it is difficult to find a compatible watch.

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It is also important to note that a company rolls out a few features exclusively for a regional market, and thus, some features on your Apple Watch might not work depending on where you bought it from.

Will Apple Watch from Dubai Work in India?

As discussed earlier, it almost always depends on the country where you buy the Apple product, but in the case of Dubai, it is undoubtedly true that the Apple Watch is going to work well.

You simply need to ensure that you buy a compatible model that can go well with the network providers in India.

The prescribed models that are compatible in India would have inbuilt design and connectivity support with which you can use it without any headache.

In case you are unsure about whether your Apple watch is going to be compatible in India or not, you can simply get in touch with the retailer or seller.

You can also speak to Apple Customer Care and enquire about it before you purchase so that you are sure about the product being useful here.

Can You Buy a Watch in Dubai and Bring It to India?

Due to easing trade and commerce regulations in the world and the increasing number of Free Trade Agreements, it is indeed true that importing any product in India is no longer a complex process.

You can buy a watch in Dubai and bring it to India, but you must note that you may be required to pay additional customs duty on the watch, depending on the category it falls in.

Custom duty is a form of indirect tax that is prevalent in many countries which you have to pay while importing or exporting any product or goods.

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However, Dubai is a tax-free region and thus the Apple product you must have bought is going to be cheaper. But the customs duty would be applied in case of importing it to India.

However, the customs regulations have an easing provision for the different values and categories of products, so be sure to check it first.

Is it Worth buying Apple Watch from Dubai?

Finally, to address the question, of whether it is worth buying an Apple watch from Dubai, you must know that it all depends on the price of the product and the different costs which you might need to pay to acquire it.

In case you buy a product but end up paying a hefty sum for customs duty, it would not make a difference.

Thus, you should consider the estimated price you would be required to pay and also the customer care services that you can avail in such a situation.


Hence, we saw that Apple products from anywhere in the world including Dubai can work well in India and all you need to do is just ensure the compatibility of the electronic power supply of the product.

If these things are suitable for the product, then you probably do not have anything to worry about and can easily import the goods in India from Dubai.

Nevertheless, always be cautious as a customer and make sure to check everything you buy and that you speak to the retailer beforehand.


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