Where Can I Buy Mochi Ice-Cream in Dubai? 

Imagine a delightful bite-sized, one-and-a-half-quarter-ounce ball of pure happiness made from a harmonious mixture of silky ice cream and a sweetened rice morsel. It’s Mochi Ice-cream!

A common way to consume mochi ice cream is by cutting it in half and served on a plate like tapas. Because of this, it is simple to bite into and may be finished in one or two bites.

This dessert is popular no matter the occasion because of its elegant and intriguing appearance. The mealy texture of the delicious rice paste is one of the unique characteristics of this mochi treat.

Mochi ice cream is available in Dubai. In many eateries, you can easily find this Japanese traditional ice cream and can consume it. Read on for getting more information.

Mochi Ice Cream: What Is It?

A tiny ball of ice cream is wrapped in a layer of mochi to create mochi ice cream. To make mochi, combine glutinous rice flour and water. The mixture is then steam-cooked until sticky and malleable.

You must stop by the Boutique Japanese Pastry shop & Gourmet in the Dubai Mall, Al Wasl Square, or DIFC if you’re in the mood for a gourmet dessert that’s been baked to greatness.

How to Make It?

Any flavor of ice cream is acceptable, but strawberry, green tea, and chocolate are popular options. Only a few ingredients are needed to make mochi ice cream at home.

First, the mochi, which is made by combining water and glutinous rice flour and steaming the result. It is rolled out into tiny circles after it has cooled.

The core of each mochi circle is then filled with a tiny ice cream ball. The ice cream is enclosed by the mochi, which is wrapped around it. After that, the yummy ice cream balls are put in the freezer to harden.

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Ways to Consume Mochi Ice Cream

Ice cream made from mochi is typically consumed as a dessert and is best when just slightly thawed. To avoid sticking, you can lightly dust it with potato starch or cornstarch before eating it.

A distinctive experience is produced by the contrast between the ice cream’s creamy texture and the chewy mochi. If mochi ice cream is not eaten slowly, it may cause choking.

Its popularity of it is rising everywhere, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Mochi Ice Cream is available at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Check it out!

8 Best Places for Mochi in Dubai

Japanese food is well-known to be delicious in Dubai. The emirate is becoming a hotspot for Japanese sweets like Cheesecake and Kaki Gori. You can find anything, including sushi and mochi ice cream in Dubai.

And here are a few top locations in Dubai where you may taste Japanese desserts if you have a hankering for some light cheesecake or mochi.

Mukbang Shows- Korean BBQ And Seafood

Mukbang is a currently residing eating program where the host binges. On occasion, the host prepares the meal to live on camera before eating it.

While some videos show the host eating quietly, others feature loud sound impacts and descriptions of the food. With mochi ice cream, savor a tasty world of flavors! Taste the combination of sweet and chewy rice dough here!

Address: 547 Sultan Bin Zayed the First St – across from Emirates Grand Market – Al Danah- Abu Dhabi

Hours: 10 AM- 1 AM

Phone: +971 50 158 9433

Tokyo Noodle Bar

The goal of Wokyo, a laid-back noodle bar, is to discover the great Far Eastern noodle tradition. The eatery practices the art of creating noodles with the ideal flavor, texture, aroma, and slurp aspect every day.

Stir-fries that are wok-tossed, soft-serve ice cream, ramen, and home-brewed iced teas are all available at this restaurant. Consumers provide positive reviews for ramen and mochi ice cream in Tokyo.

Visit the food shop coz you need to try some amazing Mochi while you’re there!

Address: JLT, Cluster J, J2Tower, Shop 27, Lake level – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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Hours: 10 AM- 11:45 PM (Opens 11 AM Wed)

Phone: +971 800 96596

Armani Hashi, Japanese Cuisine in Dubai

Discover the perfect fusion of modern Japanese cuisine and signature Armani hospitality in a vibrant environment with the sight of the famous Dubai Fountain.

Their terrace is the ideal location to appreciate a traditional shisha for an Arabian flavor to go with your fine meal in Japan. The Mochi Ice Cream is highly recommended as a dessert at Armani.

They make their mochi ice cream, which is ideal for sweltering summer nights.

Address: 68M5+W5V – Oud Metha – Dubai – UAE

Hours: 6:00 PM – 11:30 PM (Timing may vary weekly)

Phone: +971 4 396 6559

YO! Sushi

Members of the YO! The sushi executive team and Mayfair equity partners are the company’s current owners. YO! Sushi debuted its first eatery in London’s Soho neighborhood.

Sushi dishes or other Japanese-cooked meals are ready in a theatre-style kitchen in each eatery in full view of the patrons before being placed on the flimsy conveyor belt. Eat mochi to complete your meal here!

Address: Unit LG – 116 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – UAE

Hours: 10 AM- 12 AM

Phone: +971 4 339 9083

Wagamama, Dubai

Wagamama, the top noodle eatery in the world offers a wide selection of Pan Asian dishes that are freshly prepared and include meat, seafood, and vegetarian options.

‘Mix it up mochi ice cream’ is a dish that they offer especially on the menu. Their mochi ice cream is mixed with each of its three flavors and treats in the form of tiny sauce-topped balls that are covered in a layer of glutinous rice.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai 23215 UAE

Hours: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Phone: +971 4 331 1111

Nobu Restaurant, Dubai

The Nobu restaurant is situated on Palm Jumeirah and has been one of the best dining establishments in Dubai. The eatery offers renowned Japanese food with a Peruvian twist for an unforgettable dining experience.

With its spectacular scenery of the Palm and the Marina Bay skyline, you can enjoy the best sushi in Dubai, premium wagyu beef tacos with a Japanese spin, and the black cod miso of famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

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Along with pecan pie and tropical cream cake, the dessert menu also offers mochi ice cream that has been wrapped in tender rice dough.

Address: at Atlantis – 22nd floor – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: 10 AM- 1 AM

Phone: +971 4 426 0760

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant

A variety of famous traditional and contemporary dishes from the nation are offered on Fujiya’s menu, including Japanese tapas, a Wagyu shabu buffet, Yakitori, and more.

A wide selection of drinks, such as rare sake, yuzu, and shiso, is served to go with the dishes. This restaurant has great food overall but the Shabu experience is a must-have.

Chef Akio is incredibly skilled at making authentic foods. This place is highly recommended for dessert, try the fried dessert and mochi ice cream!

Address: Millennium Airport Hotel Airport Road – Casablanca St – Garhoud – Dubai – UAE

Hours: Opens at 12 PM

Phone: +971 4 702 8846

Hyatt Regency Dubai Restaurant

Hotel Regency Dubai is located in Deira, the city’s historic district. The Gold Souk can be reached on foot from this location on the renowned seafront known as the Corniche.

It offers everything a traveller could desire. From the Japanese classics on Hyatt’s dessert menu, you can choose the mochi options and the matcha or red bean ice cream.

Address: Al Khaleej St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Opens at 6.30 PM

Phone: +971 4 209 1234


Moawad first placed the idea of mochi ice cream while on vacation in Beirut, Lebanon, a few years ago. Mochi is a novelty Japanese snack that encases various flavors of ice cream in a layer of mochi.

Matcha green tea and black sesame are common flavors, but you can have a mochi with more western aromas like strawberry and chocolate. Some varieties of mochi ice cream also contain a filling, such as a tiny fruit piece or a dollop of cream.

In Dubai, you can find this traditional ice cream in many restaurants. You can place orders with Talabat both in their eateries and online.


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