Does Legoland Water Park Provide Towels?

Legoland Water Park is a popular destination in Dubai, known for its thrilling water rides and family-friendly activities.

If you’re planning a visit to the park, you may be wondering what amenities are provided, including towels.

While some water parks require guests to bring their own towels, Legoland Water Park has a policy regarding towel usage that visitors should be aware of before arriving.

While towels are unavailable for rental at Legoland Water Park, visitors can bring their own towels or purchase a new one.

Legoland Water Park is a separate attraction from Legoland Dubai and offers a fun-filled day for families with children.

With numerous zones and activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Legoland Water Park.

The Park has no restrictions on the number of activities visitors can do in one day, so let your imagination run wild and have a splashing good time.

Things To Do At Legoland Dubai

Lego enthusiasts of all ages can experience various exciting activities and attractions at Legoland Dubai.

Get behind the wheel of a Lego car and race against your family and friends, or immerse yourself in the world of robotics with Mindstorms.

The Lego Technic Twister ride promises an exhilarating spin for thrill-seekers, while the Kid Power Towers offer a bird’s-eye view of the entire park.

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Whether you’re looking for fun, education, or a bit of both, Legoland Dubai has something for everyone.

Build-A-Boat Section

Families can engage in a fun and creative activity in the Build-A-Boat section at Legoland Water Park, where they can build their boats using Lego bricks.

This activity takes place outdoors and offers free testing of boats against the current of the water.

Build-A-Raft River Zone

For a unique experience, families can head to the Build-A-Raft River zone to customize their rafts using large soft Lego bricks before floating down the river.

Duplo Splash Safari

Younger guests can enjoy the Duplo Splash Safari, a slide designed especially for them that can accommodate up to four kids or toddlers simultaneously, complete with Lego Duplo characters and additional water features.

Joker Soaker

The Joker Soaker playground offers a shallow pool with slides that every family member can enjoy.

For a challenging experience, kids can try the Twin Chasers section, where they can slide through double-body slides and race to the bottom to win the challenge.

Splash Out

The Splash Out section offers a thrilling experience, where riders can slide down a 60-foot drop on an open-body slide and splash out into the water below.

With all these water and Lego-related activities, kids and families will surely have a fun-filled day at Legoland Water Park.

Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Water Park Dubai

Arrive Early

To avoid parking hassles at the Legoland Water Park, it is recommended to arrive early.

While the public car park offers some undercover parking, it can only accommodate the first thousand or so cars of the day.

Those who arrive later may have to park in the heat. Alternatively, VIP and valet parking options are available at an additional cost.

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The weekends in UAE can be especially hectic during the summertime. To avoid crowds, consider going to the water park during weekdays.

Especially in the mornings, you might have the whole park to yourself! Before you go, check out the school holiday times so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Keep in mind that Friday and Saturday are the UAE’s weekend days.

Rent Cabana

If you are planning a group outing, it might be worth considering renting a Cabana. Unfortunately, only a limited number is available at the destination, and they cannot be reserved ahead of time – it is a case of first come, first served.

It may be slightly expensive, but the extra service and amenities, such as a shaded spot and refrigerator, are worth the price.

If the children persistently ask you for a souvenir drink bottle, purchasing one at the beginning of the day would be wise.

You will be grateful later in the day as the temperatures rise and you have cold beverages to offer them.

Carry your shoes

Bring along your shoes when you go to the park.

Some parts of the ground may not be heat-treated, so even if it doesn’t seem too hot in the morning, it can become very hot in the afternoon.

Therefore, shoes are best to protect your feet from the burning ground.

Shoe racks are provided at each ride’s entrance, so you can store your shoes there. However, pick something that will make it easy to recognize as yours.

Do You Need Towels At Legoland Water Park?

It is necessary to bring your towels if you are visiting the Legoland Water Park, as the park does not provide towels.

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However, if you are staying at either the Legoland Hotel or the Legoland Castle Hotel, you can borrow pool towels from the hotel to use during your visit to the water park.

What Should I Wear To Legoland Water Park?

Clothes with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal decorations are not allowed while swimming.

To ensure all guests are comfortable, changing areas are available inside Water Park.

All visitors must be fully clothed when entering and exiting the Water Park, and it is not allowed to only wear your swimsuit inside Legoland.

Can I Wear Water Shoes In The Legoland Water Park?

Wetsuits are prohibited on all slides, but visitors are allowed to wear them in the pool areas. However, exposed zippers are not permitted on any of the slides.

Water shoes are allowed in the Water Park, except on the slides.

What Is The Age Limit For Legoland Waterpark?

Created with children between the ages of 2 and 12 and their families in mind, Legoland Water Park Dubai is overflowing with rides, slides, and various activities to get you wet and wild.

Assemble your Lego raft, ride the Joker Soaker, embark on a splash safari, or swoosh down various slides.

Enjoy a unique experience with your loved ones that will make a lasting impression.

Final Thoughts

Legoland Water Park is an exciting destination with thrilling water rides and family-friendly activities.

While the park does not provide towels for rental, visitors can bring their own or purchase one at the park.

With various rides and attractions, Legoland Water Park is a great place for families to spend quality time together and make lasting memories.



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