Top 5 Best Vietnamese Restaurants/Food In Dubai

Vietnamese food is quite popular in Dubai, a city with a diverse population and a thriving culinary scene.

Authentic and tasty Vietnamese cuisine has recently surged in Dubai, from pho & banh mi to more obscure specialties like bun cha & banh cuon.

Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the greatest Vietnamese restaurants in Dubai so you can experience the country’s rich cuisine without leaving the city.

Dubai’s Vietnamese restaurants cater to all palates, from those who want fiery curries to those who prefer light salads.

Come with us as we seek the finest examples of Vietnamese cuisine among Dubai’s many restaurants.

Best Vietnamese Restaurants/Food In Dubai

1. Saigon

Saigon is a cozy and laid-back spot for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, with a patio overlooking Almas East Lake.

Test out the discovery plate, which features a variety of summer rolls, lobster fried wontons, and papaya salad.

Be sure to get some pho, the national dish of Vietnam. Spicy and flavorful, this noodle soup is available with your choice of chicken, beef, or veggies.

As for sweets, you may choose from several options, including coconut or mango, bubble tea, and Vietnamese iced coffee.

Like a melting pot, JLT is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants from various cultures and countries.

London already has a few Vietnamese restaurants, but that hasn’t prevented others from opening.

This new place serves up soothing Pho bowls that will likely be a hit with locals and visitors alike.

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The Vietnamese influence in the decor is charming as well.

Saigon in Vietnam was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the Vietnam War in 1975, and that is where the restaurant’s name comes from.

2. Lao

Guests at this fine dining establishment at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Palm may look forward to a memorable meal and a great time, thanks to the restaurant’s location and the high quality of its service, atmosphere, and South Asian cuisine.

Dumplings, Chinese pancakes, and braised short ribs are among the restaurant’s most popular meals.

Excellent service and knowledgeable recommendations let newcomers feel at ease with the menu.

Throughout the fall and winter, the resort’s garden is a lovely place to while away the hours.

LAO is a bustling bistro in Dubai that takes its cues from traditional comfort cuisine and classic meals from South and Southeast Asia.

A few examples of Vietnamese cuisine are tuna tacos, crispy prawns in spicy mayo, beef pho, grilled chili beef, summer rolls, and tofu & eggplant in tomato sauce.

Try the pandan creme brulee or some ice cream for a more conventional option.

3. Hanoi

Hanoi is gaining the hearts of foodies everywhere with its wide variety of excellent eateries; one such restaurant is Hanoi Naturally, which opened its doors in 2006.

You will be satisfied with the outstanding menu options at this popular restaurant frequented by UAE residents and visitors.

They take pride in offering food that is not just traditional but also delicious. It would be best if you tried some of their delicious Pho.

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It’s no secret that Hanoi Café is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Dubai.

Its crunchy spring rolls and bun cha, a grilled pork and noodles dish, are both customer favorites.

You’ll find this little gem of a Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner of a shopping center, serving delicious, reasonably priced traditional fare.

4. Mekong

Mekong is more of a Thai restaurant than a Vietnamese one, but there are enough delicious Vietnamese options that we couldn’t leave it out.

Guests and locals love this restaurant, located within the luxurious Anantara Resort.

First, try some traditional prawn rolls stuffed with prawn, mango, cucumber, sweet basil, mint, and coriander; then, go on to the piping hot meals like crispy vegetable spring rolls & canh ga chien nuoc mam (Vietnamese fried chicken).

You may order a variety of traditional Vietnamese foods, such as the aromatic lemongrass chicken or the ubiquitous banh mi sandwich.

Their pho is likewise excellent, with a clear & delicate broth packed with flavor.

5. Com Xanh

The menu of Com Xanh, a charming Vietnamese eatery, features a wide selection of classic meals.

The banh cuon is a specialty here; it’s a steamed rice bun stuffed with pork and mushrooms.

Vegetarians and anyone with food restrictions will have plenty of alternatives here.

Com Xanh restaurant provides a genuine taste of Vietnam by using only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Try their pho, served in a tasty beef broth and topped with thinly sliced meat and fresh herbs.


Vietnamese food is quite popular in Dubai, a city with many ethnicities and cuisines.

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Vietnamese cuisine is flourishing in Dubai, from well-known staples like pho and banh mi to more obscure specialties like bun cha & banh cuon.

In this post, we acknowledged the best Vietnamese restaurants in Dubai, such as Hanoi Naturally, Noodle Bowl, & Hoi An Dubai.

You may get a real sense of Vietnam in these eateries, with dishes featuring ingredients and tastes directly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City markets.

Dubai’s Vietnamese restaurants cater to all palates, from those who want fiery curries to those who prefer light salads.

If you find yourself in Dubai craving a bowl of pho or even some crispy banh xeo, you must visit one of these incredible Vietnamese restaurants and sample the country’s rich and varied cuisine.


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