What to Do at Al Nahda Pond Park?

Al Nahda Pond is a family-friendly city park with a playground for children. You can let your kids run around and burn off some energy on the soccer pitch. The Park has a jogging track for those who enjoy running.

Volleyball, basketball, and tennis are all available in this park. Tourists should put this park at the top of their list of things to do in Dubai, especially if they are travelling with young children.

Read the article full to know what to do at Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. Just be aware that perhaps the park can get a little busy on the weekends.

Details About Al Nahda Pond Park (Location & timing)

Al Nahda, a neighborhood in Deira in eastern Dubai, is part of the eastern border between Dubai and the emirate of Sharjah. Al Nahda means the awakening, Dubai is a mixture of two specialities when it comes to real estate offerings.

Al Nahda offers reasonable rates on the housing market. It is a newly developed residential community with several supermarkets like Al Maya Lal’s Supermarket, Spinneys, and restaurants in the area.

Residents of Sharjah prefer the Al Nahda neighborhood for a variety of reasons. Along with being affordable, the area is well-liked for its availability of comfortable amenities like the well-known Al Nahda Park.

The nearby park keeps residents busy and healthy during cold and hotter seasons. You can visit this beautiful place with your loved ones on your off- day.

Address: Al Nahda, Al Nahda 2, Dubai, UAE

Departments: Pond Park Football Court/ Pond Park Volleyball court

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Timing: 08:00 am– 01:00 pm & 04:00 pm– 10:00 pm

Please be aware, though, that there are various Al Nahda Park Sharjah Ramadan timetables, which are made public before the start of the Holy Month.

Activities in the Park at Al Nahda Pond

Nahda Park Sharjah is not the largest park in the emirate but there is still a lot to do here. Wide and roomy walkways wind through the park, so it’s prevalent to see locals out for their morning jogs or strolling with baby carriages.

With a variety of amenities and activities, the cosy park offers residents of the nearby areas a vibrant and verdant haven.

Cycling in Al Nahda Pond Park

A family park called Al Nahda Pond Park features a sizable pond that takes up more than half of the space there. This region’s Path is a fantastic bicycle path. Cycling can keep you busy, especially in the summer season.

For those who would like to take a tour of the park on bicycles, a reserve of 50 dirhams for coverage and 20 dirhams for an hour-long bike rental are necessary.

Exercise and Physical Fitness

Guests can find plenty of scopes at Nahda Park Sharjah to take regular exercise. Wide walkways wind through the park, so locals come here for their morning daily runs or walks with toddlers.

Fitness enthusiasts enjoy Sharjah’s Al Nahda Park because it has a designated exercise area and offers a variety of sporting equipment. For those looking to advance their fitness, the Park has outdoor sports facilities with a variety of tools for your arms and legs.

Playground for Kids

After a regular school day, kids need to keep themselves entertained, and Sharjah’s parks are the best option. All of the sports rides are safe and enjoyable.

There is a designated children’s playground in the park in Al Nahda Sharjah for the younger ones. They can play on the swings, slides, and spring riders whereas the parents stroll through the park.

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Plan a Picnic in the Al Nahda Pond Park

In addition to the lush lawns, Al Nahda Park Sharjah has a few picnic tables that are ideal for a weekend day in the park. Guests are welcome to bring their favorite foods and meals to enjoy there.

The nature and environment of the park surroundings are so calm and the weather probably charms you more. When the sky cools off, bring some of your favorite recipes and relax outside in the park!

Practice Your Favorite Sports

Al Nahda Park has the best amenities and services, and the sports fields are among the most popular attractions for visitors.

It has free football, tennis, and basketball courts that are open to everyone.

Visitors are welcomed during the times the park is open. The sporting spots allow you to work out and hone your skills. On these sporting events courts, pick-up games are frequently started by locals in the evenings and on weekends.

At Nahda Park Sharjah, you can rent bikes and pedal cars as well. The deposit for these bikes and scooters is AED 50, and the hourly rate is AED 20.

The Best Ways to Experience the Nearby Attractions

As was already stated, the park is located in the heart of Sharjah’s most important district, and as a result, the area around the park is surrounded by a wealth of facilities.

The crucial amenities, like grocery stores and dining establishments, are close to Al Nahda park.

Exact reverse the park, there are two locations of the renowned LuLu Hypermarket, and several barter shops, drug stores, etc.

Some of the exciting destinations and experiences for travellers nearby Al Nahda are below.

LuLu Hypermarket- Al Nahda

The Middle East and Asia’s most rapidly expanding shopping chain is Lulu Big supermarket.

It is a favorite one-stop shop that offers a welcoming environment for shopping and market-competitive prices.

The market carries everything, from fresh fruits and fish, chicken, vegetables, and meats, to grains, clothing, luxury goods, home decor, and the newest fashion trends.

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The main attraction of this hypermarket is its special weekly offers, which draw a lot of customers.

McDonald’s Al Nahda

If you’re craving burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets, a delectable cup of coffee with brand-new desserts, or any other type of fast food, McDonald’s is the place to go.

McDonald’s has a branch in the Al Nahda neighborhood of Dubai.

It is also well known for serving tasty and high-quality fast food, including meals like the Big Mac, Chicken Mac, Mac Saudia Chicken, McRoyal, and many others.

Hardee’s Al Qusais Grand Lube, Dubai

It is not unusual that Hardee’s is among the most well-known fast-food establishments in the UAE.

In addition to burgers, chicken sandwiches, nuggets, French fries, and other meals, it offers unmatched flavors.

In the Al Qusais Grand Lube neighborhood, this Hardee’s location serves Santa Fe Chicken, Swiss Sandwiches, Superstar Meals, Crispy French Fries, and Hand-crafted Ice Cream.

Akhilaa Tourism, Al Canari Tourism LLC, and Al Nahda Metro Station are also some nearby spots you can visit.

Pizza Hut Al Qusais, 0.97 km away from Al Nahda Park is another great place for having meals. Some other restaurants are Burger King Al Qusais and Filli Cafe Al Nahda 2 etc.


Al Nahda Park continues to draw a large number of visitors for its diverse facilities and services.

It is additionally distinguished by its near vicinity to the housing units as it mediates the structures and towers of a crowded Al Nahda area.

All locals are familiar with it because it is one of the region’s most significant landmarks.

The best location in the area for family outings and exercise is Al Nahda Park.

Tourists can enjoy a beautiful evening in the winter. Every age group can find entertainment in Park. There are some sales events too with outstanding football, basketball, and tennis courts.


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