Top 8 Best Emirati Restaurants in Dubai

For memorable moments in Dubai, trying out typical Emirati cuisine is advisable. Emirati cuisine comprises traditional Arabic foods originating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The dishes are usually aromatic, thanks to the various herbs and spices. Herbs and spices commonly used in these dishes include thyme, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, and saffron.

The primary ingredients are grain, meat, and dairy. Other main ingredients are loomi which refers to dried limes, dates, and roasted nuts.

However, don’t expect vegetables due to UAE’s desert nature.

Common meat options include lamb, goat, small fowl, and chicken. Seafood and fish are also common thanks to their location within the Persian Gulf.

On special occasions, Emiratis will serve camel meat. Expect various stews since it is also a typical practice when preparing meals.

What to Try Out in Emirati Restaurants

Here are some local Emirati food to try out in Dubai;


This food is a perfect definition of where crunchiness and softness meet. After all, the mouthwatering food has a crunchy exterior, but the inside is soft.

It comprises deep-fried rolled dough balls. During serving, one can soak it in dibbs or honey. The former is a date syrup that’s usually sweet and sticky.

It is a meal that strikes a perfect balance between sweet and salty tastes. Ensure that you try it out while in Dubai.

Al Harees

It is one of the most popular Arabic dishes in Dubai. The dish comprises wheat and salt cooked in a pot until it looks like porridge, especially regarding consistency.

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Once consistent, one adds various proteins, including veal, lamb, mutton, and chicken. You should enhance its aroma using cinnamon, salt, and pepper.

Cook it for several hours and keep the heat low. Serve it once ready to enjoy the incredible taste it offers.

Al Machboos

Its main ingredients are proteins such as shrimp, red meat, and chicken. Start by boiling meat in a stock containing traditional spices and lime powder.

Remove the meat once it turns tender, and add rice to the stock. Return the meat to the stock once the rice cooks properly.

Add peppers, tomatoes, onions, and chopped potatoes to the meat and the rice in the stock. Cook the mixture for several hours under low heat.


The food is commonly served for breakfast, but some restaurants classify it among desserts. It is usually served with pistachios, and the sweet salt taste is mouthwatering.

Its main ingredients are vermicelli and eggs. It also has spices such as saffron, orange blossoms, cardamom, and cinnamon.


Lastly, we have Khuzi, which is also known as Ghuzi. The national Emirati dish contains roasted lamb or mutton; one can serve it with white rice, nuts, and vegetables.

Other local foods include sawarma and hummus.

Emirati Restaurants to Visit in Dubai

If you want to try out these traditional dishes and much more, these are the best Emirati restaurants in Dubai worth visiting.


It is one of the best Emirati restaurants in Dubai, known for serving mouthwatering Luqaimat and other Emirati cuisine dishes. It also serves the likes of lobster kibbeh, not forgetting the warm date and kale salad.

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It is on the list of Dubai’s royal-approved restaurants. Its location is Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai.

Al Fanar Restaurant

On the other hand, someone looking for Al Harees shouldn’t look further. Al Fanar is one of the few places that won’t disappoint you regarding this local food.

The classic dish is served at weddings, Ramadan and Eid for a reason. It may be simple, but its elegance is also indisputable.

Its lovely ambiance is a great addition to the space. No wonder its dining experience is beautiful, amazing, and memorable.

The great customer service and passionate staff members are the icings on the cake. It has several locations, including Al Barsha Pond Park, Al Seef, and the Dubai Festival City Mall.

Sikka Café

Did you know that traders hailing from the east sold their unique herbs in Sikka a while back? That’s where the Bur Dubai and Deira alleyways are.

That’s why Sikka Café is known for its incredible Arabian hospitality. It is living up to its name by serving Emirati dishes while including Persian and Indian influences.

The restaurant is in three different locations. They include the Last Exit, Al Khawaneej, La Mer South, and City Walk.


This restaurant has won an award for the reason that’s good enough to persuade you to visit it. It has great Emirati meals you can enjoy while admiring the beauty of Dubai Creek.

Besides serving Emirati cuisine, the restaurant also offers various classic meals that are globally popular. The menu items include Asian delicacies, and its seafood is always fresh.

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Ensure you reserve a table in advance to avoid missing a seat due to its demand, especially on weekends. Its location is Radisson Blue Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek.


It is one of the best restaurants in Dubai for breakfast that will lighten your day. It is also the go-to place for mouthwatering Balaleat.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other meals, including dinner and lunch. After all, its menu also contains various rice dishes and salads.

Its authentic Khaleeji cuisine is a must-have. The location is The Dubai Mall at City Center, Mirdif.

Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café

This Dubai restaurant is also a great option for tasty Emirati cuisine. It has existed for almost 3 decades, which speaks volumes about the quality of its dishes and customer service.

It also makes it an ideal place for learning about the region’s historical culture. Its locations include Opportunity District Expo 2020, Jumeirah 2, The Mall Jumeirah, and Al Fahidi.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Food and learning hardly go well together, but this cultural center has changed this narrative to a great extent. It is an ideal place for someone exploring what Emirati cuisine offers.

It is a tourist destination known for informing while entertaining. Tourists can also enjoy its lunch and dinner packages while learning the Emirati traditions and culture through the food.

Al Khayma

Like the cultural center, this restaurant is also part of a historical setting. It is part of a museum and allows you to enjoy the Arabic dining experience, including socializing and sharing plates.

Its menu includes tabbouleh, chicken liver, falafel, hummus, and labneh. Its location is Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Al Fahidi.


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