9 Best Online Shopping Sites in the UAE

The surge in online marketplaces in the UAE aligns with the growing internet and mobile device usage among its populace.

In the UAE, a hub of technological advancements and e-commerce, online shopping has become a preferred method for both residents and tourists.

These marketplaces offer a vast array of products, ranging from fashion and beauty items to electronics and home furnishings.

This article delves into the top online shopping platforms in the UAE, providing comprehensive insights into the best options available.

Best Online Shopping Sites in the UAE

1. Noon

As time has progressed, this has become one of the United Arab Emirates’ most visited e-commerce websites.

Products ranging from electronics to cosmetics and apparel can be found on Noon.com.

Fees for shipping and delivery often amount to roughly AED10. Delivery costs AED100 but is waived for orders over that amount.

Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days; you can pay extra for next-day service if you need your items ASAP.

Credit cards exist specifically to make it simple to buy expensive items like cell phones, laptops, etc., on convenient monthly installment plans.

2. Mumzworld

If you’re a new mother of an infant or toddler, Mumzworld is the online store that will make your life easier.

Strollers, diapers, toys, food, bath essentials, feeding basics, clothing, medicine, books, and stationery are just some of the baby-related items that can be purchased at Mumzworld.

Mumzworld is the leading mom-focused e-commerce site in Dubai, and it sets the bar extremely high in terms of customer service and product quality.

Please select the best for your kid from various unique, low-priced options and have it delivered to your door without any fuss.

Use a Mumzworld coupon for the best possible shopping experience.

3. Amazon

Souq.com is well-known to internet buyers around. Until Amazon bought it out, that was the most popular internet store.

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Amazon is fast and convenient, which is why it has become the go-to shopping destination worldwide.

Amazon sells various items worldwide, including some that you won’t find on domestic e-commerce sites.

The products are slightly lower, but the delivery and shipping expenses are more expensive.

Coupons and discounts for Amazon products and services are also available on various sites online.

EarthWeb is an international tech coupon site that you can use to save money on your online shopping. Visit EarthWeb.

4. Carrefour UAE

Worried about venturing into overcrowded supermarkets? All you have to do is place an internet order.

The Carrefour UAE app allows you to perform your entire food shopping from the convenience of your own home.

When something is out of stock in physical places, it may be available online. You can put away your phones and forget about the hassle of forever pushing those cumbersome carts with the little wheels.

The app also features access to a vast selection of discounts available elsewhere on the web.

5. Supermarket

As of its 2011 inception, Supermarket. ae had been Dubai’s go-to online Supermarket for household goods, food, and more. Enjoy no-cost home delivery of all your necessities. It’s a great place to buy name-brand groceries and other products.

Try some of the fresh produce that has been hand-picked because of its beneficial effects on your health. Receive prompt delivery of your freshly sliced meat and dairy products.

6. Ubuy

Consumers know Ubuy as a place to obtain electronics, so whether you need a new phone, computer, or smart television, you must look no further than this well-known online retailer.

Many sales are available and can give you high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Ubuy platforms provided access to a wide variety of products, including but not limited to apparel, jewelry, literature, and technology for the house.

You can also get name-brand products online and ship them to your house.

7. Awok

You will only find better deals on our site! Smartphones, hair straighteners, shampoos, and more are all part of their daily AED 1 deal. Prices start at AED 29 for normal shipping.

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However, you can pay as little as AED 9 for delivery to a nearby drop-off location. As before, the delivery time is 3–5 business days.

Online retailer Awok operates out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The company’s product catalog formerly included various women’s and men’s apparel, accessories, cookware, small appliances, mobile phones, cameras, and health and beauty aids.

According to the company’s website, Awok will officially shut down operations in August 2020 due to the worldwide economic climate.


SHEIN is a fantastic clothing store for all the ladies out there. The site features clothing and accessories in style for the current season.

In addition, their clothing is rated on a scale from zero to one hundred according to how sultry it makes them feel.

Everyone in the family, from mom and dad to little Johnny, can go shopping here. You’ll swear you’re in a real store as you go through the entire shopping experience.

The clothing brand SHEIN sells directly to consumers all over the world.

Although its primary market is ladies, the company caters to men and children with various garments, accessories, footwear, and handbags.

SHEIN focuses on consumer markets in Europe, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East.

Since its inception in October 2008, the company’s core belief has been that “everyone may appreciate the beauty of fashion.”

It does trade with more than 220 different nations and territories.

9. Namshi

Namshi is an upscale platform to purchase garments online, and its offerings are quite spectacular.

Clothing from all your favorite stores may be found in plenty at Namshi.com.

Examples of these labels include Adidas, Bobbi Brown, Nike, Puma, and many more.

Right now, you can save 70% by visiting their website.

Namshi is a young, engaging, and innovative e-commerce platform that aims to revolutionize the Middle Eastern market.

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Customers in their twenties who care about fashion shop at Namshi because of the store’s ambitious yet affordable product selection, the vast assortment of brands, and the genuine urban look.

Namshi was founded in 2011, and since then, it has grown into a fashion company that encourages its customers to take risks with their style through digital innovation, uncompromising independence, and a love of fashion.

Namshi caters to a customer base that is deeply invested in fashion by stocking a wide variety of products from established and emerging designers and sports and activewear from internationally renowned labels.

Tips When Using Online Shopping Apps

These tips make you wiser when transacting with online shopping apps in the UAE. After all, some are genuine, whereas others aren’t.

  • Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of transacting with the app. Pay attention to its policy, especially regarding returns and refunds, if you don’t like what to get.
  • Remember that some apps are untrustworthy and aim at phishing. Therefore, never share your personal information, including bank details, or download unnecessary attachments
  • Since online payment is a feature of online shopping apps, ensure you take advantage of double verification. It reduces chances of fraud by introducing additional verification methods such as thumbprint and one-time password (OTP) that you will use alongside your password
  • Your password should also be strong and unique. Otherwise, it will be easy for scammers and hackers to hack your account.
  • Despite being convenient and free, avoid using public Wi-Fi when transacting on an online shopping app. If you have to use it, consider a VPN to make it safe, thus avoiding unauthorized access
  • Only use online shopping apps that offer a secure connection. It also reduces the chances of hackers accessing your information, including sensitive one such as bank details
  • Lastly, only transact with trustworthy and reliable apps, especially those that have existed for a while. Their customers’ reviews can also tell you how good or bad the application is for online shopping.


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