Why Dubai Is Better Than America?

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, has no personal income tax, and outshines New York and London as a party destination. Situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, it is one of the world’s most populous and technologically advanced metropolises, boasting stunning dunes, and futuristic buildings.

The United Arab Emirates is home to 8.84 million foreign nationals or 88.52 percent of the overall population. The region is home to over 200 different ethnicities.

Indians make up the largest migrant community in the UAE at 27.49%, followed by Pakistanis at 12.69%, and Bangladeshis at 7.40%.

Do you need help deciding between Dubai or the United States of America: which is better option for you? We have compiled a list of the main advantages of living in Dubai over the United States.

Why Dubai is the Best Place to Live

In contrast to other nations, the UAE adheres to Sharia law, so the regulations may differ from those in your home country. When relocating to Dubai, the greatest piece of advice is to abandon all stereotypes.

Dubai is a vibrant metropolis that warmly embraces ex-pats. The city has great weather and numerous employment opportunities. The following factors make Dubai the finest city to reside in.


Dubai’s economy continues to expand, as evidenced by the city’s infrastructure, innovation, hospitals, and architecture. In comparison to the Euro and the U.S. dollar, Dubai’s currency, the Emirati Dirham, is stable and robust. This, coupled with an annual GDP growth rate of 5%, makes the city’s economy unassailable.

Even though this development relies heavily on the international workforce, Dubai companies pay their employees handsomely. This is one of the numerous factors why individuals relocate to Dubai.

Tax Benefits

There are numerous intriguing career and business opportunities in Dubai. Currently, there is no income tax. In addition, inhabitants do not pay taxes on rental income, stamp duty, inheritance, or capital gains.

The standard rate of tax on most products and services is 5%. The UAE has concluded 137 DTAs, the majority of which seek to prevent double taxation of income, capital gains, and tax-exempt deposits.

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If you don’t like the cold and snow, this is the greatest location to live in because it is sunny and warm almost constantly. During the winter, when the clouds are clear and the weather is pleasant, you can go for a stroll or soak up the sun even though Dubai is typically very hot.

When the temperature outside becomes unbearable, however, you can chill off in the hotel’s pool or sauna. You can also participate in a variety of indoor games.

The Doors to the West and East

Dubai is placed in a way that makes it a gateway to Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific area. This means that many countries are only a short flight away. Some of the most well-known companies fly often to all of the world’s major cities from Dubai International Airport.

This makes trips back home or to faraway places quick and easy.  Dubai is a very famous place for tourists and businesses because it is in a good location and is easy to get to.

Effective Healthcare and Quality Education

The level of health care in Dubai is very high, and its residents have access to excellent medical services. The city and the rest of the UAE were able to handle the COVID-19 pandemic because they acted quickly, took strict public health steps, and got people vaccinated quickly.

Dubai is home to some of the best schools and universities in the world, including some of the most prestigious universities. If you are thinking of moving here with your family, there are a lot of private foreign schools with British and American courses for you to choose from.


Did you know that Dubai is one of the best cities in the world, even though it’s a big, rich city? This is because the laws are strict and the cops work hard. Local rules make it illegal to do a lot of things that might be legal in other places. Compared to other big towns around the world, the crime rate is low.

Men and women can walk around in public without being in danger or feeling threatened. Dubai is an Islamic state, but people of other faiths also live there peacefully. You are free to follow your faith, but you should always be respectful.

Dubai vs The USA – Which One Is Better?

We think Dubai is a better place for ex-pats to settle down, but there are many other things to think about as well. However, your tastes and goals in life might be different from others!

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There are very large and active ex-pat communities in both Dubai and America. The fact that both nations present a few of the most lucrative possibilities to relocate for a better life is unquestionably confirmed. The following list of characteristics that we will use to evaluate both options.


The first thing we’ll look at in this comparison of Dubai and the USA is where they are. Dubai, which is on the eastern coast of the Persian Gulf, is one of the most popular places for ex-pats in the Middle East. On the other hand, America is a huge country that goes from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

Dubai is near to many places in Europe, Asia, and Africa. If you’re going anywhere in Europe, Asia, or Africa from Dubai, the trip will be much faster. On the other hand, if you are going to Canada or Mexico, you will only have a short flight time from America. The rest of the world is a long way away!

Winner: Dubai

Cost of Living

If you want to live well in Dubai, you’ll need at least AED 19,000 per month. When you live in New York, USA, this cost goes up a lot and comes to about USD 9,200 (AED 33,800). The average monthly cost of living in Los Angeles is about USD 7,000 (AED 25,700), which is a lot more than in Dubai.

New York’s consumer prices are 53% higher than Dubai’s, while New York’s rent prices are a huge 116% higher. Even though Los Angeles is cheaper than New York, its consumer prices and rent prices are still 20,50% and 57.5% higher than those of Dubai.

So, it’s clear from the information above that your dream of living in America will hurt your wallet even more than Dubai. The prices in America are always on the great side because there are so many high-end restaurants, stores, and markets.

Winner: Dubai

Crime Rates

Dubai has a Crime Rate Index of 14.87 and a Safety Index of 85.13, compared to America, which has a Crime Rate Index of 48.41 and a Safety Index of 51.59. Please look at the table below to get an overall idea of which place is best for families with kids.

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Name of the City Crime Index Safety Index
Dubai 16.30 83.70
Los Angeles 50.20 49.80
London 53.20 46.80
New York 47.19 52.81
Sydney 33.64 66.36
Rio de Janeiro 77.67 22.33

There are many rules and laws in Dubai. Some laws, like those that forbid in-public intoxication and public displays of affection, may surprise you. These rules apply to everyone, so everyone must abide by them. Dubai is unquestionably much safer than the USA, as per the above chart

Winner: Dubai

Population Density

Using the most recent data, America has a population density of 36/square kilometres, while Dubai has a population density of 762/square kilometres. These figures demonstrate that Dubai is significantly more populous than the United States.

Surprisingly, all main American cities are significantly more populous than Dubai. Therefore, it depends on the American city to which you are moving. On the other hand, the entire emirate of Dubai is never so crowded and is always an excellent place to live in tranquillity.

Winner: Dubai

Public Transport

The public transportation in Dubai is highly modernized and hassle-free. Transportation in Dubai consists of bus, metro, monorail, taxi, water taxi, and ferry services. You can reach every crevice and cranny of the city with minimal expense.

What about public transportation in America? Well, in some significant cities in the United States, public transportation options include buses, taxis, and railroads. However, in the majority of locations, public transportation is poor.

There are fewer stations, and nearby locations are not well connected in USA. During the majority of your time in the United States, you will need to rely on your vehicle for transportation.

Winner: Dubai


Dubai and the United States both are the two best places to move to. This time maybe Dubai is the winner, but this in no way implies that the United States is inferior. We are marginally more enamoured with Dubai, but you are not required to share our sentiments solely.

Relocating to Dubai is our greatest piece of advice. But choosing whether to move to Dubai or the United States is your personal decision. We wish you the best of luck in selecting the finest option for yourself, your family, and your career.


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