What to Do If a Car Registration Card Is Lost in Dubai?

If your car registration card is lost in Dubai, you need to first report the loss to the police. This can be done through the Dubai Police website, their smart app, or by physically visiting a police station.

Once you’ve reported the loss and obtained a police certificate or report, you can apply for a duplicate registration card.

This application can be made online via the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website or at an RTA customer service center.

When applying, you’ll need to provide your Emirates ID and the police report of the lost card. The RTA will then issue a new registration card after processing your application and verifying the details.

Various Ways of Replacing a Lost Car Registration Card in Dubai

There are various ways of solving the issue of a car registration card you lost in Dubai. They all narrow down to replacing it, but there are various ways.

It is important to note that they are fast and straightforward. Let’s look at your options in case of such a situation;

Visiting the RTA Website

The procedure is straightforward, as illustrated below;

  1. Visit its official website via the RTA URL
  2. Register yourself as an individual or a company
  3. Use the relevant credentials to log in
  4. Go to “My vehicle” and locate your car under this option
  5. Key in the required details
  6. Remember to attach the required documents too
  7. Choose the service “vehicle registration card replacement.”
  8. Pay the necessary fee for the service
  9. Wait for an SMS containing the link you need to download the new certificate
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Using the Smart Application

Dubai also offers these services through the Drivers & Vehicles app. Follow these steps to use the application for the lost car registration card renewal;

  1. First, ensure that the vehicle is insured
  2. Go to your respective app store to download and install the Drivers & Vehicles app
  3. You can choose to operate it as a guest or register yourself
  4. Navigate to the Vehicle option
  5. Choose Vehicle Registration
  6. Under that, apply for this replacement service by clicking on Replace Registration Card
  7. Choose an appropriate way that the relevant authorities can deliver your renewed permanent
  8. Pay the service fee and any other pending fines
  9. You will also get a temporary car registration card to use for the time being

Going to a Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centre

Dubai also has various vehicle registration and inspection centres you can visit to get these services. The RTA website has highlighted the following centres;

  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing – Al Mamzar
  • AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centre – Deira
  • Al Adheed Shamil
  • Al Aweer Tasjeel
  • Al Mankhool AutoPro Centre
  • Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing – Al Barsha Mall
  • Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing – Aswaaq Mizher
  • Al Mutakamela Centre – Al Aweer
  • Al Mutakamela Centre – Al Qouz
  • Al Qusais Tasjeel
  • Al Satwa AutoPro Centre
  • Al Tawar cars testing
  • Al Warsan Tasjeel
  • Al Yalayis Vehicle Testing
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Hatta Tasjeel
  • Jebel Ali Tasjeel
  • Muhaisna Shamil
  • Nad Al Hammar Shamil
  • Quick Registration Vehicle Testing Centre – Seih Shuaib
  • Shamil Al Qusais
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • Tasjeel City of Arabia
  • Tasjeel Discovery Gardens
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Al Jaddaf
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Arabian Centre
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Nad Al Hammar
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Regardless of your choice, the process is simple.

  1. Submit all the necessary documents, including your Emirates ID
  2. Pay the required service fee
  3. Wait for an SMS with the link you need to download your certificate

Interestingly, you will only wait for about 5 minutes for the centres to process and issue your car card replacement

Go to Customer Happiness Centres

Alternatively, you can visit a customer happiness centre. It has a self-service machine to facilitate car registration card replacement.

Customer happiness centres in Dubai include the following;

  • Al Qusais Tasjeel
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Barsha
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Kifaf
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Manarah
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Twar
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Deira
  • Customer Happiness Centre – Umm Ramool
  • Muhaisna Shamil
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • Tasjeel Al Tawar
  • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Al Jaddaf

The procedure is quite simple, and the steps are as follows;

  1. Visit a customer happiness centre and remember to carry the necessary documents
  2. Upon arriving at the centre, choose a self-service machine
  3. Choose online services before selecting the appropriate service. In this case, the Vehicle Registration card lost
  4. Enter your car’s details
  5. You should also pay the necessary service fee for the replacement
  6. Wait for an SMS containing a link for downloading the renewed card

Which Documents Do You Need to Replace Lost Car Registration Card in Dubai?

It depends on whether the car belongs to a company or an individual. Let’s look at the two scenarios;

Company Car Registration Card

Ensure that you have the following in this case;

  • A copy of your trade license should be valid at the time of this submission
  • An official letter
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Individual Car Registration Card

Ensure that you have the following in this case;

  • An emirates ID (original)

What’s the Service Fee for a Lost Car Registration Card in Dubai?

Interestingly, Dubai doesn’t charge the same amount for this service. The car owner can pay between 20 and 50 AED for this card issuance.

What is the Validity Period of the Replaced Car Registration Card

The validity period of the replaced car registration card depends on that of the original one. So, if your lost car registration card expires in a month, that’s the same fate for the replacement.

Various Delivery Methods o the Car Registration Card Replacement

Once you apply for the service, expect the card in one of the following ways;

  • Delivery services
  • Self-service machines through its printer
  • The customer happiness centre at Al Barsha or Deira
  • Via SMS through a link that allows you to download that card

If you go for the delivery service, the following fees apply for the different options;

  • Delivery not later than 2 hours is 50 AED
  • International delivery is also 50 AED
  • Same-day delivery is 35 AED
  • Standard delivery is 20 AED

Other Important Things You Need to Know About Lost Car Registration Cards in Dubai

  • Ensure that you pay all your traffic fines since it is crucial when getting this service
  • Your vehicle owners should also be valid
  • Avail yourself or your legal representative
  • Besides the replacement fee of AED 50, individuals will also pay a knowledge and innovation fee of not less than AED 20
  • If your car sticker has expired, expect another additional fee of AED 10
  • Regardless of the method you use, you will incur the service fee, and you can’t receive the car registration card replacement until  you pay it


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